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sharing and caring

this is a long post, and one I didn’t feel like writing today because I am not in the best mood to be at the same time objective and polite about it, but since it’s kind of ruining the happy hermitting I was having, here it is.

I have to let it out. I have to vent about it. I hope you understand I’m not trying to be rude: just honest and upfront, and crystal clear on a matter I have discussed many times before, apparently with no success. that’s why I am so very angry about it today and it’s going to get quite bitchy. you have been warned.

– – –

  • compliments: the greatest tribute one could pay to my stitching. 

I do love them and they fill my heart immensely. I compliment myself with everyone about anything when I see gorgeous work and ideas into action. I admire them greatly and think it’s wonderful we have a handy way to appreciate other people’s work through the internet and various social media.

I never took any compliment I received for granted, and they have always put a huge smile on my face. I thank you all so very much for reading my blog and looking at my updates on various media, I met such wonderful people and made such good friends through the online needlework world, I could never give up on it. it did burn me on several occasions lately, and that’s why you might want to stick to the end of this post to read the hard resolution I just made.

  • read and ask before you do: it’s great, kind, it brings us together, and it saves us all a whole lot of frustration.

whenever I see something (a thread, a fabric, a technique, an idea, a modification, etc.) I always try and track it down to its source. usually it’s all already written down right there, you just need to know where to look and take the time to read & investigate it.

if it’s a technique: a book or tutorial or post is usually already mentioned, what I do is I follow said links and should the need arise, perhaps contact the writer to ask for tips.

if it’s a project that I would like to add to my wishlist but there’s not an explanation, name & designer mentioned, I ask the person directly, it might be an original he/she is designing, it might be a mash up of several designs, it might be all sorts of things. everything creativity sparkles is allowed but I perfectly understand if someone doesn’t want their original work replicated and since I am in the position of not knowing what he/she’s working on I always like to ask before I upset someone.

if I see a thread I like and nothing about it is mentioned, again, I ask, but never in a million years I would dream of replicating an exact colour choice someone picked for a personal project without asking.

I put myself in their shoes: I do come up with colour choices for what I stitch, it takes time and care, and money and sweat, and trials and errors, I am fine with it. I like it. 

but to see someone recreate an exact copy of my project using the same colours in the same way or looking up the closest colour to my choice to make a clone? and not ask if it’s ok with me? no. I don’t like it.

I used to be fine with it but I changed my mind over time because of several events that occurred, including seeing my colour choices being used & sold by designers. I am stitching for my own pleasure and nobody should profit from it, not me, not anyone else. I don’t like it and I said it many times before on several occasions.

if I used a thread you like a lot, great, buy it. it’s there, it’s a great thread, I’m over the moon I made you come across something you might like as much as I do.

I’m not calling dibs on any thread brand or combination. what I am saying is: you like the way I used something? you like my idea? respect it. ask me. don’t sell it. don’t copy it to the T. use it to fuel YOUR OWN creativity into something else, there are millions of projects, do you really feel the need to recreate one that is a clone to mine? why don’t you make it YOUR OWN? it’ll be so much more rewarding, you just have to try it. perhaps with time you’ll find out you think the same way I do about what you came up with all by yourself.

same goes for a fabric, a modification, an idea. let me explain myself a bit better:

  • modifications. 

I have always modified to a certain degree what I stitch, sometimes intensely, sometimes I just put French knots instead of cross stitches. what can I say? I like French knots. shoot me.

am I alright in seeing that other people had the same idea I had? sure! that is great and a lot of times needleworkers’ minds happen to think alike, it’s fantastic when it happens!

do I hunt for ideas online for a piece I’m working on? I have browsed WIP updates for fabric choices, it’s good to know what happens to a Chatelaine if you start it on black fabric BEFORE actually starting it.

have I looked for Speciality Stitches and modifications for my WIPs? no. those are moments and lightbulbs that light up on their own while I’m stitching. I am very jealous of the things I conjure up in those moments and I always said I preferred them to remain my own to anyone who asked.

again, there are several reasons for this, today the “I came up with this” issue is bothering me so much I’m focusing on it alone, but there are many other technical aspects involved in this, and they cannot be solved.

