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monthly goals, happy mail and a break

my monthly goals for June were:

  • stitch the 6th part of Story Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (Peter Pan—> ☑️ YES!!  😀 despite not being able to print the chart because at the beginning of June my laptop visited the 🍎🏥 😀 (Apple Hospital) for a week, and my phone disconnected from the WiFi network (needed to print via AirPrint because of a scheduled power outage I remembered about, yet I connected one second too soon and they disconnected, and I’m sure you’re familiar with Murphy’s law: obviously I couldn’t find any trace of the multiple notes we made with our WiFi password; and just so you’re warned: you can’t copy and paste if from another Apple device already connected to the same network, epic fail!! I know!!), well despite all this I managed to stitch my Peter Pan immediately and therefore stayed all caught up – wonder how? iPhone, pencils and graph paper. you know I have to rearrange things in this row of frames because they’re all two stitches higher than charted.. boo boo! 😀
  • resume working on Christmas Celebration Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and finish it (I left it on the letter T). –> ☑️🔘 YES and NO: I did resume working on this and finished the T block (remember the Toys, Trains and Teddy Bears for GG!?), stitched the M block too, started A and left it halfway through.
  • stitch Once Upon A Time by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery block 4 Goldilocks, 5 Jack and the Beanstalk and 6 Princess and the Pea and pretend I’m all caught up one year later. –> 🔘 NO 😦
  • work on Chubby Taras and get as much of the flowers done to allow me to work all the backstitching on the cat. –> 🔘 NO 😦
  • stitch & finish a couple of gifts (no further mention of these until they reach their new home). –> 🔘 NO 😦
  • should I feel the need to have a quick new start, get my fix by picking one of the itsy bitsy smalls in my wicker basket (the ones I didn’t even bother to mention in my May’s goals). –> 🔘 NO 😦 instead I started a big, fat, giant project, Cloudsfactory’s Harry Potter Sampler as soon as my, fat, giant order from Nina arrived, ha! 😀

– – –

my goal list for July is going to be fairly short and it might involve (another!) new start, we shall see 😉

  • fix some minor changes in some of my older Story Time Sampler frames (Mary, Peter and Oz) and stitch the 7th part: The Lady of Shalott managing to stay all caught up.
  • resume working on block A from Christmas Celebration Sampler and finish the entire project before the new TFPS Christmas Club comes out (A Very Merry Christmas Town, starting July 22nd).
  • resume working on Chubby Taras and try to have it all finished for Jo’s Summer Blog Hop whose theme is pets! 😀
  • If I succeed in finishing all this by July 22, see if I decide to start the new Christmas Club – naughty new start – or be nice and do what I ought to do: resume working on Once Upon A Time and stitch as many blocks as I can (from 4 to 7, and I really should do some of the outer border & frames as well).

– – –

I got some very very happy news and mail in the last 24 hours, I can’t share the news as it’s friends’ private stuff but it’s GOOD 😀 🎉 – but I can show you what the postman so kindly delivered 😀 🙆🏻🎉📬👮🏻

stash 6/15
back issues from Immediate Media (distributor of these publications in EU)


HI Tec coleto pens
my kawaii purchase from sakuralala, in Hawaii

in the bits of spare time I have updated my Book of Days with the latest events and new schedules, and I also managed to ship Amanda‘s enigma prize (this was Monday morning, after shipping hours for the day, so I guess it’ll reach the UK by next week).

Book of Days 6/15

stitch enigma '15

I also printed out La donna di Scalotta and hope to start stitching her tomorrow; between this and that, and despite my best intentions and plans I haven’t done a single stitch since last Friday! OUTRAGEOUS!! 😱

and on this topic, I’ll be taking a well deserved break from connections, log-ins and such – I’ve been piling up stuff to take care of since I spent a week without laptop at the beginning of the month and it took me the rest of the month to sort it out almost completely and fix the bugs and hiccups and tantrums that my email accounts started throwing one after the other. gosh!

I still have a few posts drafted (especially the last ones in the How To series) that I might schedule to go live during the hiatus, I’m not sure, and I might check on FB and IG from time to time, but the aim is to sign off and take a break for a week or two. I’ll definitely make it back for GiGi and, ça va sans dire, for THE ALPHABET CLUB! 😀

– – –

thank you for following the tail wherever it goes,

many many happy xxx!


– oh, Taras & garden updates, of course! 😀 –

Taras 6/15
I missed the cricket!
Taras 6/15

summer 6/15

Pablita 6/15

garden 6/15

garden 6/15

garden 6/15


20 thoughts on “monthly goals, happy mail and a break

  1. Oh, pretties! Well done on your goals, the giant HP sampler kind of excuses everything that got pushed to the side 😉 Have fun on your hiatus, hopefully enjoying some stitching in that lovely garden of yours? ^_^


    1. YEESS!! 😆 I like your take on the impulsive new start!! 😂❤️
      I never manage to stitch in the garden (and it’s such a shame!), there’s always so much to do when I’m outside 😆
      thank you so much and have many happy xxx you too! ❤️


  2. I am also trying to get caught up with stitch alongs. I am now only 3 sections behind on the story time sampler but fingers crossed I will finish it by the end of the year. I am also debating whether to get the christmas club from the frosted pumpkin. I know I will cave in and get it though despite having hundreds of wips 😀


    1. best wishes for your STS, after all the frames the stories are really quickly, you’ll make it! 🙌🏻
      with the Pumpkins I just gave up, I caught the kawaii bug and I shall live with it! 😂


  3. Sorry for yet another comment, but I meant to ask you for a while: What exactly is that Book of Days you keep mentioning? Is there a post to explain about it somewhere, it looks interesting 😀


    1. no problem 🙂 I always take for granted that everyone knows what the BOD is, silly me!
      it’s a softcover needlework booklet/journal published by Needle Work Press and available around this time of year for the upcoming year (and of course the current year should you decide to get one halfway through), I get mine from American LNS that take email orders (of me it’s either Attic Needlework or Inspired Needle) but you can contact your LNS and ask 🙂


  4. Your goals leave me exhausted! But I forget, the Frosted Pumpkin pieces have great little sections – I need more projects like that, instead the Ones That Never End 🙂 I look forward to seeing Lady of Shallott! Enjoy your disconnect time – I need some of that myself – preferably on a beach somewhere 🙂


    1. yep, it really looks way more that is really is. the point, as always, is to get some quiet stitching time, and no. everything happened but that since last Friday.
      😀 The Neverending Projects 😀 I have been desperately looking for the calm and quiet of no connections or notifications or pop ups, a breeze! 😀
      hope you get some rest soon! 💚 hugs


  5. you will be missed ❤
    the kawaii bug has caught me either 😀 Today I'll place my order at TFPS and still haven't decide whether to buy A very Merry Christmas town or not 😛 The thought of having two christmas projects and no idea how to finish them is stressing me a little 😉


    1. oh, thank you! ❤️ and no need to stress at all! 😀
      you can always get it later on, it’s not a limited edition, the matching Halloween Town is still on sale! 😀
      I say finish one and see what to do, that’s the beauty of PDF patterns, you can always buy one in a few minutes!


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