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past, present and future goals

ciao everybody! it’s good to be back to writing, and typing, and making mental notes (“I have to blog about this“), and thinking “oh I wonder what she’ll have to say when she reads about this! and that!” 😀

in the bullet list of New Year’s resolutions there is to try and update the blog once a week – not more as it really isn’t practical, but not even less (and you know I’ve managed to do less in 2014). so let’s start with a Thursday post and see where we go from here 😉

I dusted here and there, removed all the rust and cobwebs and updated all the widgets (those columns you see on the sides) with new goals and links and stuff you might want to check out but honestly the main reason they’re here is to make me feel guilty every time I have to add a new one but cannot move any to the “had fun with” section. they also prove very useful during stitch enigmas but that’s another story.

as you can see those darn October goals have gone (HA!) that’s how long I hadn’t been here, although all the other social media are to share the blame with me and my constant lack of spare time. if you follow me there you have a much better idea of what is going on as it’s actually going on. 😉 [see info on the top left of the screen, under the “about me” section]

in case you are wondering, no, I haven’t crossed all of those October goals, but I worked on some! 😀 here’s a look at what they were like..

October (2014) goals:

  • stitch one row of Once Upon a Time by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (block 4, 5, 6) — not a chance, I barely started the 4th block; more news on that later on.
  • finish quilting and binding Taras’ autumn beddy and pillow — I did finish the quilting per se on the blanket, and drawn the lines on both sides of the pillow (which meant I also cut the fabric and batting for that, ironed them on, etc.).
Taras 12/14
you see, it’s not like I didn’t want to finish this darn quilt 😉
  • stitch Mani di Donna‘s Christmas Contest projects featuring wooden buttons by Stitched Tales — YES! I did stitch this, and TWICE! here’s proof 🙂
brown version stitched with my own choice of threads on Nina’s hand dyed 40ct. linen + Stitched Tales wooden BaBa button
blue version (same as above) – I haven’t tossed these onto the finished pile because I still need more buttons from Elisabetta to finish them, plus I keep changing my mind about how to finish these two ornies.

– – –

a quick recap of all the finishes I accomplished last year (they look much more impressive than the pathetic bunch they really are) can be found in the 2014 finishes page. now, a little math tells me that I scored 7 goals out of the ones I had set, which all in all isn’t too bad, but it’s not even astonishingly medal-worthy if I must say. next year I must get things done, really. I have way too many dowels occupied by ghostly projects that are so nicely started; some almost finished; some just a trick away from being finished! 😉 (curious, aren’t you?) well, here are my goals for this month..

January stitching goals:

  • finish L*K’s ’13 mystery Holly & Hearts1st part is almost done, as you can see

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • stitch the first part of the Story Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery as soon as it comes out — yep, this is what I hope will be the only start I grant myself until a half dozen old things get tossed on the finished pile. and while we’re on the digital pattern topic, you might want to google “VAT MOSS” and, alas, find out how those European politicians mean to throw many of our beloved, small businesses into the bin by obliging them to apply different taxations for every single customer.
  • stitch one block of Once Upon a Time by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) — this one is barely started; I mean to get one block done every month and get a proper finish by September.
  • stitch one block of the Christmas Celebration Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery — I got to the letter T in CHRISTMAS and still need to do the lace outer border — but wait a second! you have never even seen the thing, have you?! 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • finish quilting and binding Taras’ autumn beddy and pillow — as you saw it’s now very easy with Taras claiming his throne every time I take this out. plus, I need to get my old sewing machine properly oiled before moving on so no strong bets on this goal getting crossed out just yet.

– – –

last but not least, the future goals..

2015 goals:

  1. finish Lizzie Kate‘s Christmas Mystery Sampler, Holly & Heartsshouldn’t bee too far away considering where I’m at right now.
  2. finish The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery‘s Christmas Celebration Samplersame goes for this one, even though I see myself getting stuck on the repetitiveness of the outside lace border.
  3. finish The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery‘s Once Upon A Time Sampler — I decided to give it a monthly schedule in order to avoid getting tired of it, it happened in September and I still cannot find the will to take it out again.
  4. finish Carole Novalee‘s Un air de fête SAL — now isn’t this a long forgotten project, and almost finished too! I need to free some dowels for it and get it done during the next cold months.
  5. finish Country Cottage NeedleworksFrosty Forestoh my! another winter project I could have already finished, hadn’t I started a gabazillion of things in the meantime.
  6. spend more time quilting and crocheting, and get that stuff FINISHED!
  7. finish Sara Guermani‘s SAL Sorpresa 2trick will be applied 😉
  8. finish L’Atelier Perdu Stitch Me Club 2012: Patches of Lifetrick will be applied 😉
  9. finish L’Atelier Perdu Stitch Me Club 2013: At low tide — all that over 1 stitching requires a magnifying lamp, I still remember the headaches I got back in summer ’13
  10. finish Blue Ribbon DesignsBlue Jeans and Daisiesnow isn’t this the sweetest WIP I abandoned for whatever reason I cannot remember.
  11. finish The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery‘s Story Time Sampler — yes, I’m starting this as soon as it comes out and I mean to be diligent about it every single month.
  12. finish Alma Lynne‘s Santa Bunnyworking on this one means getting a better choice of DMC threads out of my stash.. do you feel like ’cause I just don’t.

[in order to see what these project are like, just pick your choice out of the Categories drop-down menu on the top right side of this blog interface and you’ll be redirected to a list of every post it has been featured in 🙂 ]

– – –

as for today, I mean to spend it on H&H and this. Downton Abbey overdose, here I come!

Downton Abbey
where I left the series a few years ago.
Downton Abbey
new stuff just delivered to my door not even 24 hours ago. woohoo! 😀

dulcis in fundo, the reason you’ve come here in the first place, Taras! 😀

Taras 12/14
🎉 Happy New Year everybody! 🎉 😺
Taras 12/14
this is how we spent Christmas Day, lots of gentle snoring and feverish page turning.
The Miniaturist
I highly recommend this one, the Miniaturist by Jesse Burton. it kept me awake for two nights in a row.

– – –

thanks for sticking with me and my highs and lows. you were all so very appreciated in the past, I only hope to make it up to you in the new year.

hugs and best wishes,



22 thoughts on “past, present and future goals

  1. Happy Newyear: What a beautiful first post for 2015, love all your goals.
    I popped on over to see the Traveling Bunny, thank-you for the info.
    Happy Newyrear


  2. Lovely to see you back blogging! Now you must work on your goals LOL.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the Miniaturist, it was out Book of the Month at work. I thought it had the flavour of Girl With a Pearl Earring with added shock value!


    1. I haven’t read The Girl With the Pearl Earring, should I? (I saw the film ages ago and can’t remember a thing honestly, except Colin Firth was very charming, but then again he always is).
      working on those WIPs – that’ll be hard, but hey they’re not going to finish themselves, are they?


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