I don’t design. I don’t sell what I do. I just alter a few bits here and there and make the project I’m working my own. and that’s what it is: MY OWN PROJECT. I don’t like seeing a clone of it, I really don’t. it’s my own personal opinion on the matter and I reckon it should be respected. 

there are many other ideas out there from people who don’t mind, look for those and leave mine to me. I’ll say it again, I’m not trying to be rude. I really am not. the thing is it happened: after I asked several times not to, and never posted HQ close ups that might induce people into thinking I wanted them to grab what I did, it did happen.

I found online the handwriting I charted all my myself, for my own personal use, taken and stitched bit after bit in someone else’s project.

people kindly asked me to use it, and I was very flattered but said no: it’s my handwriting. it belongs to me. it’s personal. it’s a part of me that says with me.

people kindly asked me to buy it, and I was very flattered but said no: it’s my handwriting. it belongs to me. it’s personal. it’s a part of me that says with me. if I’ll ever venture into designing I will decide whether to use it and sell it or not, but for the time being it’s mine and nobody should use photographs to re-chart it, it’s obviously without my consent and I am not happy with it. at all.

there is a degree and (not so fine) line between inspiration and cloning. I like the first, not the second. let me see if I can be more clear about this.

I came up with stitching my February’s month for Once Upon A Time according to Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. I stitched a kawaii Tiana and Ray. I watched the film, put it on hold, drew all I needed by hand onto graph paper, and turned it into a pattern. I stitched it and while I was doing it I altered it to make it look better. I never charted alterations and changes made in the stitching phase: I don’t need to. it’s on my project now, I don’t plan on using it again. it’s there and it’s done. I would have thrown the graph paper away if it wasn’t the exact same working copy I am using for my OUAT: it’s on my actual copy of the chart. I couldn’t share it in any way, shape or form even if I wanted to.

then I searched for a stitch that looked like a star to make Evangeline. did I call dibs on that? never. I even mentioned & linked where I learnt it from!

do I put dibs on stitching a Ray or a Tiana? no, but THAT SPECIFIC Ray and THAT SPECIFIC Tiana is mine and I’m not sharing the pattern I made for them.

same goes for the Cheshire Cat in my Story Time Sampler, it took me days to get that one the way I wanted – I said it. it was a long process, I loved it, it’s on my piece, I want it there alone. I am not calling dibs on all modified Cheshire Cats on every STS: I am calling dibs on the way I stitched mine. did I see someone have a better idea than I had? sure! how about a vanishing Cheshire Cat? isn’t that even more genius? of course! did I frog mine to make mine look like that? NO! I like mine as it is because it’s mine. you see what I mean?

I know I might be coming across as a rude, bitchy stitcher but I am sorry, certain events happened and made me the way I am today. I had all sorts of things happen to what I do: I politely asked for credit, to have my name mentioned when something came from me, to have my own handwriting staying mine.. it all happened anyways. and this is why a kind, friendly stitcher that was always happy to help others turned into a big ball of anger. do you understand why I’m having a hard time not coming across as madly angry? it’s because I am now.

another example: A long time ago in the top banner for my Story Time Sampler. I don’t know of anyone who did that before I did, and I’m not calling dibs on it either. it’s a classic opening for all stories, anyone could have thought of using it. same goes for the end beneath: I added that because I needed a small banner to fix the monster slug I came across and so successfully fixed thanks to the suggestions of other stitchers here in my blog. did I plan on adding it anyways? yes. was I planning on doing the same for my Once Upon A Time instead of a name/date? yes. is other people rightfully free to do the same? OF COURSE!

this feels like spelling, it’s almost frustrating. I am not calling dibs on anything of the sort. I am calling dibs ON MY OWN HANDWRITING. am I being clear enough now?

stitch whatever you like on your banners, I even said it before: it’s a great idea if you ask me; if you like it, it’s also very easy to achieve, but USE YOUR OWN HANDWRITING. or the font that pattern came with. or the other 3486314657304034903 fonts out there!

why taking my own handwriting when I asked you not to? is that so hard to figure out I wasn’t going to be happy-go-lightly about it?

  • personal stuff: if I say the words “my own“ I usually mean I want something to stay my own. 

the colour palettes I come up with, the modifications, the stuff I chart for myself: I want them on my projects. am I that kind of snooty, arrogant, annoying stitcher to you? fine. I genuinely don’t care at this point. I am sorry my opinions on my own stuff don’t match with yours but that’s how it is.

