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treasures, X’mas loots an’ pirates, mateys!

I’m so glad you enjoyed this tour I’ve started, I’d love to show you more of my habits and childhood memories. hold on ’cause it’s going to be a long post. I promise Taras pictures as refreshments at the end 🙂

– – –

a few days ago I was blessed with a RAK from Annette over at California Stitcher; I was so overwhelmed with joy and surprise at the sight of what she sent me, thank you thank you thank you, Annette!

so many wonderful Christmas presents from Annette ❤️

she carefully packed every gift with 3D stickers, beautiful paper, cards and notes, everything colour coordinated! the sight left me totally flabbergasted!

ready for the Christmas loot? here’s a slideshow (press pause to read the comments) 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t tell how happy and joyful you made me, I felt like a kid experiencing 3 Christmases all in one time, what a party that was 🙂 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Taras enjoyed the nail filer a lot, I don’t know why but he has a thing for them, and I can’t believe how Annette managed to gift me every single thing I needed or wanted or would have loved! how in the world did she know I love writing lists and crossing things out? or that I like to keep my nails fairly short but clean and neat at the same time? or that I needed a Christmas needlebook because I had none and my needles were all resting on needle minders, on top of my two ORT jars? and I could go on! mmmhhhh.. is it possible that Annette put an elf on the shelf somewhere in my room? or perhaps is it that blab too much about me on Instagram without even remembering it? 😀

anyways, thank you from the tip of my hair to the bottom of my feet – and don’t you think you won’t get seriously RAKed at some point this year. I’m already working on a plan. you have been warned! 😀

– – –

 another sweet gift that is keeping me company in the cold winter days (even if I must say, today seemed like an early spring day) comes from an old giveaway I won from Kaye over at Kitten Stitching years and years ago, a re-heatable mini water bottle that activates by snapping a metal disc inside the red liquid.


it heats up almost instantly and stays hot for quite a while, the greatest thing to have on your bedside table when you’re up late at night, reading feverishly.

tea grows cold in this XXL mug, but the hot bottle stays warm for hours ❤️

– – –

I’ve been looking around the house for those old copies of the books I’ve shown you in my latest post. I managed to find only a few – but then again, 20+ years of collecting books means we are far better than most bookshops these days, especially if you add the pedagogy text my mom gets for her job, various kinds of novels, my own “library” which holds a bit of everything really, from politics, to present and past philosophy, economy, history, history of astronomy, history of physics, English literature, pedagogy, psychology, history of religions, theory of cinema, .. and the list could go on. 😀


so here are my old Brambly Hedge/Boscodirovo books, the Autumn one is the most worn out, needless to say 😉


look at the pages up here, all stained by time (and bread and jam perhaps?) 😀

then there’s La strega annoiata series, from left to right: the Bored Witch on holiday (check out her fancy bathing suit!), at the country fair, and the monkey.


– – –

when I was looking for these two, I stumbled upon another fantastic one, The Foxwood Tales by Cynthia and Brian Paterson (in Italian, Storie di Boscoverde, “Greenwood Tales”). heavily worn out and enjoyed as you can see. 🙂


and here is one of my favourite, eye-catching moments: the weasels under the moonlight, celebrating after the robbery they committed early in the day (clearly not carefully enough since they’re being watched closely).


I really wish I had this in English, as well as the others really (how funny must be the bored witch in Spanish!). 😀 I’ve got to search for them on Waterstones or similar – I would love to read the originals now that countries far away are not really as far away as they seemed in the ’80s.

– – –

last but not least is a linen nécessaire de broderie I managed to find among all the mess my stash turned into. I’ve been using this for a long time and how very handy it is. in fact I was in desperate need for it, until Annette’s package arrived (I think the day after I cleaned this one). 🙂

Taras got to play in the sink while I rinsed it with mild water and baby shampoo (I always keep some natural baby shampoo in the house, it’s great for washing make-up pinceaux and other delicate things).

Taras 1/15
💬 how did my crunchy ball end up in there?
and this is the nécessaire opened, there are polymer clay balls of knitting wool, coordinated pins and a thread keeper. it came with grey sewing thread and needle. the pocket on the bottom holds the bobbin, while the laces on top held the thread keeper and a cat themed ribbon I must have stored elsewhere.



et voilà! brand new! 🙂 I gifted these a few times, I think the concept is just genius. if you’re interested they’re hand made in France by Sabine/Oeil2cha.

– – –

and finally, the Taras pictures I promised you 😀

you know he was born on September, 19th – but do you know what day that is? it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day (ITLAPD) 😀 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Little Lord BaBauntleroy asked for a secret waterfall with treasure hidden behind it, a ship and a talking parrot. 😱 I’m still working on the parrot, but I should have the other two covered. 😀

Pirate Gentlecat AHOY!



🎉 Carnevale is almost here! we got the traditional frittole the other day!


can’t wait to have some galani, those are my favourites! 😋😋😋😋😋

– – –

next time the Alice post, I can’t wait to show you what I have in store! 🙂 ciao!



6 thoughts on “treasures, X’mas loots an’ pirates, mateys!

  1. I love seeing all of your childhood books, Chiara, brings back many happy memories. Gorgeous Christmas stash and I had totally forgotten that I had gifted you that handwarmer, so glad that you are still using it. I wish now that I had purchased more of them. hugs, Kaye


    1. there’ll be many more, I promise. mom and I have a ginormous library scattered all around the house, I could make a blog about that alone! 😀
      are you kidding me? that hand-warmer is THE BEST! it’s in my first drawer, next to the handkerchieves & reading light! 🙂


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