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blow me to Bermuda!

today I had quite an upsetting encounter in the Real Stitchers Don’t Steal FB Group, and I felt even closer to Merlin than I ever felt before.

– And I thought [some of] you were going to amount to something. I thought [some of] you had a few brains! Great socials. Ha! Just stooges for those big trolls and time wasters. Congratulations, fools! – Oh! Of all the idiotic… Blow me to Bermuda!

– Where did she go?

– To Bermuda, I suppose.

– Where’s that?

– Oh, an island way off somewhere that hasn’t been discovered yet.

– Will she ever come back?

– Who knows? Who knows anything?

– – –

of course I’m not referring to everyone on social media, especially here, but I thought it would be wise to officially announce my hiatus from all social media, which starts today. now. I have had enough of time wasters.  see you all when I come back from my own personal Bermuda, wearing shades, Converse shoes and a flower print shirt. 😀 in the meantime drool over the beautiful post Jo made for the first Saturday of July in anticipation of the official start of THE ALPHABET CLUB on August 1st.

– – –

have a fabulous time while I’m away, big hugs and happy xxx to you all

Chiara & Taras

rainbow icon

P.S. Jo, this is a link-up test for you to try 😉 to everyone else participating in TAC: check it out and get familiar with the way it looks and works 🙂

it’s not the most comfortable link-up to work with, but it’s the only one that I managed to find after a solid hour and 1/2 of reading and googling and more reading and more googling 😉 I cannot use anything prettier unless I upgrade my WordPress status from free blog to Pro (and that involves paying a fee every year, and between that and the option to remove ads, of which I’m not at all happy about but they’re beyond my control unless I upgrade, I would have to invest a considerable amount of $$$ on this, and I really prefer spending them on stash/needlework supplies. I’m sure you’ll agree with me 😀 )


10 thoughts on “blow me to Bermuda!

    1. mine will be more of a local Bermuda 😉 but there’ll still be hot tropical weather, and a bikini, and sun (although I stay in the shade and like to preserve my pallor as much as possible) and lollies! lots of ice lollies! 😂❤️❤️❤️


  1. enjoy your time away from socials and idiots 😉
    kisses from Bergamo even it feels more like being in Cambodia in these days 😦


    1. oh, thanks 😊 and yes, you’re perfectly right, there are indeed many good reasons to come back.
      I’m merrily working on those stitching to take home from the “holidays” 😉❤️


  2. Enjoy your break!! I too find myself getting annoyed at some of the drivel that I read on social media… and I must admit that I now can go days without going near FB because of some people’s attitudes! Generally though I ignore them and move on very quickly to people that I enjoy connecting with (like you!)
    Hugs xx


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