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two finishes and a GiGi update

this will be a fairly quick post, but I have some finishes to share and I really want to get this out before the 15th is over – I don’t want to be late for another thing on my calendar!

– – –

first of all is an announcement for the Gifted Gorgeousness (GiGi) SAL over at Jo‘s blog Serendipitous Stitching. I know it is not among the goals I had set, and I know I really shouldn’t start anything new, *but* you’ll agree with me once you see them – these are undeniably stitchable, preferably now rather than later. *and* I have almost every thread in my stash, threads that were gifted to me by Grandma years and years ago, so they definitely fall into the GiGi category – and that’s why I’m justifying these new starts. bear with me. 😀

SODA Stitch patterns
these are the SODA Stitch patterns I bought almost exactly a year ago, then lost among my stash and only recently came across again. aren’t they the sweetest?!

in order to stitch them I had to (sigh) dive into my DMC stash, which is ginormous and so very hard to reach (I haven’t used solid cotton threads since 2012 😬) but once I got to them, I realised I only needed two/three skeins per chart in order to start stitching – and I’m counting a few more patterns that you don’t see here, like Snow White and Anne of Green Gables. 😉

DMC threads for SODA Stitch

these are all the DMC threads I need to stitch up most of the SODA Stitch patterns I have (and will have 😉), but I needed a few colours and most of all 40ct. linens, which my stash was insanely deprived of, so no new start until Happy Mail Day.

I was so anxious to do something with them that I prepared printed thread cards for all of them, and decided to start with this one here – if you look very closely you can tell which skeins I had to get 😀

SODA Stitch - Alice in Wonderland

oh, I replied many times on Instagram about this, where do you get these seriously cute patterns? I get mine through the official European retailer, Chibi Stitches. SODA is dealing with a lot of distributing problems, unfortunately, with people selling unauthorised copies, used patterns, photocopies, etc. so check that you’re getting your stuff from the good guys 🙂

in case you’re wondering my next purchase will include the fairy tales in this series that I’m missing, plus a white cat, more fairy tales, and a crafting scene that I cannot wait to see hanging on my wall. DMC stash, get ready to get burnt out! 😀

– – –

also part of the GiGi update is my latest finish, Noël: the first bonus design included in part 1 of L*K’s mystery, Holly & Hearts.

Lizzie Kate - Noel

of course I used my own choice of threads, which are the same you see in the main sampler, as well as the same 40ct. linen (all hand dyed by Nina). 

in this case I also changed the “noël” bit because I wanted it to be more fun, so I used my charted handwriting and made tiny tiles that accomodate n – o – ë – l with the dieresis, because that’s how you spell it. 😀

Lizzie Kate - Holly & Hearts

last year when I kitted up this project I assumed there would be three bonus charts (just like with the previous mystery from Lizzie Kate, Very Scary) but I was wrong. now because the bonus pieces are just two, I have a blank linen space  at the end of this stripe that will fit a 50 x 50 chart, which I received only a few months ago together with my purchase from sweet Cathy over at Inspired Needle. it’s a free design that Diane/Little House Needleworks gave to shops to distribute to their customers – and because it was a gift, I am stitching this for the GiGi SAL too, makes perfect sense to me! 😀

I started the second bonus design, Sleigh but quite frankly didn’t get too much done due to all the stash swimming I had to do over the weekend, with at least three patching up dives because I forgot a few threads, or took out the wrong ones. honestly I wish I had taken pictures, it was pure madness. 😀

WIP - Lizzie Kate - Sleigh

– – –

last but not least, la pièce de résistance of my recent finishes: part 2 of Story Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin StitcheryThe Secret Garden:

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Story Time Sampler - part 2

I changed a lot here, making the door to the garden almost invisible, adding a keyhole, backstitched vines, extra flowers, French Knots and fancy shoes & a Victorian-esque dress (these last two inspired by Garrett, like Alice’s shoes) 🙂

– – –

have a great one and I promise to be better at blog reading now that I’m getting a bit better, I’ve been terrible in the past few weeks!



Taras 2/15
Taras and his favourite mouse, Ottone, say hi!

P.S. Jo, the serendipitous stitching is not here yet, keep on wondering! 😉


17 thoughts on “two finishes and a GiGi update

  1. Oh I love Secret Garden! My Gran introduced me to her books. And Elizabeth Goudge – you might have read her Little White Horse? Or maybe the awesome Linnets & Valerians.
    “Humanity can be roughly divided into three sorts of people – those who find comfort in literature, those who find comfort in personal adornment, and those who find comfort in food;”
    ― Elizabeth Goudge, Little White Horse
    “It seemed to them dreadfully dangerous to put it into words like that, for lately the things they didn’t want to happen were the things that happened and the logic of this was that if you pretended not to want what you really wanted dreadfully you would be more likely to get it.”
    ― Elizabeth Goudge, Linnets and Valerians


    1. oh my! thank you for those quotes – no, I didn’t know them, and I’ve been missing out! I’ll fix this ASAP, needless to say!
      I read The Secret Garden when I was a kid, I cannot find my book anywhere – it’s driving me bananas!
      but I do plan on having my own, not to secret, garden. you’ll see in the near future, I’ve got seeds and everything! 😀


  2. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Those charts are so cute and sweet. They go with the Storytime sampler really well. You should start a library with all your book related stitching to decorate it!
    Intrigued by the forthcoming serendipitous stitching too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes, I love the fact that they go well together – the kawaii power! 😀
      I should definitely have a bookshelf for my book related stitching – GREAT IDEA!!
      the serendipitous piece should be here soon, actually you could make a game out of it and guess what it is. there is a hint in one of the pages here 😉


  3. The SODA stitch patterns are so cute! I LOVE the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery too. I’m working on last year’s Once Upon a Time sampler- on July and still haven’t completed the scroll border. I’m waiting on the Literary sampler to see how it turns out before I commit to buying it! Too many patterns to add to my wish list! 🙂


  4. I was totally envious of your charts Alice, Hensel & Gretel when reading your post I discover that they were chibie’s. How funny my GG2 is this month a free pattern designed specially in memory for Charlie. Con affetto. Amicalement.


    1. thank you, Jocondine! I was sure I had mentioned these patterns when I first got them a year ago, but it seems like I forgot to.
      it was pretty hard to trace the European distributor of these Korean designer, but finally I found these French ladies over at Chibi Stitches, they were such a nice surprise, so very helpful and fast. I’m glad you know them too and that so many people are remembering Charlie with their needlework. ❤️


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