I took the classes, I learnt the techniques from designers, I am not going to give them away for free now. since all I learnt is not super secret (they come with charts and everything, no big genius here; I didn’t crack the ENIGMA code: I made alterations to my needlework projects, folks!) I always quote and link to the source. do you want to learn that technique? be my guest, actually, be the designer/teacher’s guest. you’re going to have a great time with it and you’ll feel so happy when you succeed. I truly couldn’t be happier for you!

will I teach you the technique? no. I don’t have the skills, the experience, the knowledge, the time, the technical equipment to teach anything. I like to do my thing and if other people like it, wonderful! but I am not putting out stuff so that people can take it and use, for profit or not.

first of all once its out there you ever know if it’ll end up in the hands of someone who wants to profit from it (again, I’m speaking from experience so toss all the paranoia talk where it goes); secondly I don’t like to see clones of my projects. when years ago I used to give out thread choices and lists of modifications for stuff like Mary’s Sampler, it was for the sole purpose of documenting what I did on them: you have to remember this is MY OWN PRIVATE BLOG, and up until a few months ago I had only very close friends reading it and looking at what I do. never once before I saw something I had worked on taken by any of them. not even a designer that liked an idea/colour palette I had come up with actually used it. she told me she liked it even more than the original she designed, but she never changed it accordingly.

I don’t like my projects being stitched in the same way I did: I did show & tell friends I trusted what I was going to do on what I was working on, but that’s it. I never meant for my own creative drops to fall on anyone else’s WIP.

  • improper use of pictures.

I stopped uploading good shots of my WIPs some time ago. it makes it harder for infringers to use them to re-chart stuff they really ought to buy. apparently I wasn’t careful enough because if my own handwriting is on someone’s STS now, and I never shared it with anyone, or allowed anyone to take it and re-chart it from pictures.. well, let me be even more crystal clear on the topic: it is wrong to take something like this. I will not follow this up as I don’t have the time and means to do it, and honestly I reckon it’d be a gigantic waste of time I don0t have anyways, but one thing remains: it is wrong. and it caused a consequential choice that I found very hard to take, but apparently it is time to.

  • no more.

no more needlework updates on social media. no more IG and FB reports and updates. no more close up shots and montages. anything past an overall look at my progress from which nobody will be able to tell a thing apart from a Where’s Waldo “oh she stitched on that area there!”

I know it’s drastic, I know it’s something some of you will find extreme and mad. again, I don’t give one single fuck what you think about me. I have been crossed, I have a potty mouth, I am acting accordingly.

I did say it. I did write it. my blog address is on EVERY picture I post: it was very easy to go back to it, read a few posts and either contact me or get the feeling that with me it was better to ask before improperly using a picture and re-chart something from it.

it happened with someone that contacted me on social media several times before, she knew how to find me and she should have known it was better to ask first.

I am not going to name names, I did write personally and privately to this person and she didn’t answer me back. was it intended or not? I don’t know. and to be honest: now it’s out there. it happened, I don’t have the time and patience to see if anyone that saw it and liked it decided to take it as well.

you understand why this bothers me so much? there’s no way to stop it. once someone she knows sees it and wants it too, they’re going to have it even more easily: she can share the chart that she made using my picture, and anyone stitch it. it’s already out there. why nobody bothered to see if it was indeed a font from a book or MY OWN HANDWRITING? why didn’t they think of asking before liking and stitching?

it might be just a one-time-thing, she might read my message, read this post, understand, apologise and change it. but it might not. and even so, it is out there now. I don’t have any power on this anymore.

wait, did I hear a oh but if you didn’t want anyone to use what you did to your chart you shouldn’t have posted pictures online. once it’s out there, it’s free for the world to use and see!

let me stop you right there.


again, something very similar happened already with a designer: I don’t want the stuff I come up with to be sold. I don’t want it anywhere else but on my pieces. I make it for my own pleasure. if I share a shot about it I do it to stay connected with other people working on the same project, this is proper use of content on social media. to stay connected and have merry stitch a longs!

I have seen a zillion of projects and updates on stuff I liked, stuff I wished I had thought of stitching in the same way, threads I wish I had known about because they would have been perfect for that one thing I worked on last year. did I go and change my projects to mimic someone else’s? NO.

and even when I recently used someone else’s modifications, I happened to change them back to something that was mine because they looked out of place. it’s their style, not mine. I love it, it was a great idea, but it looked out of place next to my own because it wasn’t mine. you see what I mean? making a project your own is a personal experience and a journey through who you are, what you like and how you like to do it.

if someone is not happy to share the results of that journey, it’s their right not to have it taken; and they don’t have to hide under a rock to prevent it. 

as a matter of fact there’ll still be shots of stuff I’m stitching. all I’m working on per-chart, the stuff I have that came as a kit, patterns I am stitching using the called for materials, etc. they are all going to stay.

however there won’t be pretty pictures & close ups of my Frosted Pumpkins projects, current or future. I am sorry but I see no other way to avoid this very unfortunate mess from happening ever again.

