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Chapter 1 – SALs, quilting and Downton Abbey

because I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, and I’m late for at least a few appointments, I thought we should bring back those “chapter” posts that some of you liked so much. I’m taking some time this morning to write for as long as I can and schedule the chapter-posts that you can read one after the other hopefully ’till you’re all caught up on the current situation. 🙂

– – –

the first thing I should have posted here in January 20th (which I did on Instagram to be honest 😉 ) is my TUSAL update. I know, who cares right? well, I do. my calendar says that I should have and so here it is, my bunch of ORT for the month of January. 🙂

TUSAL update 1/15
yes, the white moving thing is Taras’ paw.

which brings me to another SAL I would like to start. do you remember the SSAL I started years ago? the what? the Snail Stitch A Long! a SAL during which you commit to make the progress of a snail, or a sloth if you prefer 😀

Magic Garden SSALI’m being so good at this, I haven’t even started this project – how slower than that can you get?! 😀

anyways, the new SAL I would like to start is a TBDAL, Tea Bags Drink A Long – where we share the remainings of our cuppas & such. what do you say? 😀 here’s my first entry:


– – –

now let’s stop being silly now, and move on with other things that happened while I wasn’t blogging.

I came across this delightful book by What Delilah Did about cross stitch in a slightly modern form, and I so very appreciate the way she explains things. as a matter of fact I highly recommend her suggestions which are free to access on her website here as a downloadable PDF.

the book itself is really well printed and organised, I found it for the exceptional price of £3.99 (I think it was 72% off) and I just had to take it, together with a couple of other delightful things.

purchases 1/15

then I had the happiest mail day when I received the Downton Abbey fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop. hurray! 🎉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

these are all part of the Downstairs Collection from Andover fabrics, and they’ll become a duvet cover for my bed. unfortunately I caught the nastiest flu while working on it because my father who was sick repeatedly walked around me coughing as if he was trying to bless me with his bugs. mission accomplished, dad. 😦

– – –

see you in the next post, where we travel through Middle Earth and we finally meet some stitching.

have a very nice day, best of stitching



4 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – SALs, quilting and Downton Abbey

  1. ROFL at the Snail SAL, that is worthy of a shoehorn point!
    I have each cup of coffee in a different mug so by teatime there is a little row of mugs so I can see how many coffees I have had that day!

    Liked by 1 person

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