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fabric cuts, linen cuts and a birthday

hi! dropping by to let you know I received the prizes for the stitch enigma today! YAY! 😀 they really look fantastic (especially those German linens, and I’ll show you why in a bit), I’m so happy I have everything ready ahead of time – now I only have to get back on track with the enigma piece, I took a slight detour this week and now I’m late! gosh!

– – –

the detour I mentioned was probably the most interesting snap I posted on Instagram (that didn’t feature BaBa‘s charming looks 😉 ), cause it skyrocketed in the WP Stats page for clicks – well done, readers! 🙂

since it disappears as soon as I post something else, I thought I should load the picture here as well and tell you a bit more about it. it’s my own version of Aurora Borealis by Papillon Creations, a bonus design featured in their wonderful piece Around the World in 80 Stitches.

in order to practice the Hardanger techniques (such as doing the cutwork, wrapping the dividing bands and creating the Dove’s Eyes) featured in the main project, they included this lovely design at the end of its 2nd installment. I haven’t started the main design yet, but I was eager to stitch something different – and I told myself, why not give this quick piece a try? “it’s only palm-size!”

well, it is palm-size alright, but it’s jam packed with vines, beads, tiny flowers and Satin stitches. I also managed to misplace a few things and had to frog/restitch an entire corner. long story short: the day I thought I would take off  from the enigma piece turned into a 3-days-long detour and now I really have to get back to plan A.

WIP - Aurora Borealis
my start on Aurora Borealis, with the infamous right corner – one stitch off to the right. GRRR!!

it was partially because of Easter getting closer, plus the fact that we celebrated mom’s 53rd birthday this week (🎉YAAYY!🎉) and I baked her a huge plum cake, plus my choice of trying Hardanger cutwork on 40ct. linen 😁 (I know, I know, but you see – this way the little piece could make a matching scissor fob to my latest PC finish, A Welcoming Spot pin pillow! – my mind does its thing, there’s no point in reasoning with it).

happy birthday mom 4/14
mom has good sense of humour, cause this year we wrote her “Happy Birthday Oldie” in our regional dialect 😀

happy birthday mom 4/14

plum cake 4/14
I followed the recipe for “English Plum Cake” and boy is this guy a fatso! 400gr. of butter!! I dropped the raisins cause mom doesn’t like them and added sugar-free yoghurt instead, super soft and yummy!

the cake had a few hiccups along the way but all in all I’ll definitely do it again (cutting the butter dose to a half, at least!). if it still works I’ll be happy to share the recipe with you in the cooking page. 🙂

– – –

onto the stitched piece, here are a few WIP pictures.

WIP - Aurora Borealis
40ct. Victorian Rose Garden linen hand dyed by Nina with my own choice of Nina’s Threads. see that size 28 needle? get how tiny this piece is? – that’s what I do for fun! 😀 ..I should be in a ward somewhere.
WIP - Aurora Borealis
done with the beading, working on the Kloster blocks.

and finally, the most clicked picture of the week, my first attempt at Hardanger cutting. doing so late at night, with not such good lightning, on 40ct. linen, wasn’t really the best idea. who knew?! 😉

WIP - Aurora Borealis
see those linen threads coming out of the Satin stitches? that’s where I chickened out.

I managed to fix most of the unfortunate cuts, went on to wrapping all the Dividing Bars but had to stop at the Dove’s Eyes. it’s taking me way too much time to work on this tricky tiny piece and I cannot risk getting behind schedule with the enigma.

– – –

talking about enigmas, I mentioned before that I received the prizes for this years’ challenge. wanna take a look? 😀

blogaversary prizes 5/14
prize pack n.1 for the 2nd blogaversary/stitch enigma. Vaupel & Heilenbeck sachet band (28ct. lilac linen), Red Rooster cotton fat quarter (cream/brown), Vaupel & Heilenbeck ribbon (white with yellow leaves) + EXTRA PRIZE (only in case the winner had shared the banner) The Sweetheart Tree chart-pack for Spring Fantasy.
blogaversary prizes 5/14
prize pack n.2 for the 2nd blogaversary/stitch enigma. Vaupel & Heilenbeck sachet band (28ct. purple linen), Red Rooster cotton fat quarter (green), Vaupel & Heilenbeck ribbon (white with yellow leaves) + EXTRA PRIZE (only in case the winner had shared the banner) The Sweetheart Tree chart-pack for Evening Primrose.

now what is so cool about those German linen cuts? well, they’re already made into tubular bands! you only have to cut them sachet-size; stitch your initials, flowers, etc. (being these in 28ct., over 1 and over 2 are both possible); sew together the bottom and finish the top! voilà! 🙂

blogaversary prizes 5/14
perhaps this snap explains better the way these V&H linen bands work. I stuffed them with the fat quarters in order to keep them open while I took the picture! 😀

– – –

now that I have the goods, I updated the previous post with info, rules, etc. – I really hope you like the items this year, I personally wish I could pick my favorite silks and start my own sachet right now – but “no, sir! only enigma stitching for me!” 😀

blogaversary prizes 5/14
one last motivational snap 😉

– – –

if you haven’t done yet, read how it works here and come back on May 3rd for the enigma starts that day!

wishing you a happy weekend and a Happy Easter!

chiara and BaBa

Easter Bunny, come a little closer. I need to tell you something.. 😉

6 thoughts on “fabric cuts, linen cuts and a birthday

  1. Your Mum is only 53? You are so young LOL

    Your little Papillon stitching is so sweet and lovely even if it is causing you problems. I am very tempted to start it myself, but maybe on a larger count!


  2. I think you did a wonderful job on the hardanger bits – doing it at all on 40ct could NOT be easy! I can’t wait to see it made up into a fob – I love Yvonne’s designs (though I decided not to collect Around The World, since I haven’t stitched the last couple of SALs). Your mom is only a few years older than me! Happy Belated Birthday to her!


  3. Such a pretty stitched piece – well done. Happy Birthday to your Mum! I have just realised that I am old enough to be your mother! (I will be 56 this birthday – aaaggghh!)


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