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almost there

[now, if you like me like blog posts that come with a soundtrack, play this jazzy tune in your head “aaaaaaalmooooooooost theeeereeee” 😉 ]

– – –

first and foremost, this is going to be a hell of a quick post because I have a gabazillion of things to do today. still, I wanted to post my recent progress on Once Upon a Time and a quick note about my latest purchase, flaming hot as I just received the pretty loot.

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Once Upon a Time - The Three Little Pigs (block 3)
almost there on the third block, The Three Little Pigs, which will come with its own tune once it’s finished. wanna take a guess? 😉

I’m really happy with all the colours I chose for this block, the radishes, the Straight Stitched details, it all looks really neat and sweet. 🙂 as for my recent stash enhancement, I finally got around to subscribing to Sara‘s SAL Sorpresa 4 (about time considering I ordered supplies for when it was first announced in late spring! gosh!), and while I was at it I managed to get a couple of kits that came out as a class Sara taught this summer. it’s her hexagon box, and isn’t it a beauty? (actually better snaps can be found in her blog, see next link)

stash 9/14
complete kit for Sara’s hexagon multicoloured box
stash 9/14
red and multicolour hexagon box kits plus the first three charts in the fourth Surprise SAL

yesterday morning I saw the post on her blog about these class projects finally going on sale and I took it as a sign and wrote her. yesterday morning you said? yep, I wrote her yesterday morning and NOW, at 10:30 AM the following day the kits and charts are with me! can you believe it?! I’m so thrilled about the super fast delivery I had to share the good news! 🙂 last but not least, more good news came from Taras and the vet, looks like we finally left that darn conjunctivitis behind – and we happily celebrated his


BaBa 9/14
Happy Second Birthday, Taras!

dad even bought cake ’cause do you think the man would miss a chance on eating cake? no way! 😀

BaBa 9/14
happy cat naps on a beddy I plan on attacking in full-sewing mode. you’ll see! 😀
BaBa 9/14
one more week of probiotics, then we can finally go outside and enjoy the rest of the month in the garden (unless a frost keeps us in, you really can’t tell with this crazy weather ..we might be about to join the tropics or the next polar vortex, who knows!)

– – –

have a nice day and thanks for following the tail,

welcome to all the new followers and stay tuned for more updates and celebrations 😉



12 thoughts on “almost there

    1. thank you, Kaye & Furio! we send you warm hugs and purrs back 🙂
      I can’t wait to open those kits are examine everything carefully, especially the finishing supplies and instructions, it will be so much fun! I have to control myself or I’ll end up starting them tonight! 😀


  1. Beautiful progress, the Three Little Pigs are one of my favorite poems, love your new stash, I look forward to seeing the finished item.I am so glad your baby is getting well, we went through the same thing with our baby when see was ababdoned and we resued her, 250.00 worth of medication it was worth it, she had other problems, she is well now.



    1. thank you, Catherine!
      I’m so glad your kitty is doing fine now. thank goodness our vet doesn’t charge for every visit, especially considering the huge bill we’ll get for the upcoming surgeries (neutering + tiny cyst removal on his forehead). it’s always money well spent when it comes to our friends’ health and well being ❤️
      oh, I love the JD sampler you have in your blog header, adorable!


  2. Lovely stitching, and glad to hear Tara is feeling better. I have to take my own puss Sheldon to the vets on Thursday for his annual boosters – he won’t enjoy that so much 😦


    1. I’ve just finished studying the instructions, looks like a very interesting finishing – I might tackle this one during the weekend.
      we’ll see what I come up with for the front of the lid, I can’t make it too easy can I? 😉


    1. I love those piggies too, but the wolf is my favourite! 😂
      I still have a couple of questions for Sara regarding the sewing of the hexagons, as soon as I hear from her I’ll start getting ready for it, i.e. stitching! 😄


  3. Great progress on your Fairy Tales piece, it’s so much fun seeing each block appear.
    Stunning delivery on the box too, that’s real customer service for you.
    Big hugs to Taras too.


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