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the gifts of nature (GiGi and TUSAL updates)

very little time these days; we got a break from all the humidity and hot hot HOT temperatures during the weekend, but before that whenever I had a spare moment I just wanted to unplug everything (except for the fan 😉) and doze off. summer. just like every year it’s a killer!

– – –

because I very egoistically would much rather spend the spare time I have today stitching rather than editing a post, I shall be quick (and to be honest there isn’t much to show anyways 😉).

I worked on my Christmas Celebration Sampler and my goal of having it finished by the end of last week clearly remained on paper (or should I say bytes?). anyways, I managed to get the letter T and M blocks done (T is for Toys, Trains and Teddy Bears; M is for Mrs. Claus, Mistletoe and Mantelpiece) – and here’s where I shoehorn this project for my GiGi update: toys, trains and teddy bears are gifts. that’s the best I could do 😬

WIP - The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Christmas Celebration Sampler

 I put a lot of thought and care into this sampler, from the colour choices to the little details I stitched using Speciality Stitches instead of regular cross stitch, and I must say I feel very proud and triumphant when I look at how it’s coming along.


the other bits of life I can feature in GiGi’s update for June are the glorious gifts the garden is giving me these days. 😉 I started many flowers and herbs from Seed Savers Exchange heirloom seeds this late winter/early spring in my very first attempt at gardening, and here’s a how some of my summer girls are doing now that they’re starting to bloom.

summer garden 6/15
Bells of Ireland, Bunny Tails, Star of the Veld
summer garden 6/15
Black Eyed Susan Vine, Calendula Mixture, Sky and Ice + blackberries and ribs coming in from the neighbour’s
summer garden 6/15
Star of the Veld, the very first flower to bloom.

last but not least, a TUSAL update shot exceptionally from the garden, next to the second flower to bloom: the Black Eyed Susan Vines 🙂

TUSAL 6/15

– – –

the starting date for The Alphabet Club is in your hands, VOTE HERE! only a few days left! ciao!


Taras 6/15
Taras, napping in his favourite spot not matter the pompon. 😛
Book of Days '15
a quick look at my pages for May in the Book of Days. had a great time updating this one last Sunday morning 🙂

25 thoughts on “the gifts of nature (GiGi and TUSAL updates)

  1. Loving your Christmas stitch – great colour choices! Your garden seems to be coming along beautifully and makes a great background for the ORTs. I’ve never understood how cats choose the places they sleep, but they always manage to look so peaceful.


  2. All the colors look great on the fabric, very very nice.
    Extract of : Il Mondo : Patent recently deposited under the reference ChL n° 251215 this is an exclusive model of shoehorn, because it’s for a unique person, dear Santa Claus himself to get his boots on! (sometime could be difficult in frozen days).
    Don’t forget in your Book of Days, tomorrow is the start of our final step as sung by “Lightning” on sunday, this is the end…


    1. thank you! ❤
      I love that journal but cannot take credit for its smartness 😉 it's A Needleworker Enthusiast's Book of Days by Needle Work Press, comes out every year 🙂


  3. Great progress on your sampler – so bright & cheery! Your garden is going gangbusters! I JUST got pepper plants in the ground last weekend, still need to get cucumbers set up; each year, we expand a little bit more into veggies….


  4. Thanks for shoe-horsing your way into GG this month. That’s one thing I didn’t think of when I listed possible ways to join in – actually stitching gifts!


    1. 😀 😀 you know I was checking it in the Dictionary just now, thinking “I had no idea one could also say shoehorsing, and why?!” 😛
      autocorrect saves me and kills me equally, we just have to deal with whatever happens! 😀


  5. It seems that now I cannot live without having the Needlework’s enthusiastic book of days 😀 soooo…can you kindly give me a hint where I can get it? of course I will wait for the new release in 2016.
    Thanks a lot! Hugs ❤ ❤


    1. 😂😂😂 that’s how I got into it, Jean showed it in one of her Newsletters 😊 Jean Lea is the owner of Attic Needlework. I get it from her or the other LNS I purchase from, Inspired Needle. it’s made by NeedleWorkPress and you find links to all these people in the left sidebars of this blog, right under the Blogroll list there’s Favourite Shops and Designers 😉


  6. Great shoe-horning!! Love your Christmas stitching :o)
    Such a pretty Black Eyed Susan – I remember them from my childhood but you don’t seem to see them around much these days… such a pity – they are a sweet happy little flower!
    Hugs xx


    1. thank you! ❤️❤️
      I’ve never seen them here in my entire life, most of the flowers I got seem to have been replaced by more commercial, cloned, varieties 😦


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