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a blackbird detour

ciao everybody! first and foremost, thank you so much for participating in the stitch enigma, it seems like you’re enjoying the mystery, YAY! 😀 not another clue for today, although it’s coming out soon, don’t worry! 🙂

I decided to gift myself another new, small start. I know, I know, I should be working exclusively on the mystery piece.. but it’s an adorable, small SAL – and I can stitch it entirely from stash! how can one resist stitching from stash?!* 😀

if you haven’t already heard, it’s a brand new SAL Alma from Blackbird Designs is hosting over at her blog. here is the link to the post where she shared the pattern charted after the sampler she bought with Barb.

there are two thread conversions included with the pattern, together with 28ct. and 36ct. options, and other talented stitchers are already coming up with their own thread choices. you see why I couldn’t let the bandwagon leave without me this time. 😉

Blackbird Designs - Her Sampler 1796
my own choice of linen and threads for Blackbird Designs “Her Sampler 1796 SAL”

I picked Nina‘s hand dyed Cherish linen in 40ct. and her cotton threads: Crimson Fire, Willow, Faerie Wings, Orchid and Fuchsia (I’m still debating whether I should use this one or Cherry Blossom, the first is too close to Crimson Fire, the second too close to the linen), plus one of her silks, Bardane.

I have another version on my mind though; mostly blues, gold, grey and white.. I’ll think about it if this one stitches up quickly enough. 😉

we are supposed to start on May 12th , I think I might take advantage of the weekend and start a couple of days sooner.. 😉

– – –

BaBa 5/14

BaBa 5/14

BaBa and I wish you a nice day,


– – –

* the Spring Witch I posted about a few days ago was stitched from stash too, apart from two new threads I had just got from Nina, all the rest was languishing in tin boxes.. what a waste! 😀


2 thoughts on “a blackbird detour

  1. Pretty colors – I look forward to seeing you put this one together! Fortunately, my dance card is full, so I’m not even going to go look at this SAL 🙂 I’m really trying NOT to derail myself on the new Lizzie*Kate Halloween Flip Its…


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