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new month new goals, Watson

in the attempt to do things right and on time I’m checking what happened to February’s goals and setting new ones for March, hoping that I won’t get sick again or get run down by another stress tank, this week was enough, thank you very much. 😖

February stitching goals:

  • finish L*K’s ’13 mystery Holly & Hearts (2nd part started; I also want to finish the three two bonus designs that are part of this series) —> ☑️ sort of, I didn’t touch the main sampler but I did finish the two bonus designs Noël and Sleigh (check out today’s finish at the end of this post 🎉)
  • stitch the second part of Story Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery + stitch the frames and banner (banner is almost finished, and I need only two rows of frames to be all caught up on those) —> ☑️ another sort of, I stitched the second part (The Secret Garden) and the banner. I decided to stitch all the other frames except those in the fourth colour because I’m not sure if the shade I picked would match the stories featured in them. I’ll do this pretty soon considering part 3 just came out.. it’s Sherlock Holmes!! 🎉❤️🔎
  • stitch one block of Once Upon a Time by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) —> 🔘 NO 😦
  • stitch one block of the Christmas Celebration Sampler (T) —> 🔘 NO 😦
  • finish quilting the Downton Abbey duvet cover sewing project —> 🔘 NO 😦
  • 🔮 not in the goals for this month was a project I found, bought, received, started and finished in February but cannot show because it’s the mini stitch enigma that nobody has guessed yet! 😀 I had been looking for this for many many years and quite serendipitously stumbled upon it in an online needlework shop a couple of weeks ago. they still had one kit in stock from the ’90s, sealed shut and in pristine condition apart from the fabric which had been stained by the elastic band that was around the threads. it didn’t matter too much since I wouldn’t have stitched on Aida this time anyways. as a matter of fact, this wasn’t the first time I stitched this project: in 1997 I got an identical one, shamefully worked on it, and unfortunately lost the chart – so in order to take this trip down stitching memory lane I had to find a double.

– – –

because there’ll be new entries in March I will drop a few of the WIPs that haven’t been calling out to me in a while – for no good reason really, I just lost my stitching mojo, but I’ll stay in kawaii mode as you can see:

March stitching goals:

  • finish L*K‘s ’13 mystery Holly & Hearts (2nd part started)
  • stitch I Love My Home by Little House Needleworks (a free chart I received with my last order from sweet Cathy at Inspired Needle in IL) in order to use the last space in the linen band I prepared for the L*K H&H ornaments assuming there would be three
  • stitch the third part of Story Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, Sherlock Holmes + stitch all the frames (-1 for every row, colour check needed)
  • start and finish Alice in Wonderland by SODA Stitch + stitch some sections separately to make a matching scissor fob & pincushion
  • finish sewing the Downton Abbey duvet cover

– – –

Lizzie Kate - Sleigh
Lizzie Kate’s bonus design “Sleigh” stitched on 40ct. in the same colour palette used for the main sampler, Holly & Hearts, with my own choice of Nina’s Threads. slight modifications and adjustments due to to my symmetry OCD were applied.

– – –

I really hope that this new clue will shed some light in the mysterious needlework forest you got yourselves rooted into 😀

have a great week, ciao!


6 thoughts on “new month new goals, Watson

    1. thanks! many stitchers in the blogosphere like to do this. I prefer to have a monthly recap like this rather than a WIPocalypse update, I find it helps keeping my stitching on track 😉


  1. I just don’t think February was a good month for many – so good riddance! March will be much more productive for both of us, I hope 🙂 I do love you finished Sleigh!


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