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Travelling Bunny – a finish & a giveaway

I’ve never tried this reblog thing – especially not from my phone while laying in bed early in the morning.. before coffee!! 😀 well, this is possibly the only chance I’ll get today, so it’s got to do 😉
remember the Travelling Bunny that hopped this way some time ago?


our dear chap has gone all the way to the Shire (New Zealand 😉 ) and made friends with Paula over at sewscrapmuse 🙂
if you want to enter her giveaway for a chance to meet the fellow, just add a comment in her post (link is right below the reblogged line) by January 27th. good luck! 🍀🍀🍀🐰
to be honest, I lost track of a lot of the travelling stitching that was going on, is there still any that you know of?
and if not, I’ve been playing with this idea of starting a Travelling Something myself, what would you say? 😉

– – –



If you’ve been following for a while you might remember that I was SOOOOOO excited to win the opportunity to host The Travelling Bunny in his world circumnavigation. Bunny waited patiently until January first – and he’s my first stitching piece of 2015.

Me being me, I did convert a few things. Fabric was the natural/taupe 25ct Lugana. His coat is 3790, his tummy & tail in 613, the background is 3865. His eyes are Mill Hill 02014 and the stamens are 02002 added with 677. The flower and the greens are as per the chart. I need to rummage for some fabric to stitch him into an ornie – but I have until the last Wed of the month before check-in so I’m good.

Bunny now needs to move on – he didn’t get residency and he’s packing his bags. He’s been travelling since May 2011 – yes, that long! check…

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7 thoughts on “Travelling Bunny – a finish & a giveaway

  1. Hi. I have had the Traveling Bunny in my possession for the last few months after winning it from Paula. Somehow he scampered away and hid during the move into my new craft room. I have recently found him and think it is time for him to move on. Sorry I kept him for so long here in Michigan, USA. I am forwarding him onto a friend in Ohio. Happy Travels, little bunny 🙂


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