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GG SAL: Christmas gifts & cards

GG is pronounced GiGi, à la française, even though it was born in the Kingdom of Her Majesty the Queen of Gorgeousness, Jo! 🙂

– – –

Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching started this SAL for 2015 where we try to post about a gift, or a piece that involves gifted materials, every 15th of the month. since her DUCJC starts are being nothing but gorgeous one day after the other, I decided to pronounce her Queen of Gorgeousness, and baptise this SAL of hers, GG (“GiGi”, ’cause respectable aristocrats speak French) SAL simply because I know me, typing those 18 letters every time might kill me. 😉

[info for surfers, the playlist for this post writing session is entirely UK based: Isles of Wonder & A Symphony of British Music – tracks from the 2012 Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, yes, Pet Shop Boys included.]

so, going back to the GG SAL, I already explained in this post why my current main WIP qualifies for this SAL, you should look at the classy shoehorning going on there.

unfortunately things happened and I haven’t resumed working on the main sampler, Holly & Hearts; but I did come to a conclusion while on FT (FaceTime) with Sarah the other day: you know I was debating as to what to do with the capital “I” (pink or blue? pink or blue?), well it’s going to stay pink because she said I should leave it like that, and that is final. thank you, Sarah, for closing the door on this rap session I had going on in my mind. — you see? another gift here, Jo! — 😀

the plan was to stitch each bonus chart this 3-part mystery came with as I completed each section, so I started this first one, Noel, but made a few adjustments to it, because you know me.

WIP - Lizzie Kate Holly & Hearts bonus chart - Noel
linen’s colour photographed really well here.
WIP - Lizzie Kate Holly & Hearts bonus chart - Noel
evening indoor lights ruined it all, but here’s where it’s at at the moment. no sign of my meddling yet.

I consider this (and the other bonus charts that will come next, for all it matters) a gifted chart because it came as a bonus, hence free, with section 1 of the main sampler. thanks, Linda/Lizzie*Kate! 😀

my second entry for the GG SAL is another free chart, this time from Blackbird Designs – and I’ve just realised possibly my very first BBD piece, ever! it seems impossible after all the BBD charts I have accumulated in my stash over the past years, but if I think about it, have I ever stitched a BBD design before? mumble mumble.. NO! GOODNESS ME!

anyways, you can read about this other piece in my previous post, here is a direct link.

– – –

and now onto the gifts I received, one of which entitles me to feature basically everything I’ll stitch in 2015 into “GiGi“, provided that I cut my threads with this beauty! 😀

FMIL's gifts 1/15
Ellen’s The Only Holiday Album You’ll Ever Need, Volume 1 😀

my dear friend Terri over at Chocolates 4 Breakfast; Stitching 4 lunch has been the greatest friend and FMIL ever. during Christmastime I asked her if she could grab a CD for me a Target (it’s a target exclusive) and ship it to me. of course, knowing her, I knew that my offer to send her the $$$ would have been futile, so I sent her the Christmas present I was going to send her anyways, but which hasn’t already got there (bogus).

what I didn’t know was that in addition to Ellen DeGeneres‘ new CD (how can you not love that woman?), she sent me  these!

FMIL's gifts 1/15
my new BFFs: gorgeous golden Gingher embroidery scissors, my very first pair of Gingher actually, gifted to me by my sweet FMIL Terri.

I’m head over heels in love with them, really! such a surprise, and they are FANTASTIC! I already have quite a scissor collection, but I didn’t have any Gingher yet, and my Dovo aren’t nearly as pretty – efficient and willing to attack every Hardanger cut I assign them, sure, but plain and combat-ready. these one have lavishly golden reflections that are already clinging to my soul like the One Ring of Sauron, I can see it. 😀

fun fact, what I sent you, Terri, is gold too. and intricately detailed.. and I won’t say anything else or you’ll guess! 😀

[you’ll be wondering, what in the world is a FMIL?! well, it’s something Terri came up with quite some time ago, when we joked about me becoming her daughter-in-law just for the sake of our stitching and friendship. she has a few sons that might all be suitable for the job, so we should only trick one into liking me long enough to become real mother and daughter-in-law, not just Fantasy ones! 😀 ]

– – –

there has been some late Christmas wrapping going on here too. I received my uncle’s Xmas gift (technically it’s the gift I got for him, but I received it because I needed to wrap it properly first). so I took out the fancy Tilda paper my old time followers know from back in the days (it jumped out of a box, I swear I had no idea it’d be so easy to find it!) and made a happy wrapper out of myself.

