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SMALL SAL, clues and a mysterious finish

sorry I’m posting this one a day later, but yesterday was a pretty crappy day and by the looks of it today is promising to top that. 😤

because the mini stitch enigma is still going on, I cannot show you the finish I got last Tuesday – but I can tell you that:

  • it would fit the smalls SAL because it’s a pretty small piece
  • I started it last Monday and finished it just a little over a week later
  • it wasn’t the first time I had stitched this project
  • although I paid for this kit I managed to find online after years and years of search, the first time around I got it as a gift

mini stitch enigma - clue 5

– – –

continuing with the smalls SAL update; after finishing the mysterious project I resumed working on the small Lizzie*Kate ornament called Sleigh, in the hope that once I finally get some quality stitching time I will finish that, the Little House Needleworks free pattern, and then the small set of dowels will be free for the SODA patterns. people really have to stop getting in my way of stitching because it’s being a real PITA.

WIP - Lizzie Kate - Sleigh

because I didn’t have the Snow White and Anne of Green Gables patterns yet, I had to get those 😉 and while I was at it I got a few other SODAs – which I might fit into the smalls SAL now that I think about it, because I’m going to stitch matching scissor fobs & pincushions using some of the elements in the charts.

– – –

in stitch-related news, I have been watching some of the videos on YouTube (aptly renamed Floss Tube) while I’m stitching.

Taras 2/15
“are you done with these videos? it’s about time you hang out with me instead!”

a recent discovery is Garrett‘s channel, coffee stitcher, and he recently made a review of the Disney Dreams kits just because I had been asking so much about them 🙂 ❤️ aaaww!!

I’m not a huge fan of kits, haven’t worked on one since 2010 actually, and I really don’t need to start a new one before finishing the big ass Dimensions Kitty Litter that I have in my UFO pile, but this Victorian scene of Lady & the Tramp made be reconsider everything for a couple of hours. actually I’m still trying to resist. 😀

WIP - Dimensions Gold Collection Kitty Litter

WIP - Dimensions Gold Collection Kitty Litter

– – –

I hope the new clues really help you figuring out what it is, especially once you put them together with the other ones in the previous posts. 😉

see you soon! happy xxx!


7 thoughts on “SMALL SAL, clues and a mysterious finish

    1. that’s because you’re doing it wrong.. 😉 it wasn’t a goal because I never thought I would find it, and it wasn’t a WIP because it had been finished once, a long time ago.. COME ON! I can’t say any more than that!! 😀


  1. I have a guess but haven’t found it yet for sure. Is it a Forever Friends cross stitch kit? All those browns, and what looks like a little face and the fact that it was the second piece you stitched and a gift from your mum. It’s all in your about page. But I can’t find the design as I am not really into sites with selling kits and discontinued ones too. Maybe that’s it.And maybe it is a serendipity design.Although Anchor makes ForeverFriends now. AriadnefromGreece!


    1. YEEESSSSS!!!! THAT’S IT!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
      I never expected anyone to find the actual kit, it took me years and I knew what it looked like! 😀
      but I’ll post about this straight away, FANTASTIC JOB Ariadne!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


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