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liquid nitrogen is the answer (it has to be)

so, guess what happened exactly 7 days ago this morning? I spilled milk on my laptop. what a creative way to ruin my day, don’t you agree?

the fun facts are: a. I rarely drink milk, especially in the morning; b. I even more rarely drink warm milk with honey in the morning next to my laptop; c. despite being a real klutz sometimes, I really never spill stuff, never in a million years next to my laptop. well, I guess I beat all odds last week didn’t I? [that’s what I thought too, but there’s more – keep on reading]

well, I’m typing you from, as the bill recites, a brand new “Housing, Top Case with Keyboard” (basically the lower portion of the laptop, the one that holds keys, trackpad, ports on the left and right, etc.) and two new 4GB memory slots, which (THANK GOODNESS!) were still under guarantee. this time I actually got lucky, who would have thought!

now, my forced absence from the web was limited to all my phone couldn’t do, and thanks to the great skies and heavens above us it was properly synced with pretty much everything so I really lost nothing. all the data, infos, etc. were back here and even if they had to restore the entire thing from the start – I do have a backup thingie called Time Machine (I’ll let you figure out what it does) with a 2TB Time Capsule taking automatic backups for me every darn hour so *that* was never an issue.

what became an issue yesterday afternoon is the comeback of those darn weevils. now, you guys gave the little bastards the right name: putting evil in it really gives you the picture of what you’re going to deal with. and you know what they say about the devil, it’s in the details, well these things are not even 0.5 mm long, they are so tiny I don’t even know what Imperial Unit I should use for something THAT small.

and they’re this beige/white colour you can’t spot them unless you put the dustpan with the dust you just collected under direct sunlight. then *IF* they move, you might see them. but guess what? the things pretend to be dead. YES. they FEIGN DEATH! and they seem to be reproducing out of thin air, as there is NO (repeat NO) grain or plant in my room whatsoever. I have called experts back at the beginning of June and they took care of them with a special product that leaves a residue for 28 days, plus dry vapour machinery that actually sanitised the entire room (and it smelled of laundry shop *and* freshly cleaned hospital room at the same time). now they’ll be back tomorrow. same guy who fell in love with Taras by the way. and they’re bringing liquid nitrogen. now if this baby doesn’t do the trick I really don’t know what will. fire I guess, an exorcist was another suggestion I got last night. I actually wanted to discuss the entire thing with an entomologist, I mean, they must have started feeding on something else. and what if that something else is wood? I have wooden floors for fracks sake!

and what about keratin? what if they learnt to feed on human dead cells, hair, brainwaves, I’m inclined to believe everything at this point. even that they know someone is coming tomorrow to take them down, so they’re hiding, those little bastards.

well, here’s a lesson for you people, FREEZE your seeds. even if you’ve already frozen them a hundred times. even if you’ve cooked them in the oven a thousand times. KEEP THEM WHERE LIFE CANNOT GET THEM. that’s the only wise thing you’ll get out of me these days.

now, you might be wondering what was I doing with seeds in my wardrobe in the first place. well, that was my bad. I forgot a box with my sachet of oat seeds there because I was going to use them, them something happened, I put it there and “I’ll get to it later”. well, that later got delayed, some clothes hangers hid the box and here we are.

I have used that sachet a million times, really. it has been in the freezer for weeks, in the oven at high temps, I’ve had it for years and nothing happened. this winter *something* happened. I’m saying winter as a possibility (cause there’s no way I can get the 1st Miss Weevil’s pregnancy test) but it might have happened even before, even later –  who knows. I had  no clue the sachet was there in the first place, I had completely forgot about it.

oh but it came back to my mind, it surely did. big time. I slept two hours last night, thinking of those things minding their own business all around me was too frustrating. plus I couldn’t stop thinking “where did they came from?” “what are they eating?” “will I ever get rid of them?” “how much more is it going to cost me?” “why the hell does this have to happen to me AGAIN??”

well, as a result of this technologic embargo + sleeplessness I’m almost done with Rhyme’s first book. I’m re-reading the first Jeffery Daever’s novels and then I’ll dig into the ones I’ve never read. you know I actually met the man last month? he was super nice and knew so many things. we actually sat next to each other for a little while. now that I think about it, he might have an idea as to how to dispose of the we-the-evils. I guess I should ask him.

– – –

next time I’ll tell you about the conjunctivitis that is driving Taras nuts, you thought that was that? ha! you don’t know me, when I do bad luck I do it BAD, really bad.

now a few snaps to lift you from all the pest rant. sorry about it.

BaBa 8/14
where are they? I’ll find them!
BaBa 8/14
can’t we hide from them, Chiara? I think it would be much easier, you know.
JD books
first Jeffery Deaver novels that arrived with the mail.
stash 8/14
a few fabrics I got back in July, or was it August?
JD books
The Skin Collector is signed by the author, I got it at the library event in Bassano last month.
“purifying blend” – I sure need some purification here!
BaBa 8/14
“see? nobody here!” “I told you, Taras, they’re small. reeeaaaally small.”
food 8/14
rigatoni with EVO oil and Mediterranean tofu (green olives and basil).
BaBa 9/14
my left eye hurts, *and* you’re vacuuming. will you be done with that darn contraption anytime soon?
food 8/14
same Grano Cappelli rigatoni as before, this time with soya ragù sauce. so yummy you can’t even explain it.
food 9/14
broccoli and potatoes with rice stracchino (soft cheese). this was new to me, and boy is it good.
BaBa 9/14
JD books
finally the *first* novels arrived, let the overdose begin! 😀
BaBa 9/14
you tell me who did it, I’ll take a nap.
stash 8/14
more fabbies from the same mysterious date.
BaBa 9/14
Taras likes aerosols so much he actually doesn’t leave the basket, even after we’re done. and no, they’re not the kind of vapours you’re thinking. it’s just F10 disinfectant. 😛
BaBa 9/14
I turn it on! I can do it!
BaBa 9/14
“ops.. it’s broken.” “no, it’s just unplugged. we’re done for another 12 hours, thank goodness!”
BaBa 9/14
“so? who did it?!” “no spoilers in this blog, you know that, BaBa!”

last but not least, the night at Libreria Palazzo Roberti in Bassano. make sure you check the link, you bookworms.

Libreria Palazzo Roberti summer '14Libreria Palazzo Roberti summer '14Libreria Palazzo Roberti summer '14Libreria Palazzo Roberti summer '14Jeffery Deaver autograph


6 thoughts on “liquid nitrogen is the answer (it has to be)

  1. URGH – I’m so sorry those little bastards came back! That’s horrible. Very glad the laptop situation was sorted out. It would have been awful if you’d lost everything. Enjoy Jeffery Deaver! I still need to buy The Skin Collector, actually 😀


  2. With the heat & humidity we have where I live, bugs of any variety are just a fact of life – one I could easily live without 🙂 I haven’t read any Deaver – I’ll have to check him out. I think my sister reads him – but as she’s 9 hours away, not a convenient place to browse, unlike that AMAZING bookstore I should NOT have followed the link to – I would never leave that place!


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