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I know we have all our goals, and schedules, and SALs, and everything going on but since January 2015, both sadly and unexpectedly, proved to be a very hard month for France and the rest of the world, I guess small but meaningful exceptions are to be allowed.

– – –

the other day I picked up (well my youngest sister, E., did because she was passing by the kiosk) one of the magazines I read from time to time, called Internazionale. they collect articles from foreign newspapers and magazines and translate it in Italian, they always have an interesting choice and wide spectre or topics, so it’s always a good read – although I must say I do miss the originals sometimes).

good reads 1/15
E. also picked up two issues of “Julia, the adventures of a criminologist” the nice guy saves for me every month.


inside I found a quote from Charb (cartoonist & director of Charlie Hebdo who was murdered that morning) saying:

“[…] There’s nothing to negotiate with fascists. Freedom to laugh without any reserve – the law gives it us already, the systematic violence of extremists only renews it. Thanks, you dickheads.” [October 15th 2012]

you see, Italy has been dealing with all sorts of fascisms for a very long time; some are still very active, muted, but active. and the mere fact that you cannot, or shouldn’t say what you think because you might cause yourself legal problems is what ruined this country for good. now, this is freedom we’re talking about, and there’s not difference when it comes to freedom. freedom to laugh, freedom to speak, freedom to kiss, freedom to die when it’s your time, not when a bullet finishes you off in a massacre. and I’m not just talking about the French victims here, because the terrorists died too, and that is the only way this kind of thing ends, we very well know that, but still – had they been given a different life, a different time, different opportunities, they might have ended up being very different people – that made very different choices. we’ll never know that.

terrorism has been plaguing most of my youth, with me being not yet 16 with the attacks of 9/11 in New York; the train bombings in Madrid in March, 11th ’04, just months after I visited it (and was supposed to be there in those very days, going up and down the Atocha station endless times every day. I know that because it’s my other sister’s, I., birthday on 3/11 and I ended up going in November missing another birthday rather than hers). then London ’05, and I won’t even start on Italian recurrences from the ’90s because there are just too many. too painful.

– – –

going back to the reason I’m keeping you here; yesterday I saw on the Fans of Blackbird Designs FB Group that a fellow stitcher, Rita, decided to stitch their free chart Souvenir de France to honour the people that died in the Charlie Hebdo attack & following events. I felt the urge to do the same, the necessity of doing something in tribute to all those lives lost to freedom. I bet dear Barb of Blackbird Designs never thought this piece might gain such a different meaning when she designed it back in 2009, but here we are – and then again, who knew on the day of the Epiphany that the following morning would have proved so hard to process either?


I told Rita I would join her, and many others on social media agreed with us and joined. I started a couple of hashtags dedicated to this, so that we can follow everyone participating, they are #jesuischarlieneedlework (pretty cold but very identifiable) and #parisintheheart (the one that I liked the most but must say can be quite confusing since everyone could have used – and could be using it – for other, very legitimate, reasons). 🙂

so if you’re going to stitch this chart, or another Paris themed, or French themed, or French designed chart that you have among your WIPs or in your stash, or whatever really! 🙂 just remember to add these two hashtags (they work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for blog posts just use these two as tags in the same way you always do) and everyone will be able to trace your contribution.

– – –

more useful info, the Blackbird Designs free chart  can be found here.

I made a few changes here and there in Barb’s version because I wanted to incorporate a tweet I made the night of the 8th, and I’ll substitute the year with 2015.



other than that, I picked French themed colours for both the linen and the threads; red, white, a variation of blues – because you know, alè les bleus!  and I’m very proud of my witty choice of white, a skein called Champagne. 🙂

my friend Nina of Nina’s Threads started hers too last night (it’s quite contagious I’m afraid 😉 ), and if you decide to join you might want to add a comment here so that I won’t miss you. of course you can reblog this post, share a link, whatever it is, if you feel like spreading the news. I’ll write Barb and Alma this afternoon to tell them.

– – –

I had so much more to tell you, really, but this post is long enough already, so I’ll leave you with the promise to write a few posts this afternoon and schedule them for the following days (tomorrow is Gifted Gorgeousness SAL due date and I have some incredible gifts to share with you! 🙂 one was delivered just a few moments ago!). to think that I joined Jo’s SAL wondering how I was going to make myself fit into this gifts theme, and now, just mere hours before, I find myself having so much – I’m utterly amazed! it’s funny how these things happen, eh? 😀

like being friends for years and years and then, in the space of 24 hours finally see each other on FaceTime and have some great laughs and chats from far far away in Dubai or Victoria, Down Under. am I right? 😉

the FaceTime thing is open to all my friends, of course, but more on this in another post (or the previous one! ’cause clearly you missed that! 😀)

ciao from Taras and I!


catselfie 1/15
enough of these selfies already!


12 thoughts on “#JesuisCharlieneedlework

  1. As you can imagine we are so sad here. My daughter n°2 lives in Paris and was on the walk on sunday and Dn°3 have posted a drawing on one of the many web site. I am thinking of a bookmark to stitch maybe white and black.


  2. It was so lovely to see you too! To think, just ten years ago, we never would have been able to video chat from so many thousands of miles away. Finally, the plus side of living in the 21st century!

    I love this idea, Chiara! I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, but I’ll definitely let you know if I decide to join in. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes! finally a good reason for living in the future!
      it was such a joy for me too, we’ve got to do it again ASAP, it was such great fun! and talking of living in the future, I found out yesterday that if I have my phone charging, and say “Hey Siri + whatever I need him to do”, he does it! and I don’t even have to hold a button, or anything! OH YES! 😀

      by all means, start whenever you feel like, there’s no deadline really – but I sure want to finish this as soon as possible! 😉


  3. I think the Paris chart is a lovely idea. I stitched it a while back for Giovanna in Italy to remind her of her visits to the Paris needlework shows,
    In England we have grown up with bomb scares and terrorist threats since the 1970s with the Irish issues. Thankfully the peace talks saw the end to years of violence. I wish that these new attacks will be resolved in due course.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If I ever get myself organised I will post my SDUCJC2015 pieces of which my Je Suis Charlie is one – it is coming along nicely due to your influence via FT.
    hugs, Kaye


    1. and I’m so very happy about it! I haven’t worked on mine since we last talked, shame right?
      perhaps we could stitch while on FT next time – no, we’ll definitely stitch while on FT! 😀


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