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the thank-you train

since Peter Pan’s frame came out at the beginning of the month we’re now halfway through the Story Time Sampler journey and I decided to ponder for a moment over my experience with The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s Clubs & designs so far. I’ll also teach you a new swear word. 😛

– – –

first of all, just the thought of not being able to work on one of these sweet little frames for many months to come makes me a tad melancholic and blue.

I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I simply love working on them every month 🙂 I love knowing there’ll be another every first of the month (with the time zone difference, charts get here in the night between the last and the 1st, so those days I wake up with a new exciting ding in the mail); I love not knowing what will come out next, guessing what it will be by the looks of the tiny mini frames on top of the classic frames, .. and because I love their style I just know I’m going to have a blast working on them.

the fact that I’m all caught up on this project is an added bonus, the sort of fun and gratification I plan on achieving on their other “big” Club I have in the making, Once Upon A Time.

now, because that one launched in January 2014 and I managed to start mine only in August that year, I’m giving myself the free pass to be “all caught up now” by stitching the 4th, 5th and 6th frame ASAP and later stitching one block per month (one year later) 😀

by following this plan I’ll have two story time related Pumpkin Clubs finished by the end of the year. 🎉:D can you imagine how sad I’ll be by then? 😦

rumour has it there’ll be something else to keep me company in 2016, so the loneliness won’t last long 😉 still, I must say I’ll miss these two. sniff sniff .. hum! hum! let’s quit this silly nonsense right here, there’s a reason I decided to write this post and it’s not to unleash my sniveler side 😀

the thing is I wanted to point out how much I enjoy Amanda and Ashleigh’s designs and the beauty within their simplicity. they manage to squeeze so many details and lovely bits in very little space, the characters always look so cute and kawaii, and I know I have adapted some of their projects to my taste & stash preferences but it’s never as a correction or a rude remark or with a feeling of superiority.

the thing is (and if your’ve been following the tail for long enough you are well aware of this) I’ve always been keen on learning Speciality Stitches. I studied Thérèse de Dillmont‘s Encyclopaedia of Needlework, took many needlework classes and Stitcheramas in the past few years, learnt a lot from several designers and many other experienced needleworkers I sometimes refer to as Oracles 😉 – and after having learnt so much (but with endless gorgeous things yet to try), every now and then when I look at a chart the lightbulb lights up and BAM! 😀 I could stitch this using that particular stitch instead of regular cross stitches.. or I could add that bit there.. etc.

I like to put the little experience I built overtime (and all the time, the tests and 💰💰💰 it costed) to good use and give my WIPs a bit of personal touch, whether it’s my own handwriting I charted, or a special button, or bits and bobs here and there – it happened many times in the past, I’m not even going to mention stuff or add pictures, you know what I’m talking about. 🙂

the point is: without the original chart there wouldn’t be anything to begin with, so all my gratitude and praises go to the designers who made it possible for me to have this much fun stitching their creations. I would have nothing if it wasn’t for Amanda and Ashley and Natalie Jo, and Thea, and Belinda, and Jung Sunny, and Linda, and Nikki, and Paulette, .. (the list goes on and on) and all the fantastic women who work so hard to make these releases possible: business partners, model stitches, thread dyers, their families supporting and inspiring them, not to mention local shops distributing all these wonders. without these people I wouldn’t be able to do a thing, like a stitcher with no needle. 😱😖

one thing is choosing personal colour palettes, or altering this and that according to my taste, but that’s not even close to designing the real thing, so chapeau! to you all, ladies, and thank you for being so imaginative and constantly inspired in your work.

and since we’re on the thank-you train, a huge thank you goes to Nina and so so many others for being the amazing dyers they are. dyeing is an art that requires skills and patience, and no short amount of time and physical strength. it’s very taxing on the body and the mind, especially for small businesses – and many times independent dyers and all the great hand dyers out there face heavy workload situations we hardly imagine when we buy our stash. so every time we take out a ply of thread that has gone through expert hands, let’s just thank them for the quality of the products and the pleasure they allow us to have. businesses like these (just like designers and local needlework shops) are not thriving as much as they should for various reasons, so let’s be thankful for all we have today.


now the last wagon of the thank-you train has to counter balance all this gratitude and goodwill with something like a heartfelt cuss word – you’ll surely find someone or something to address it to today, it always happens!

what about merda nera!

literally black shit, I use it whenever I feel in deep shit; or at someone who’s being particularly nasty and unpleasant to deal with.


you’re welcome 🙂



13 thoughts on “the thank-you train

  1. all what you said is really really really (once again!) really true, even for a short-experienced cross stitcher as I am.
    thank you for your words Chiara…even for “merda nera”! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been eyeing the Frosted Pumpkin patterns myself. But trying to be good and resist temptation for now 🙂 And posts like these just aren’t helping! :p


      1. Sigh… They really are cute aren’t they? How can anyone say no to them. I’m sure I will give in someday… but NOT today 😀 Phew! Another day of safety 😉


  3. You are very right – there are so many wonderfully talented people out there, and it’s thanks to them that we all get together here, sharing such lovely joy through everyone’s blog! And, may I add, yours is a constant source of happy new patterns to add to my wishlist. I’m not sure how thankful I should feel for that 😉


  4. Excellent post. There are a tiny minority of designer who do not like people changing anything but they are very few. I have found most designers just love to see how people are inspired by their work.


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