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the Harry Potter high

as you know I threw all caution and plans to the wind last week and started Cloudsfactory‘s Harry Potter Giant Sampler as soon as Nina’s hand dyed materials reached this house.

it has been highly addictive and real real fun to work on in the evening (especially after dinner), so today I’m pleased to inform you I’ve stitched a little more than two pages in a week. 🙂

this snap shows where I got to last Wednesday (exactly 7 days from my start), I have changed some bits and bobs here and there, and of course I picked my own colour palette for this, as usual 🙂

WIP - Cloudsfactory - Harry Potter Giant Sampler

the spike in the brown motif marks the centre of the pattern in its width (several pages await before I can say the same about its height); there’s the Slytherin leaf corner starting right next to it and then I’ll have touched the right side of the design.

I’m having so much fun with these colours and little mini finishes (you know Harry was my very first Cloudsfactory person I ever stitched?! ❤️ ) I think I might switch to monogamous stitching mode for a while – we’ll see! 😀

of course the fact that I’ve been planning this start, one of my DEBBIE starts for 2015 anyways, for almost a year now (I bought this pattern at the end of July ’14) contributed in building up the excitement and joy of starting something I’ve been longing and preparing to stitch for for almost 12 months! 😀

a gigantic thanks goes to Nina for creating the perfect fabric & thread colours for it, especially a Slytherin green I cannot wait to add!

– – –

see you in a week time, when we’ll meet Ron and Hermione, as well as the Hufflepuff and Slytherin banners!

happy xxx!


(as you can see BaBa has been enjoying the chilly weather immensely too) 🙂

Taras 6/15


17 thoughts on “the Harry Potter high

  1. So pretty, and you’re just zooming along 😀 Do you have any idea what to do with this once it’s finished yet?
    Love your colours palette, I’m pretty convinced (if I should ever get to start this) to use hand dyed threads as well, at least for the border 🙂


    1. thank you!! ❤️❤️ and I agree, you can use hand dyed for the border leaves and the houses, and if you like metallics there’s a lot of gold on this one 🙂
      it’ll be framed, it’s so tall it can’t turn into anything else that I can think of 😀


  2. Oh, it looks WONDERFUL!!! I have a Just Nan pattern I’m drooling to start, but trying hard to discipline myself to finish a few others first. The agony of it all!


  3. Amazing! I LOVE the materials you used. I personally cannot be a monogamous stitcher- same things goes with reading as well; I’m always bouncing back and forth. BaBa looks very comfortable! 🙂


    1. thank you, Jo! ❤️
      I have no idea if she can dye it again, it was a custom request in a giant size cut (this babe is Tall) 😀 you can always email her asking if it’s a repeatable colour. 🙂 if not, she has other parchment-like options like the Honeys (dark and light) and Cupboard that are regular colours 🙂
      and while you’re there, she dyes a Funny Hallowe’en colour too. just in case 😉


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