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possibly the most useful How-To post I’ll ever write 🙂

– – –

this year the grey tail celebrated its third blogaversary, which means I’ve been piling up posts and waffling for four years now! WOW! who imagined! 🎉

well, this much content has been carefully organised since day one in categories, tags, pages, etc. so if you’re looking for something in particular, let me show you how to get the best out of this blog and its geeky owner 😉

  • PAGES: right on top of each website page is the header of this blog. it changes throughout the year to match the season, but what always stays the same is the row of pages right on top of it: HOME – ABOUT ME – CONTACT ME – FINISHES – FROM THIS ..TO THIS – GALLERY – GEE.. I STASHED! – HOW TO – WANNA COOK?

they all serve obvious purposes (some carefully updated, some I must say have been a tad neglected) but with time I’ll manage to write you all those juicy recipes in English, I promise 😀

the FINISHES page has subcategories divided into years so that you can flick through what happened and perhaps take note that years with very little finishes were probably packed with starts and vice versa 😀

I decided not to paste pictures of my finishes there because there’s a very handy way to reach them (together with their relative posts), here it is:

  • CATEGORIES: you see there’s a right sidebar in this blog 🙂 it’s the one you see on the right of each post I’ve written, and the one where I list all the clubs and fun stuff I have going on. just before the Alphabet Club icon there are the ARCHIVES and CATEGORIES dropdown menus. you can access them anytime by clicking on the Select Month and Select Category buttons ..and that’s where the fun begins! 😀

there you find listed all the designers, designs, projects, etc. I blogged about: if you’re looking for something in particular or feel like checking out which Lizzie*Kate designs I have finished, just click on that Category and read through.

remember that posts will show up from the more recent to the oldest, so if you’re looking for an old finish or WIP, you’ll have to scroll down a bit.

  • LEFT SIDEBAR: this one hardly ever changes; it lists all my finishes recaps, WIP lists, monthly goals, old clubs & stuff I had fun with, links, tags, my contacts & info (right on top, next to my b/w picture)
  • RIGHT SIDEBAR: apart from the Archives and Categories dropdown menus, you find a handy handy countdown clock to the next big thing, a list of the Clubs and SALs I joined, started and not (with a direct link to their relative webpage/blog), more fun stuff & links and recaps you might find useful.

once I finally finish one of the 438976396 things I have going on, I move its icon from the “having fun with” column on the right to the “had fun with”column on the left. how inventive, uh? 😛

  • PICTURES: when in doubt regarding what a picture depicts, hover with your cursor on it and stop: its title will show up 🙂

also on the picture topic, I reckon that a fair use of WIP pictures or finishes is always a great way to look at other stitchers’ stitching and perhaps from time to time take inspiration for our work as well, but I have to say I despise people who use close ups to stitch patterns without buying them, which is why, alas, you won’t see good close ups of any of my pieces anymore. there’ll be a montage, an overall, a teeny tiny shot with really bad quality once you click on it and try to zoom in.

this is the modern needlework world, where some people use great tools to their own personal benefit, breaking this industry apart. I try to do my best to avoid this abuse by adding watermarks that cover things here and there and always provide all the info for people to purchase what I’m stitching should they like it that much they want one themselves.

  • COMMENTS: when you post a comment and either ask a question or would like to stay updated on the discussion, remember to check the Notify me of new comments option. I reply publicly to your comments so that everyone can benefit from your contribution, and that’s where my reply will show up. if you don’t like to receive unnecessary emails (and I completely agree with you there) you can always unsubscribe or decide not to check that option but come back from time to time to see if I replied to your comment.

on the comment topic: they don’t get approved automatically, I have a filter on to avoid spam and ridiculous genital enlargement offers, so please, wait a bit for your comment to show up. I can do it from my phone and laptop but sometimes there’s that thing called life that tends to get in the way, you know 😉

– – –

so there you go, now you know how to browse and search through this blog and all that happened in the past. keep following the tail wherever it goes!

ciao! 🙂



4 thoughts on “a blog and its organised, geeky owner

  1. I love how well organized your blog is ^_^ On mine, all the pages are way, outdated, I never manage to keep up with them.

    Personally though, I think I’d prefer if the finished page was linked to the corresponding posts or something, but then I’m a lazy bum so maybe that’s just me 😀


    1. thank you! ❤️❤️
      I know, I pondered on the finishes page for quite a while and the reason why I chose this approach is that this way someone can see each project grow and my thoughts on it, and read why I did things a certain way: take my STS, the frames in the middle are all two stitches higher (boo boo), and the second to last has been patched up because of the monster slug, if I just linked to the finished piece nobody would know what happened to it and why it’s looking different from all the others 🙂 same goes for all those pieces that grow little by little, like all the Clubs I’m in, people would only see the end of it, not the journey 🙂
      I know it’s a bit more time consuming for readers, but I couldn’t think of anything that was both practical and comprehensive 🙂 ❤️


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