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THE ALPHABET CLUB – we have our start!

I’ve been asking for this, and it happened! 😀

I needed someone to togliere le castagne dal fuoco = take the chestnuts away from the fire for me (this is an Italian phrasal verb, it means that somebody came to help and solved a quite heated situation for you). 🙂

here is the Poll situation from the Admin screenshot I just took:

TAC poll

even if I withdrew the vote I initially gave to an August start and put it in for July, August still wins! this means that THE ALPHABET CLUB

starts on August 1st 2015 and ends on September 2nd 2017

– – –

I’ll probably create a new page for TAC in this blog, and will prepare a monthly recap like the HDIS so that we all can keep track of which letter we’re at, this is going to be a LONG journey! 🙂

I’ll also add a new countdown clock to the right with the letter due for that detention date. stay tuned for all the updates! and in the meantime happy xxx!



19 thoughts on “THE ALPHABET CLUB – we have our start!

  1. I bow to the wishes of the masses. But I might invent a new letter which comes before A just so I can start early LOL

    What does this symbol mean? ¥. I found it on my keypad just now!


    1. HAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 I was waiting for you take on democracy 😂😂😂😂😂
      and yes, by all means start early with a mysterious letter – that’s the symbol for yens by the way. do I hear The Vapors singing? 😀
      plus we can test that link thingie with you, you’re actually doing us a great favour, Jo! 🙂 ❤️


      1. that is very true! I figured you would use these for A O U and S but feel free to do whatever you like! rules are more like guidelines here 😉


    1. because I know you’d like to get notes to this one, here they are: 🙂
      molte grazie (in Italian many thanks is plural and feminine)
      per la tua lezione di italiano (it’s the language you’re referring to, so using the adjective here doesn’t work in Italian)
      the rest was perfect! 🙂


    1. 😂😂😂 I’m glad you got the starting date you preferred, not to mention this way we start with A on an A- month, my birthday month will feature my initial, and same goes for BaBa!! could it be any more congruous?! 😛😆


  2. Yippee!! I’m happy…. gives me time next week while on holidays from work to prepare for A in August… and gives me all of July to stitch something for that month…. maybe! As they say… “best laid plans of mice and men” :o)
    Hugs xx


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