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a game of riddles (stitch enigma – game 4)

another Friday, another game! 🎉 😀

I love reading all your comments and emails, it’s so much fun! I’m already a bit sad because next week everything ends, but hey, let’s not crack open the Kleenex box just yet! 😛

thanks to all of you who decided to participate, you are making this so much fun and worth the time invested in it! 🙂 and for those who shared info about the enigma with your friends and readers a big fat extra THANK YOU!

– – –

stitch enigma 2015

now, before you go on and download the fourth file, remember:

  • to follow this blog via email (handy blue button to your left)
  • to leave a comment here saying you’re participating, I would love to hear from you!
  • to read all the instructions carefully, you’ll find them on the cover of each week’s game
  • to look at the file in an unhurried way and decide to print only the pages you think you’re going to need to work on
  • in case you have a doubt or question and ask something via comment, remember to check the Notify me of new comments via email option before sending yours, I’ll reply to you there so that everyone can benefit from your input 🙂
  • if you have trouble downloading the file, or for any other reason you can contact me here
  • in case you get really really stuck somewhere, again, drop me a line in a comment and I’ll do my best to guide you out of the swamp 😉

if you want to add/share the stitch enigma icon you can find it here, both in HD quality and small, widget size.

the hashtag to follow the game is, as usual, #stitchenigma, and by the way I would be THRILLED to see you working on it! 🙂 💖

now are you ready to play a good game of RIDDLES?? 😀

🔮 —> click here to download the fourth game <— 🔮

– – –

today I’m giving you the 7th clue for the second game, the mystery piece. you have to guess what is depicted in this project and associate the colour to that set of letters. 🙂

stitch enigma '15 clue 7

– – –

I’ll be watching your progress and working on my Chubby Taras as much as possible. I just got my comfy stitching spot back after a long hiatus and I’m getting so much done! gotta love organisation! 😀

have fun and good luck to everyone!



9 thoughts on “a game of riddles (stitch enigma – game 4)

  1. Hi Chiara, Sorry, I am bowing out of the game – I have been ill all week and my brain has gone awol! I will await the endgame with great interest, however. Good luck to all of the participants.


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