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the A-I-O post

I promised myself it wouldn’t happen again but, alas, here we are: weeks late for a bunch of updates with a fat lot of catching up to do. bear with me, it’s going to be a long post.

– – –

  • the TUSAL update. let’s get this one out of the way first. 🙂

TUSAL update 3/15

as you can see I used a lot of DMC solids in the past month, then a bunch of Nina’s hand dyed (reason for this coming up later – wait for it if you’re an Alice subscriber 😉 ) and very recently Mo’s Sale hand dyed threads.

stash 3/15

now trying out her threads was a first time for me, and I’m positively surprised with the outcome.  have a plan for them and because some of you asked for suggestions on how to employ such highly variegated threads I will write a specific How-To post about this type of hand dyed. in the meantime I can show you what I’m currently using them for 🙂

remember when I said I had a 40ct. white linen band sewn onto my dowels that would fit SODA’s Alice, another of those square fairy tales and a bunch of scissor fobs stitched using portions of said charts? well, that’s what’s happening, more or less, because..

  • WIP update & 2015 SMALLS SAL update

A. there’s Alice in Wonderland at the top of that linen band alright, and it’s very close to being finished. a few more backstitch parties will be held before this gets official, as you can see:

WIP - SODA Stitch - Alice in Wonderland

B. beneath this there’s another of those square SODAs, but it’s not what I thought there would be when I prepared the linen band. no Snow White, folks, but another (much more personal) version of the same Alice 😀 and (another diversion from the plan) it’s not stitched with the DMC solids I had envisioned, it’s all hand dyed! classic me! 😀

now this deserves an explanation, especially for those people interested in stitching their own Alice – which I decided to name “Alice subscribers” 😉 . so, there I was  one night, very close to finishing the first Alice (“solid Alice”) dreaming of starting another Alice with the thread options I had come up with, when the prospect of stash diving into my DMC threads hit me with a wave of stress. goodness gracious, the dangers untold and hardships unnumbered of getting to them, unboxing the folders, then having to put them back beneath the pile of other stuff, and then having a zillion of DMC arcs hanging around randomly.

I’m not used to dealing with that kind of mess anymore – not to mention, if I got a shade wrong it’d be stash diving all over again. nightmare. and that’s when it dawned to me.. what if I used my usual, go-to, hand dyed threads? I’m much more familiar with picking colours out of that range, I’ve been doing that for the past 3 years! — so that’s how the idea sparkled, and at that point it was already too late to go back: the following day I was working on a second Cheshire Cat in Nina’s Threads 😀

WIP - SODA Stitch - Alice in Wonderland

WIP - SODA Stitch - Alice in Wonderland

there was a bit of frogging on this one as well (shortly after taking this snap) because while choosing pinks for the roses I realised I hadn’t used the perfect purple for him. 😬 anyways, I’m coming up with a hand dyed thread list for this second Alice (“hand dyed Alice”) and if someone’s interested in knowing what I used just let me know and I’ll write down a list for you. 🙂

the good news is that SODAs feature frequently the same set of pinks or greens or blues, so once I’ve picked thread colours for those shades I won’t have to make that choice again — unless I jump into a colour drama vortex again 😜.

the idea is to work on “solid Alice” and finish her ASAP, while “hand dyed Alice” will have to wait because last night Garrett/Coffee Stitcher came up with a fantastic plan for us [more on this later].

C. at the very bottom of that linen band are some scissor fobs I’m stitching with Mo’s threads. now, this is going to be a scissor fob armada built using the same motif stitched in a variety of colours.

I started with the Frozen skeins Searching for Elsa and Coronation, now I’ve moved on to the main reason I placed an order for Mo’s threads in the first place, Hades (whoa. is my hair out?). 😀

first side of the Searching for Elsa scissor fob
Searching for Elsa scissor fob
Searching for Elsa scissor fob finished, moving on with the Coronation version.
Searching for Elsa and Coronation scissor fobs
two scissor Frozen fobs under the belt. can you spot the bit I forgot to stitch and noticed only after posting this snap? 😛

the motif I’m using for these squares is a traditional star/flower surrounded by three sets of borders. I adapted this idea from a free bookmark chart by Whispered By the Wind, which can be found here (it’s called bookmark 2).

each one measures only 3 x 3 cm (1.2”) on 40ct. which makes it the perfect size for a nice, tiny scissor fob.

– – –

I have to end this boring, super lame post that I’m really unhappy with – and since these rambles about the past month were the best I could master, I’m sorry but I’m not writing it all over again. if this is my best, imagine how worse it would go with another edit! argh!

Taras 3/15
sorry, not impressed.

– – –

see you soon for the monthly goals update, and later clarification on what’s happening with HD Alice aka what-Garrett-and-I-are-doing-with-the-SODAs.

enjoy the holiday weekend! ciao!



7 thoughts on “the A-I-O post

  1. Do I get a bonus point for spotting the Labyrinth quote in there? One of my favourite films.
    Love Alice and can’t wait to see the variegated version too.


    1. absolutely! you win message from Taras who just walked on the keyboard: aewrtf 😛
      I LOVE that film too. I don’t know if I wrote about it here or on just IG, anyway do you know about the reprint of the novelisation coming out this month? I can’t wait!


  2. Now that I have seen your sweet Taras I completely agree that the Flower’s For You pattern is PERFECT!

    That floss is delicious but in order to buy a few or (all) skeins, I need to figure out a good reason or project to use them on…REASONS! isn’t sufficient ha ha!


    1. 😀 I know, one of the upsides of Mo’s threads is that they’re just $1 per skein, and I really needed a multicoloured scissor fob army 😉
      I’ve already tracked down that magazine, and round of applause to me, I’m about to get it 😀


  3. LOL… Of course you’re doing another version with hand-dyeds! Can’t wait to see it finished. It’ll be interesting to see the two versions side-by-side! 😀


  4. Hi Chiara; I just stumbled over here after reading one of your comments. I think it was on the Easter Blog hop, and I think I will stay, you have so many pretty and cute designs on the go which I just love! Beautiful use of hand dyeds as well, I hope you don’t mind if I make myself comfortable ^_^


    1. oh, thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
      yes, I found you through Jo’s Easter Blog Hop – you’re the German lady who stitched those sweet bunnies! 🙂
      you’re more than welcome to stay, I have a lot going on (as usual) and soon I’ll get back to some fun hand dyed stitching. bis bald!


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