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Needlework Horror Story

first of all the good news, Happy May the Fourth!

– – –

I see many of you have been busy working on the first game for this year’s stitch enigma, how exciting! 😀

in the meantime I’ve pulled a very bad move and almost screwed up my Story Time Sampler, which I still don’t know if will be forever scarred or not. let me explain.

the first thing I did (and this was still April, so I met some of my older goals too) was finishing March’s frame, Sherlock Holmes.

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Story Time Sampler - part 3
The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery – Story Time Sampler, part 3: Sherlock Holmes

I had to have blood spatters on a tapestry so I added those, and floor tiles that remind of a chess board (because I really liked what they did with the game of chess references throughout A Game Of Shadows), and a book on the table, like Garrett and many others did.

then I moved on and stitched April’s frame, The Wizard of Oz and would have been all caught up if May hadn’t been just around the corner.

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Story Time Sampler - part 4
The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery – Story Time Sampler, part 4: The Wizard of Oz

I knew I would add French Knotted poppies towards the end of the Yellow Brick Road, so I cross stitched some green grass beneath them and made the road slightly thinner (although you can’t actually tell from this snap). I switched a few tones too, like discarding the pink in the rainbow and making the door blue for good luck (’cause honestly one can never have too much of that); I stitched the Emerald City and backstitched the basket as Garrett did (the guy is genius) and all in all, it looks much better in person, I took this shot on a very cloudy day.

then I thought oh, let’s move on with May this way I’ll be all caught up! so I rolled up this part of the linen and discovered a huge slug in the linen towards the bottom of the cut. I don’t know what happened in my brain, and what didn’t stop me from messing up really badly, but I did.

I tried to pull it out and as a result it turned all white and fluffy and if I attempt anything else I will find myself with a giant hole and possibly a missing thread right below the 11th frame.

I’ve been working on the frames desperately since the surgical fail, hoping that the 11th frame will cover it up entirely but, alas, no luck. the end of that giant slug will poke out by a couple of stitches.

I’m so mad at myself I can’t even articulate it. I’ve cursed and swore and let my potty mouth run wild at myself  for days (in fact as soon as I look at that scar I always realise I’m not done with myself just yet) – but all this won’t actually help fixing the problem.

WIP - The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Story Time Sampler

as soon as I finish the pink frame you see started here I’ll jump down to the infamous 11th frame and stitch that one to see how badly it looks.

stay tuned for news on my Needlework Horror Story, and by all means if you have suggestions on how to fix this I’d be happy to hear them.

– – –

[face-palming her forehead] ciao 😦



18 thoughts on “Needlework Horror Story

  1. At first I thought you meant an actual slug!! We call the lumps in fabric slubs which confused me. Slug is great though because they look like slugs!
    I would recommend removing the whole thread and re weaving one using a thread from the edge of the fabric. It might not be perfect but it will be better than a woolly bear caterpillar in the middle of your fabric!
    Your changes look great by the way.


    1. 😂😂😂 I call them slugs, but you’re right, I should have pointed out that’s how I like to call them 😀
      that’s actually a very good suggestion! thank you, Jo! I have to test it on a leftover but it might be doable. of course it would be MUCH MUCH easier if it wasn’t 40ct. 😤 damn!


  2. Happy May the 4th to you, too! 😀
    I have these slugs in my fabric all the time. I usually just stitch as it if it has holes in it. I’m sure you’ll be able to cover it, and it won’t look noticeable.
    Your changes are awesome, as always! 🙂


  3. Beautiful intricate piece you are stitching. I agree with Joanne, try weaving a new thread in, shouldn’t notice too much on 40 ct.


  4. I think Joanne’s suggestion is fantastic. Really hoping it’ll fix it! I love what you’re doing with this piece, it looks amazing. Great stitching! 😀


    1. yes, she’s the best!
      I just had to find a way to fix it, it is coming along so so well! I can’t wait to add Charlotte’s Web too, these frames are addictive!


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