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a thousand blue bubbles

a quick appendix to my Once Upon a Time Sampler, as requested by some of you on various social media. 🙂

  • cool theme song for the second block! is there one for the first one you forgot to mention?  there is, actually, and silly me forgot to add it! it’s an Italian classic by the great Mina, and it’s the only song I can think of whenever I see swirls of blue soap bubbles. here it is, Le mille bolle blu (literally, a thousand blue bubbles) in her 1961 performace.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

  • your Evangeline star looks so good, is there a specific stitch you used to create it? yep, and again I forgot to mention this. I used the Star Stitch tutorial our adorable Mary Corbet made for it in her little needlework bible, Needle ‘N Thread. you can find the tutorial here.

WIP - The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Once Upon a Time - The Frog Prince (block 2)

the thing about this star is, it’s very tridimensional, I can’t stress enough the VERY. this means I’ll probably have to frog it when it’s time to roll up this portion of the sampler and stitch it again when I’m done – Evangeline, I’m afraid, falls under the same category as beads and charms, dulcis in fundo (smart talk for last comes the treat). 😉

– – –

I want to thank everyone for the nice words you had about my recent pieces, I’m so glad you share with me the thrill of making a project my own, challenging myself with new ideas, spending a lot of time adding this and that (and even more erasing this and that) on my working copy with pencils and coloured pens, trying to capture in squared bits what my mind has clearly (yet so elusively) under its eyes. hopefully this will lead to my own designing in a not so distant future – who knows, there’s A LOT of technical stuff involved into designing once it turns into a business so I have to think this through very carefully (but there is one very cool idea I had that is super secret, and if it really turns out as terrific as I envisioned it to be, you’ve got yourself a designer, guys! 😛 ).

well, that’s it for now. enjoy the beautiful sunny Sunday – the world is such a sad, frightening place these days, scarred by old and new tragedies, I just want to take a look at the sunny sky and let it take my mind off all the rest for a few minutes, picturing a thousand blue bubbles dancing in the air.

7 thoughts on “a thousand blue bubbles

  1. That star is gorgeous, I hadn’t even realised it was stitched, I thought it was a little charm.
    I am looking forward to seeing the first Taras Stitchery, you could include some special cat fluff fibre with every chart.


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