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TUSAL update and third clue

the mini 😉 😉 stitch enigma continues with the third clue, I don’t plan to post any  in the next few days so think about it, scroll down for the previous clues, and guess away! 😀

  • one of the reasons why I changed the fabric for this project is because the one it came with had been stained by the elastic band wrapping up the threads, which had dried up with time. 🔮

mini stitch enigma - clue 3

mini stitch enigma - clue 3
serendipitous stitches


– – –

of course it’s that day of the month when we share our thread bits/ORTs for the TUSAL update. this time I have a bunch of fabric scraps from the Downton Abbey cover that is still on hold because I’m still not well (what the heck!), many hand dyed and just on top, a few, very recent solids 😉 😉

TUSAL update 2/15

– – –

I hope you’re enjoying these last bits of winter, I’ll go see the doctor today because my right ear is driving me bananas. with any luck I’ll be outside taking care of the garden by next week! 🍀🌱🌼🌿🐞🐌🐜😺



4 thoughts on “TUSAL update and third clue

    1. I just had to check because when I read no croissants on the patisserie bag I went “really??” and you’re right! how could it be that a French company designing a bag that features French patisserie treats forgot to put a croissant there?! GOODNESS!
      I think the next picture will be enlightening 😉


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