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gifts, crappy selfies and a semi-finish

I know we agreed on a weekly Thursday post but honestly I see no reason why I should wait until tomorrow when I have a bit of time now, and most of all a finish to show! (and it’s from my goals too! win win! 😀 )

– – –

before showing off my most recent endeavour, there are a few events/updates scheduled in my calendar, most of you already know these  SALs and joined them too, but if you haven’t here are links and a bit of info:

Gifted Gorgeousness

first of all is Jo‘s Gifted Gorgeousness SAL, we post on the 15th of every month and the theme is, that’s right, gifts. 🙂 I’ll bend the rules every time in order to make my current WIP fit, but I know I have Jo on my side in this. 😉 you can read more about it and join by following the link in bolds or the handy widget provided by our Jo who can’t think of a clever nickname (but comes up with pretty cool stuff the rest of the time).


the other bandwagon I jumped on is the 2015 Smalls SAL Heather over at Stitching Lotus organised again this year. I always meant to join during 2014 but things kept getting in the way. this time I have a few smalls already planned so I should be fine. planning is the key to successful stitching! (and blogging!) 😉

– – –

in other news, I didn’t have much Christmas shopping to do for my siblings (both of them being pretty much unworthy of anything more than a spit in the eye*) so I gifted myself a new fancy nail polish (the last time I got one was in summer ’13) and some adorable pendants & earrings by Eva Thissen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* if you think I’m joking you haven’t heard of the one time this summer when one of my sisters left our grandmother’s bicycle (gifted to her by our grandfather; GF passed away when my father was a teen, GM when I was one) at the local square for days until it got stolen and didn’t even bother to go and report the theft once she found out – I had to go. and what should I say about the other sister, who is much worse and let’s just not go there because today is a good day and I don’t even want to acknowledge her existence more than I already did. <– stream of consciousness happening here

– – –

Taras got his first Advent Calendar (we received it as a gift but he liked it so much I plan on getting one every year from now on). every morning he would sit on the kitchen table staring at the thing until I took it down and slightly opened the box with treats in it.

Taras 12/14
sniff sniff
Taras 12/14
what is it, chiara, what is it? is it tuna or beef today??

of course he doesn’t wait for treats to be handled to him all the time, just leave something unguarded and watch what happens 😉

Taras 1/15
when I found him up on the wardrobe with that guilty-pleasure look on his face, I knew immediately something bad had happened to my almond pastry. 🙂

but let’s get down to business with that finish now, shall we? 😀

thumbs up for crappy selfies! 😀

I know technically it’s not a finish *BUT* it is a finish of the first part in a 3-part  mystery, so.. 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

last but not least, proof that Lizzie*Kate’s Holly & Hearts (the piece I’m working on) qualifies for Jo’s Gift SAL is listed as evidence 1, 2 and 3, your honour. (open the following picture in full size by clicking on it if needed)

Lizzie Kate Holly & Hearts (part 1)

  1. see the sheep (I know, one of them is being camera shy) and shepherd dog? one of them was gifted to me by Sabine (Oeil2cha) a billion years ago.
  2. see the Sajou Petite Monsters scissors just beneath the watermark? I gifted those to myself in ’13 for my blogaversary.
  3. see the grey thread rolled up in the floss bag? that grey was gifted to H&H by another WIP because the grey I originally picked for this piece didn’t stand out on this linen.

see what I’m doing here? 😉 there’ll be more of this in the next months, so bear with me! 😀

– – –

Taras and I wish you a very nice day, ciao!



25 thoughts on “gifts, crappy selfies and a semi-finish

  1. WooHoo on the finish and the gifts 🙂 I like your selfies! I don’t do those – apparently I’m so busy concentrating on getting me in the frame AND pushing the button, I’m usually frowning – so I just don’t bother 🙂
    Advent calendars for kitties? Oh no, do NOT tell the ones here, or I’ll never hear the end of it 🙂


    1. I know, this was the first and last time I gave it a try. I either look sleepy or bored or grumpy.. these were the two more passable ones – think of what got cut out then! 😀
      if I find them in time next year I’ll send them to you, my treat (pun intended) 😉


  2. I love those selfies! Congrats on finishing part 1, it looks beautiful. Fully supportive of you squishing it into the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL, which I’ve joined but haven’t even started yet. I absolutely adore those pendants and earrings too! Clicking on the link now…


  3. I didn’t know there was such a thing as an Advent Calendar for cats – I must investigate for next year. Then again, my two would probably find it and destroy it was before Christmas…


    1. that might be the issue. 😉 with Taras I kept it in a kitchen cabinet but every morning he would stare at it calling 😀
      our was made by Cosma, and it was an exclusive to the shop I get Taras’ food from, zooplus.com
      inside are the Cosma dry snackies in a mix of tastes (you can read the taste on each of the tiny packages inside the calendar). good thing I bought some extra tubes of these, Taras goes head over heels for them! 😀


  4. The UK is clearly ahead of the rest of the world in the Pet Treat department! We have advent calendars, Christmas stockings, Mother’s Day cards as well as Christmas cards from the pets.
    Lovely selfies too, you look like my friend Tammy. Random fact which will mean nothing!
    Anyway, your slideshows look fine to me today and you are definitely on the short list for the Shoehorn Award.


    1. I bet I’ll win that several times throughout the year, and proudly.
      I always said I wasnt’ born in the UK by accident – here’s one more reason to move up north. 🇬🇧
      tell my alias Tammy I said hello! 🙂


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