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so you remember the tiny weevils that have been plaguing my entire summer, right?* well, they’re back. AGAIN.

better said, they never really left – just hid until they felt confident enough to come out again so that I could spot them on my bestie, Dustpan. 😒

I called the company once more and they were speechless as I am, but there’s only one thing we kept holding back and it’s covering the entire parquet floor and wooden surfaces with this residual product that lasts 28 days (this way it covers at least two hatching batches, since their eggs are set to deliver in 10 days).

of course they will invade the room with dry vapours and liquid nitrogen (AGAIN) so I’ll make sure I take a picture of the immense contraption – especially considering I don’t plan on seeing it again either.

I swear this is my last resort before calling an exorcist, by the time these 28 days are gone the calendar will show 6 months since I first started to take care of these insane bugs and I’m D.O.N.E.

I’ve had enough of cleaning, washing, mopping, dusting, scooping up, checking, double checking, triple checking every day. my back is on fire, my brains lost it long ago, and I financially lost about 1000 euros on these things so it better be it!

now that I think about it, gremlins took way less time to R.I.P. 😰

and because of the nature of this residual product, I cannot stay in my studio/room for the infamous quarantine, which means it’s travel time! 😱🙀

pretty weird travel, actually, since I cannot pack any bags, take any clothes, bed dies or anything with me – everything in the room has to stay in quarantine. I can only take a few things I will have sanitised with dry vapours *and* liquid nitrogen the morning of the departure, which means a couple shirts, jeans and sweaters (hopefully my luggage or I’ll have to use plastic bags, very refugee-style), laptop, phone, a few selected WIPs and books. that’s it!

Taras’ stuff, which cannot be moved or washed at +40°C, needs to stay – which means I had to get extras of EVERYTHING! we certainly cannot stay at Grands for a month without a beddy, or a small scratching post, it would drive him nuts – it’s not a few days we’re talking about, and it’s certainly the kind of provisory move you want to make as less stressful as possible.

I got extra litter stuff, super cozy beddy, scratching tree, valerian sachets and mice, which will be here tomorrow and I won’t even take inside – they’ll go straight to Grands and stay unpacked until we move there (hopefully) next week. I need to wait until next Tuesday at least because that day the BARF** order gets here and I have to be here to put everything in the freezer.

I can’t even begin to describe the way I feel about leaving home for a month, like this, so I prefer focusing on the plan and the details rather than the bigger picture. this is a year I will definitely remember. you know, what did you do in 2002? who the hell remembers! but what did I do in 2014?! I spent 6 months killing bugs, how does that sound?! 😡

I still haven’t figured out how to get internet while I’m away, I certainly cannot use the 3G*** on my phone – it’d be the end of it, and my finances – but I’ll find a way soon enough, so that’ll be blogging and reporting from our temporary new home.

I’ll take films and TV series with me, I mean, we’ll spend Halloween there 😱🙀 so I definitely need to bring the Ouija board, drinks and celebrate this OOAK 31st! 🎃 👻🍸🍸🍸

– – –

now, you’ve survived another pest-rant, you better get rewarding pictures.

that darn teardrop came back so we’re sticking to the aerosols 10 minutes twice a day, until we figure out what is causing it in the first place
dudes and boobs part 1
dudes and boobs part 2
dudes and boobs part 3
happy nails before the tragic discovery
coconut milk and cherry tomatoes risotto 😋
black as my mood as of last Tuesday
Narnia? 😂😂😂
catcake 😂😂😂
“what?” 😂😂
I can’t believe I finally got around to posting a TUSAL update (and just because I found this frog candle-holder in the broom cupboard and realised it was originally meant to be a TUSAL thread holder, don’t you agree?) 😉 by the way, all that brown sewing threads comes from my very first quilting project, a beady for Taras I hope to bind in the next few days, how knows 🍀🍀

– – –

thank you again for the lovely comments and emails, I wish you a wonderful weekend and a happily pest-free life! 😉

* if you feel the need to see these teeny tiny things, I made a video when I found them last Tuesday in the attempt to prove the world I’m not mad, nor joking when I say they’re minuscule. you can find it on Instagram (@nexthursday) or Facebook (Taras BaBa) because in order to upload videos to WordPress I would have to upgrade to a yearly subscription (which would made those ads you might see disappear, and nothing would make me happier. the thing is it costs more than 99 bucks a year and I really can’t deal with it right now 😔).

** Bones And Raw Food

*** Grands’ area isn’t covered by 4G/LTE, OF COURSE, they’re not even WiFi ready! 😫


6 thoughts on “showdown

  1. ohhhhh balderdash re the bugs …. honestly you would have thought they would have got the message the first time round to scat !!!!
    sorry about the lack of goodies you can take … thought … is there a cafe or library near by grands with free wifi ??? love mouse xxxxx


  2. Good luck!! Bugs are just a fact of life here, and we fight what we can, and try to ignore the rest 🙂 With the weird weather the last several years, you just never know what’s decided to hang up the outdoor living and come on in 😦 Just think of all the stitching you’ll get done in the internet void! Ha Ha!


  3. URGH! That is such a pain. I really hope they all die this time. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling! 😦


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