The Grey Tail

crossing fingers

activity is momentarily on hold due to an unexpected laptop meltdown that HOPEFULLY will be covered by the Apple protection plan as a faulty component.  


I’ll get back to you with all the updates and news on THE ALPHABET CLUB as soon as possible. 

fingers (and stitches) crossed! ciao!



8 thoughts on “crossing fingers

      1. I know about these fancy keyboards.. and I plan on getting one too one day, but not for my phone! 😱 the screen is so small I feel like I’m losing eyesight even by doing regular phone stuff with it (and by that I mean EVERYTHING but strict phone stuff that isn’t blogging) 😂😂😂😂😂 music, Tumblr, Safari, Instagram, Twitter, .. 😆 Instagram won’t know I’m gone, you can stalk me there 😜😆


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