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post-op and a new clue

my first goal for this month was to catch up with Story Time Sampler and stitch all the stories that had come out. well, I did much more than that because I also stitched ALL the 12 frames in this sampler, removed the Band-Aid and fixed that part as well! 🎉💃🏻🎉💃🏻🎉💃🏻🎉💃🏻

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Story Time Sampler

the area underneath looked alright but I still wanted to make sure that substitute linen thread was anchored to the rest of the fabric, so I decided to sacrifice a bit of the margin left on the bottom and add a small banner with “the end” stitched in my handwriting (matching “A long time ago” on top).

it’s based on the top banner but reduced in size; I thought of adding one months ago but at that point I had spent so much time working on the one on top I didn’t feel like starting another straight away.

well, now I had a darn good excuse to do so, and I did. 😀

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Story Time Sampler

May’s story is Charlotte’s Web (you can see it if you follow the link I added to Story Time Sampler at the beginning of this post), and if I can manage I’ll stitch her today with no particular changes to the original design. I’ll just pick my colours from stash, as usual, and while doing so I’ll have to use a different white than the one I’ve been using so far – ’cause if you stitch sheep you use White Sheep, right?! 😀

– – –

I know you’ve been waiting for another clue for the mystery piece, so here it is. I’m afraid it’s still foggy but I promise the next snap will clear the cobwebs away. (can you tell I can’t wait to stitch that adorable spider?! 😍)

stitch enigma '15 clue 2

– – –

Taras and I wish you a good day and a nice start of the week!




16 thoughts on “post-op and a new clue

  1. Beautiful job with the Story Time Sampler! I love your addition of the little banner on the bottom. It looks fantastic! 😀


  2. That’s a great idea to add the banner. You did a really good save on this one. And now you have done the hard work of the frames you can enjoy the stories each month.


    1. EXACTLY! can you believe this will be the very first club I’ll be all caught up with? for the first time in the history of SALs I’ll actually be able to say I’m not late!! GOODNESS!! how new!! and exciting!! 😀
      thanks, I think I saved this one pretty well, but truth be told, I got help from the best 💖


  3. Great save and I love the ending banner as well I’ll have to design one myself for mine!! I so wish I could pre-see all the frames but I am basing the color on what the story is each month and using hand dyed floss. So alas.. Can’t be done.


    1. a friend of mine is doing that too, so no way of doing all the frames ahead, but then again having to stitch just one at a time is not too much work. happy xxx! 🙂


  4. Yayyy!! This is such a great news that the band-aid did its job so well!! 🎉🎊 love this SAL and your personal addings but I MUST stay away from this pattern 🙈🙈🙈😍


  5. You did a great job fixing the story time sampler all up. Noone will ever be able to tell that it wasn’t meant to have that banner all along! Great job ob catching up as well 🙂


    1. thank you! 🙂 yes, I agree, apart from 1 cm less of leftover fabric on the bottom I don’t think it’ll be noticeable. thank goodness!
      I can’t wait to finish Charlotte’s Web so that I can officially say I’m all caught up! HURRAY! 😀


  6. Well done on your great band aid trick… brilliant save!
    I loved Charlotte’s Web when I was a kid… such a sweet story!
    Enjoy your story time stitching – “The End” is a great idea :o)
    Hugs xx


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