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first and foremost, I want to clarify that my previous post from the other night wasn’t part of what has been called a “media attack” of any sort. I was given those comparison shots of Sara Guermani’s designs and Little House Needleworks designs, together with the information that there was a dispute of authenticity going on.

with permission, I wrote about it here (which is my personal blog, and I see no reason why I shouldn’t write my personal opinions in my personal blog). and then other people found them interesting, and they came and read, and formed their opinion on the matter.

Sara Guermani apologised for the first SAL she organised which featured the Moira Blackburn and LHN charts; all the rest she said is mere chance. she never copied anybody and those are just similarities. Diane Williams being the Lady she is, stated that she will not take this to court and will leave it for what it is especially in the light of what life has taught her with her husband’s sickness: life is too short to waste it after this type of thing.

it is her choice and I respect it completely, I also agree that law actions would be very costly and would bring a great deal of stress into a family that doesn’t need any. on the other hand we are all human beings capable of forming our own opinions on the matter so I leave it to you to decide for yourself.

the comparison shots I was given do speak to me of something that I didn’t like – as well as Thea Dueck words confirming the stitching figures look a lot like hers in multiple charts she released throughout the years. if this was an isolated case of one house, one design, one mistake, one chance we wouldn’t be here speaking of this, I think everyone can see that I would never jump to conclusions if I didn’t have what in my opinion seems to be good reasons for it.

of course it is entirely my own opinion, and I don’t have any reason to discuss this further, so I’ll leave it where it stands.

I thank you for reading and forming your own opinion on this matter, whether you agree or not.

– – –

now I will start a new post and with that we officially go back to my own accounts of my personal life, stitchwise and not.

have a good one, peace!



2 thoughts on “clarification

  1. I commend Sara for her apology, this takes an effort, I think she is a better Lady for it.
    Thank-you Chiara for this new post.
    I will continue to visit Sara’s blog.

    Happy Stitching


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