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mini stitch enigma – clue 2

for the second clue I chose two pictures which (hopefully) will tell you more than they show 😉

mini stitch enigma - clue 2

I enjoyed some thread sorting which I rarely do these days, and after a moment of panic with the browns, here I was last night, ready to go:

mini stitch enigma - clue 2

you can read the other clues in the previous post (just scroll down) – I would pay close attention to those browns if I were you 😉

– – –

see you next time for another clue! have fun!



4 thoughts on “mini stitch enigma – clue 2

  1. I’m guessing it’s one of the Soda Stitch designs you recently dug out of your stash? The serendipitous link is that you can use it for my GiGi SAL. The only thing that confuses me is that these aren’t DMC numbers… But they are hair colours and there are figures in the designs!


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