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one finish, one start, one drama

that’s how it works, right? you finish something, you tell yourself you’re allowed to start something new rather than picking up an old WIP, and BANG! colour issues arrive! 😤

– – –

let’s start with the finish 😉 in 5 days or so I stitched the lovely Little House Needleworks freebie that I received with my recent purchase from Cathy over at Inspired Needle. over time I had accumulated several points/discounts and reached a $15 reward so I only paid for the shipping and got one part of L*K Things Unseen + one of the CCN Classic Ornaments + the LHN ornament for free 🎉 YAY!

in case you’re wondering this is the kind of free designs that shops receive from designers to include in packages/purchases when purchasing from them. it measures just a few stitches more than the L*K ornaments I had been working on, so I used the remaining Marzipan square I had left on that linen band.

Little House Needleworks’ I Love My Home stitched on 40ct. Marzipan linen with my own choice of Nina’s Threads

the pattern called for 4 colours but I added a couple more and used what I had at hand in my stash; in particular I took the chance to try the thread you see in the outer border, Prim Christmas, I had that for a really long time and never got the chance to stitch something with it. 😍 awful encounter with frogs meant that I stitched the right side twice. bogus! 😤

– – –

this finish allowed me to free the small scroll bars and get started on that SODA Stitch I had been waiting to stitch for over a year (I bought the chart back in February ’14) 😬. I didn’t have all the DMC threads it called for in my stash so I bought some and once I got them I didn’t think of cross-checking them with the model shown on the cover.

SODA Stitch - Alice in Wonderland

you see, one of the reasons why I wanted to stitch these SODAs (apart from the fact that they’re seriously cute) was the carefree aspect of working on them. they are charted for solid colours with contrasting shades that once juxtaposed and backstitched form these delightful effects, adding shadows, depth, and a three dimensional look – so you really have little margin for colour changes unless you plan them carefully ahead of time. now because I really liked the one on the cover, I jumped on Alice in Wonderland head first without thinking twice. the problem is that what I’m stitching with doesn’t always look like what is on the cover.

WIP - SODA Stitch - Alice in Wonderland
day one: I noticed the pink in the inner frame is not as fuchsia as the one on the model but blamed it on the indoor lights and went to bed.
WIP - SODA Stitch - Alice in Wonderland
day 2: the backstitching on the Cheshire Cat looked darker than on the cover but I blamed it on the stitch count difference: the cover’s stitched with two plies on 14ct. Aida while I’m working with one on 40ct. linen.
WIP - SODA Stitch - Alice in Wonderland
day 2: where I got to last night. I noticed the greens and browns also look much brighter here than on the model, but again I thought “indoor lights!”

I checked that all the DMC colours listed on the chart that I had kitted up really looked like the ones I should be working with – you know, you can get one skein from the odd lot, you can find out that your skein has aged as badly as Rupert Everett, etc. so I took out my DMC thread card and put each skein on top of the colour: it melted seamlessly. on the other hand I spotted straight away which tones I was supposed to be working with, and I checked: I do have them in my stash. the question is: what should I do now? should I frog what I have done and re-stitch the pink and green sections with shades that match the model on the cover? or should I just let go because honestly it does look fine the way it is?

WIP - SODA Stitch - Alice in Wonderland
day 3 (today): now that I’m working on the roses the difference it tangible. not only because I’m using that medium pink under daylight, but because there’s much more than just an inner border and two cheeks.
SODA Stitch - Alice in Wonderland
the thread length you see on top of the chart cover is the infamous DMC 3706 (which I had to buy specifically for this design): it is not as fuchsia as the one in the roses.

I really don’t feel like frogging (especially all that backstitching on the leaves and the cat) but I’m afraid this might backfire later on, after all the medium pink that is giving me most troubles is quite present in this design – so this is the critical moment, the one you have to decide which way to go. and I can’t make up my mind. this is textbook me.

