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hermitting, knots and a new clue

so I did get the chance to hermit & stitch a lot during the weekend, but because the threads I’m using keep on knotting (I swear in the past week I had all the knots I usually get in a year!) I had to deal with a lot of sudden cuts, half lengths, otherwise unnecessary parking, etc. pure boredom and I must say something I really wasn’t used to anymore. bah!

now, because I cannot show you the mini enigma piece yet, you have to trust me on the progress I made on it. I actually could have had it finished if it wasn’t for all the bumps in the road, but I do plan on having it done and over with today. I’m so very close! 🏆🏁🏇

about the enigma, it really is easier than you think 🙂 now if you just read about this, scroll down and browse through the previous posts (I suggest you open up each one so that you can read the comments too, there are useful replies there as well). and now that we’re all caught up let’s add today’s clue, shall we?

mini stitch enigma - clue 4

– – –

as soon as I get this one off the hoop (which by now is killing my shoulders, but I never thought it would take me this long to stitch, that’s why I didn’t bother to sew this on the scroll bars), I have to finish off the L*K Sleigh ornament, and that LHN I mentioned last week – and then I can finally cut the linen band for the SODA that I’ll be starting this week.

WIP - Lizzie Kate - Sleigh

did you notice my BaBa needle minder? I made it myself out of one of the BaBa buttons that Elisabetta/Stitched Tales made for me a while ago. I used two of the magnets that Mill Hill perforated paper kits come with (which I hardly ever incorporate in my finishings anyways), glued one to the back of the wooden button – et voilà! a BaBa needle minder! 😀

by the way, Elisabetta’s hand painted creations are the ones you’ll see in most of the Italian releases at Nashville these days, I’m so so happy for her! I used her wooden buttons in many of my finishes already and I’m so glad she’s finally getting a well deserved spotlight overseas.

– – –

my right ear is doing way better, but nonetheless I took advantage of the many perks of having Taras as my personal nurse – even if that means getting your favourite spot stolen! 😉

Taras 2/15

– – –

I really hope that somebody guesses the enigma piece so that I can actually show it finished soon 😀 and it’s good practice for the real stitch enigma we’ll have in a few months for my blogaversary.

wishing you a happy start of the week. ciao!



7 thoughts on “hermitting, knots and a new clue

  1. I looked through all your stash and your about me projects and the only one that come close Tree of Life? All the Dimensions ones have Anchor but they are all too big!!


    1. nope, that’s not it. 🙂
      now that I think about it, do Dimensions come with Anchor or Dimensions threads? I thought it was the second, but I could be wrong, it has been a while since I last picked up one 😬


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