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happy Star Wars Day!

may 4th '14

may the fourth, cheers guys! ☕️

– – –

hello everybody! I hope you’re enjoying the festivity, Star Wars Day! I’ll start with A New Hope and see how much stitching I can get while the Rebels fight the Empire. 😉

I think I also need to explain why the arrangements for the stitch enigma have changed. yesterday afternoon Heather solved the enigma after just one clue (witty girl!) and we agreed to keep her comment on hold and let everyone else enjoy the game. I updated all the relative posts with a warning message to let everyone know that we have our first winner, and are now playing just for fun (and the drawing 😉 ).

Heather wisely suggested that the next person who guesses correctly should get a few extra entries in the final drawing for the second prize pack – very wise indeed, so I decided:

  • to keep the game going until all the clues get posted (10 written clues + 5 pictures);
  • to give +4 extra entires in the drawing to everyone that guesses correctly
  • to hold the approval of the comments containing the correct guesses, and to communicate via email if you too solved the enigma – therefore it’s crucial that you type the correct email address when you leave a comment 🙂

I hope you agree with the new arrangements, which let everyone enjoy the fun until the last day – I should have thought about it sooner, really, but then again every stitch enigma benefits from the previous experiences.. and hopefully the next one won’t be in a year from now! 😀

– – –

I hope you’re enjoying the game,

have a nice day



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