I wish I had noticed this before starting, and I’ll definitely cross-check all the thread lists on the SODAs from now on – but what should I do with this one right now? I’m not blaming anybody really: first of all I have OCDs, so I cannot blame anybody but me when I get colour paranoia. secondly, the model might have been stitched with Anchor or Yeidam (the other two brands listed), and when this happens we all know we should cross-check the colours before starting stitching with them. I just assumed they used DMC because that was the first brand listed, and once you make that assumption it’s a snowball effect that leads us here.

– – –

I know, I’m having one of my paranoid OCD stitcher moments, I’m well aware. but I can’t stop going back and forth. I bought this skein especially for this piece, it would be stupid not to use it! ..but it doesn’t look as it is in the picture, and I really like the one in the picture! ..but hadn’t you checked the picture, would you still like it the way it is? perhaps but that’s such a highlighter pink! I want my roses pink, not highlighter pink!

ok, I’ll spare you the rest of the debate that has been going on in my brain all morning, which unfortunately is on a loop 😦

see you next time – with a decision!



15 thoughts on “one finish, one start, one drama

  1. I hate making decisions like this! To be honest, the colours look fine in your photos so I wouldn’t frog based on that. But it is annoying if you wanted a specific look to the design.
    Why not stitch it again in colours which look more like the cover and send me the first one?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahahahahahaha!! THAT I thought about! the Scrooge inside of me went “you should give the crappy one to someone else and stitch the right one for yourself!” 😀 😀 😀
      the main reason for not being happy with it is that I really wanted that soft look you see on those roses, the leaves, the vines, .. secondly, I chose to stitch this precisely because I thought I would never have to question what I was stitching & what I was stitching it with. surprise! 😦


  2. Your start is great, the result looks nice. Don’t worry, be happy to stitch it with your threads. May be it is the pic on the cover which is not a good printing. Hugs.


    1. thank you 🙂 I think they used Anchor threads and the conversion is not 100% exact. I’ve seen pictures of it being stitched on Instagram and it looked exactly like the one on the cover 😦


  3. I have at times stitched something where the colors of my work do not look like the picture colors and yet, I used the called for colors. If you like it, leave it. The design is adorable.


  4. IMHO it would be a pity to frog all of those precious stitches 😊 maybe the print on the cover looks more shiny than what it really is.
    I do prefer the result you are getting, it looks very elegant 🌺


  5. I think you should just keep going. Maybe it won’t look exactly like the picture, but it’ll be lovely and unique! So far the colors you’re using look gorgeous together. And you bought that color just for this design! I would just use it. Hope that helps! Big hugs.


  6. I’m curious to see what you decide. I have this chart on its way to me from the UK, and I may have to order some Anchor threads and compare them to the DMC to see which I like better for this one. I’m sorry for your dilemma – I’d be torn the same way!


    1. thank you, Morrigan! it was a tough decision (especially for a picky, OCD freak like me) but I’m liking the way I chose to go and will write about it tonight or tomorrow.
      stay tuned for more info and thoughts 🙂


  7. I bought this one specifically for the “watercolor effect” that those pale colors give off I know it’s not a popular option but I personally would start over. I know for me those colors are the whole readon I love these designs. I’ll be super careful making sure they match when I get started very soon.


    1. thank you for your input 🙂
      I will write a post about this shortly so that you (and other stitchers I know are interested in stitching it) can read & see what I decided to do.
      personally I’m just glad that others can get these info before actually buying threads or even start stitching because had I known about this discrepancy, I would have done/bought/stitched things differently. it’s not a big deal, and I can always stitch it twice 😉 but it’s always good to know more than less about a project.
      stay tuned!


  8. I’ve stitched quite a few of the Soda patterns, and it is a ‘pattern’ with them that the threads used in the pattern on the key is quite different looking from the model on the front of the package. I’m working on the Four Seasons Girl (Winter) right now, and I’ve ignored nearly all of the thread choices in the key and chose my own on based on the cover model. It gets really tiring sometimes, but it looks pretty good!


    1. thank you for your opinion on the matter, I certainly feel less alone in this since writing about it. ❤️❤️
      I have that pattern too, very very sweet indeed, and I plan on choosing my own palette just like you did 🙌🏻 it can be a bit of a chore at first but it does save multiple headaches in the long run.


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