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monthly goals, TUSAL & SMALLS updates and Maynia!!

hello! hello! I’ve been busy in the past days working feverishly on the games for this year’s enigma and I’m more than happy to announce that I made it! YEAH! 😀 it took me WAY more than I expected, and I won’t do anything this elaborate for probably 5 years or so but hey! I hope…… Continue reading monthly goals, TUSAL & SMALLS updates and Maynia!!

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run for the glory! (stitch enigma intro & rules)

with only 14 days to go before the games begin, it’s time I explain how this year’s enigma is going to work 🙂 – – – Hello! and Welcome to the third stitch enigma! Every year to celebrate my blogaversary, I don’t host a regular drawing; that’s kind of boring and not enough time consuming, really. ;)…… Continue reading run for the glory! (stitch enigma intro & rules)

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with only a couple of weeks left before this year’s games begin, I can tell you, the air here is filled with excitement! every day I’m working on sketches, ideas, clues, .. it’s going to be the best one yet, I’m sure! I don’t want to spoil you the surprise, but I will tell you this: there’ll be one game every…… Continue reading STITCH ENIGMA ’15

The Grey Tail

April stitching goals

well aware of the lameness of my previous post, let me make it up to you by writing a monthly goals recap. how exciting! 😛 – – – March stitching goals: finish L*K‘s ’13 mystery Holly & Hearts (2nd part started)  —> 🔘 NO 😦 stitch I Love My Home by Little House Needleworks in order to use the last space in the linen band I prepared for the…… Continue reading April stitching goals

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the A-I-O post

I promised myself it wouldn’t happen again but, alas, here we are: weeks late for a bunch of updates with a fat lot of catching up to do. bear with me, it’s going to be a long post. – – – the TUSAL update. let’s get this one out of the way first. 🙂 as you…… Continue reading the A-I-O post