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Theme-a-licious October

I don’t think I managed to participate in Heather‘s Theme-a-licious so far this year, too bad because I love the geeky hints she gives every month to keep us working on those WIPs or justify our oh-no,-not-again! new starts 😉

before the year ends there’s definitely one month I want to dive into, Oft-Overlooked October! the directions for this month are:

Find a new-to-you designer and start a new project this month! Or maybe two…or three…

well there are several charts I’ve been kitting up from new-to-me designers so as soon as I receive linens and threads for them I’ll be a happy Theme-a-liciouer for quite a while 😉

  • one is the Harry Potter Sampler by Cloudsfactory. I already picked colours and everything for this one and plan to start it as soon as the stuff gets here. listening to Stephen Fry‘s voice from the audiobooks while I stitch will be mandatory.
  • the other is Shepherd’s Bush The Fold, not exactly a new designer to me but still my very first SB, all kitted up and ready to go, so that sounds good enough to me.

other new starts will include:

these are all kitted up, both brand new dowels for the super-wide H&H; but first I need to finish Frosty Forest and catch up with Once Upon a Time, the pieces I’ll take to Grands.

– – –

preparing pumpkins for Taras
yum yum!
fabrics for Taras’ quilted beddy
drawing quilting lines
pins! it’s voodoo time!!
backside of the beady
walnut and acorn syrup pastry! 😋 celebrating my style! 😉 🎉🎂

have a great week!


13 thoughts on “Theme-a-licious October

    1. thank you!
      we should be able to leave in 10 days or so. I’m still waiting for the BARF order to be delivered and then I’ll call the company and schedule the D-Day 😬


  1. Love the list…the Harry Potter sampler is adorable!! Glad you are finally taking advantage of a theme. 😉

    Taras is so spoiled, but he looks very happy. =)


    1. well, I’m starting tomorrow with Overlooked October, the quilting projects will be perfect for November – and I’m waiting for mysterious December to come out so that O can figure out how to squeeze my stitching in there too 😜
      technically I don’t think it’s spoiling, I call it “properly taking care of” – I mean, he does so much for me too! makes sure I wake up every day, I exercise, I do some cardio, .. 😉
      and it’s not like I wasn’t going to freeze pumpkins for me anyways, I just made smaller pieces so that I can boil some for him every other day. 😆😺❤️🎃


    1. that what I *try* to do, not so sure I’ll actually have the time to start anything – or better said I definitely shouldn’t unless I magically finish at least 3 WIPs before the end of the month 😜
      Taras and I say hi ❤️❤️


  2. Birthdays and new starts and spending weeks away from home – all in the same month! I am trying very hard to ignore the Harry Potter Spells chart 🙂 I should know better than to follow your links 🙂


  3. Glad you are joining in this month, it’s a great theme!! Oh yes, I chose it LOL.
    Not sure who my first newbie designer will be yet. I’ve been focusing on a Blackbird Designs piece this week.
    Looking forward to seeing your progress by the end of the month.


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