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stitch enigma: the sixth clue

a list of all the rules, deadlinesprizes and questions can be found in this post, please read it through if you haven’t already. now onto the next clue, good luck everybody! 🙂

– – –

6th clue: the enigma piece.. will make me really happy, hanging on my wall – but not all year round.

– – –

for the previous clues, just scroll down and read the previous posts. 🙂

remember: you can write your guess after every clue (i.e. in every post), but in order to participate in the final drawing for the second winner you need to add a comment in THE FIRST POST ONLY. you don’t have to hazard a guess if you don’t want to, just write me something and I’ll enter your name in the bowl of destiny once the last clue gets posted. the first one who solved the enigma guessing correctly the name of the design I’m working on, and its designer, is our geeky friend Heather over at It’s geek to me, well done! 😀

– – –

have fun and stay tuned for the seventh clue!

have a nice day,



9 thoughts on “stitch enigma: the sixth clue

  1. Either I’m the only person still guessing or people don’t read the instructions properly, or they are all getting it right and I’m the only one missing the blindingly obvious answer.
    Either way it’s fun!!


    1. oh no, you’re among everyone else in this enigmatic mist, only our geeky friend Heather guessed correctly so far 🙂

      I’m really happy you’re enjoying this longer, trickier version of the stitch enigma – I reckon it’s the best way of managing this type of game ’cause it gives everyone plenty of time to work on the clues, follow a strategy, guess randomly, .. 😀


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