Christmas gifts 1/15
crafty people and Tarantino fans IN THE HOOOOUSE!
Christmas gifts 1/15
I wouldn’t even open it if I were him, it looks just too pretty. 😉

the same gorgeous paper has been used for two more, much needed and long postponed projects: a book cover for a volume that got kibble stains on it (I know) and lining up my bedside table drawers since the weevil mess that started this past June. take a look.

book 1/15
Alexander The Great in the modern era – very interesting read, although those oily kibble stains bugged me ad infinitum.
Tilda book 1/15
it really isn’t Taras’ fault, with these weevils possibly everywhere I moved his feeding bowls on my desk and this is the result.

I really had a mother-daughter moment when I was done. 🙂 you see, my mom used to do the same to her books when she was studying (just because she liked it, not because of kibble stains, she’s not a cat person – at all), and I remember going to my Grand’s when I was younger and looking at all these books of hers on the shelves, all wrapped up in paper. mom taught me how to do it, and even though I developed my own technique involving no tape – because the horror of glueing things! 😉 – and showed a sense for fancier (mom’d say pricier) paper materials, I did feel my mother’s daughter when I was done. I bet she’ll be so proud of me, even though she would never dare saying so while in my presence. 😀

[ 🎶 at this point I’m listening to Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal, so it’ll work mindlessly on the Tags & Categories of this post, no chance of doing anything really while this sick beat is pumping in my ears 🎶]

Tilda drawer
1st drawer peep
Tilda drawer
2nd drawer peep: treats for the eyes and other senses 😉

all those tiny toys are Kinder Surprise finds I collected during the Christmas holidays (I’m such a kid), I don’t have the heart to throw them away so if you have kids or want to play with them as if you were, just let me know! (I already know where one of them is going to live, and good thing I found two, so we’ll have sisters!).

Taras likes to play with the whirling things, and I was so lucky to find a lilac cat that works as a measuring tape once you pull his tail. what were the odds! 😀

Tilda drawer
3rd drawer peep: some Apple stuff (most of the older stuff is elsewhere), lazy make-up removal thingies, and IDs.
Taras 1/15
everything looks quite alright here, chiara – oh, nice paper by the way!

last but not least, Christmas cards! I’ve collected a few over the years, here are some 🙂

Christmas cards '15

and here they are on display basically all year round, or until I get other seasonal cards or postcards.. you know, Christmas is in the heart, so I don’t see why I should take them down for the other 11 months. 😀

Christmas cards '15

I realised a few cards are missing here, so there’ll be an update on the display in the following days.

– – –

more peeping and stitching coming up next, tomorrow this wonder comes out so stay tuned for updates on my first official DEBBIE start for ’15! 😀


– – –

have a nice day! ciao!



11 thoughts on “GG SAL: Christmas gifts & cards

  1. Great stitching – that banding looks like some I just got for some small Chateleaines 🙂 I LOVE those Ginghers – very pretty! I like that you keep some Christmas cards up all year – I have several that I have saved in a box, but I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do with them….


  2. I only got three physical cards this year – they are all punched & saved in my December Daily now. I agree with you – there is a TWSAL ornie on my noticeboard here at work & despite it being January there is no intention for it to go into storage!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll show you next time we talk on FT. super easy. I detest glueing things, it’s so definitive!
      we’ll be each other’s Stitch-Chief in command, sounds quite alright with me! 😀


  3. Thank you for taking part in GG this month. NB I am calling it that for the same reasons! If I have to type it in full for every blog I visit no-one will be getting a personalised comment at all!
    So as I understand it, basically everything you put a stitch in this year is going to count for this SAL? Seems fair enough to me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. as soon as possible! I need to write a few blog posts first though, I’m LATE! so very LATE!
      and I need to catch up on blog reading too, my Reader is engulfed with unread posts 😬


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