Stitch enigmae · The Grey Tail

the enigma continues

May 3, 5:25 pm the enigma has been solved by one geeky reader after just one clue!! well done, Heather!! 👏 but don’t you worry! the enigma is still running and will last another whole month! 😀

Heather is the winner of one of the prize packs of course, but we agreed to keep the mystery going just for the sake of it. her comment is on hold right now, this way everyone can keep on having fun taking guesses. moreover, if you solve the enigma too I will give you +4 extra entries in the final drawing! 😀

remember the only way you can get into the final drawing to win the other prize pack is by adding a comment in this post. I’ll put all the names in a bowl and draw a winner a few days after the last clue gets posted.

more info about rules, deadlines, prizes and EXTRA PRIZES can be found in this post! don’t forget to check these previous posts to learn more about the challenge.

have fun and happy guessing! 😀 ciao! 🐾


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