I am sorry I came out very angry and frustrated. it’s because I am very angry and frustrated. I do appreciate so much every single one that liked and asked and understood, and waited. I really didn’t mean to address this now or in this way, but I simply cannot go back to my stitching without venting about this first.

– – –

enjoy the hermitting, see you on Monday with a pretty dense update.

I happen to have gorgeous friends that made my fucking day with a bunch of insanely perfect gifts – and I have 3 finishes. one of which you won’t see.

have a good one,



49 thoughts on “sharing and caring

  1. My dear friend, I am so sorry that you are having this issue. I do understand the anger. It is sad that people do not respect others. You are a kind and talented lady.


  2. Solo i migliori vengono copiati ma ciò comunque non giustifica chi ha copiato soprattutto perché la tua richiesta di rispettare le tue creazioni è ben chiara.
    Mi dispiace che tu ti senta così male e egoisticamente mi dispiace non poter vedere più i tuoi progetti fonte per me di motivazione a migliorare ma rispetto ed apprezzo la tua decisione.
    A presto cara!


    1. grazie mille, Raffi!
      non credo di rientrare nei migliori in nulla, però mi da davvero fastidio vedere che ciò che faccio viene preso in considerazione, ma il modo/spirito/motivo/scopo con cui lo faccio no.. spero tanto che sia un singolo caso e che non si ripeta mai più. fossero tutte come te non staremmo neanche a perdere tempo a fare ‘sti discorsi! 💖


  3. So sorry to hear of what happened to you. I totally understand your anger and frustration. Reclaim your stitching privacy and be happy! Your friends will still be there for you.
    La tua amica chi prova imparare l’italiano


    1. Erica that was almost perfect! after TAC you’ll be fluent! 🙂 (the “chi” instead of “che” gave you away)
      thank you so much for understanding, I’m finding that a lot of people around me do think alike on this topic. it’s so very nice to know. my only wish now is that everyone, may they agree or not, respected my opinion and acted accordingly. ❤

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      1. When I read your long post yesterday, it made me think of an Italian idiom that DuoLingo gave me: Devo sputare il rospo. They translate it as, “I have to get something off my chest.” I like the expression – I have to spit out the toad is what I get from it (literally) and wonder if it’s really used.


      2. oh sure!! all the time! 😀 but I would use it when someone doesn’t want to tell me something and I really want to know, then I’d say “sputa il rospo!” – the meaning is “dish it out!” but what you’re saying is “spit the toad!” – very funny idiom indeed! ❤️

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      3. “devo sfogarmi” which is pretty much “to vent”, but speaking of stuff stuck in you, there’s another idiom with a toad that would work in this situation: “ho un rospo in gola” – it’s something bothering you so much you can’t swallow it, or get rid of it. sooner or later you’ll have to spit it out, and that’s when the other toad idiom comes into play: if someone is being reticent but can’t live well with what he/she knows all held inside he/she has to “sputare il rospo”.

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      4. My phone shows you replied to my note about not being able to find any of your TAC posts, but I can’t even find your reply! Dumb app will only show me posts that are older than month. I’m horrible at this.


  4. You are brave and generous to show and share your stitching on the blog. I’m so sorry that someone disrespected you and your work. You have every right to be angry. I am sad that yours is not the first post I’ve read about creative piracy. Though I don’t know you, I have enjoyed reading about your work to be inspired, NOT to copy…


    1. thank you, Wendy. I know it’s just a minority that doesn’t understand or care for people’s rights when it comes to pictures online.. or to creativity entirely. and I’m sorry you’re all getting caught in this. I had heard about this happening but never thought in a million years people around me would dare this much. not again. not after saying I wasn’t ok with it. thank you for understanding and caring. ❤️


  5. Wow! I sure didn’t expect all that! Maybe it’s because I don’t copy other people’s work. 😉

    I hope the people who upset you read and respond apologetically to this, and learn from it. Some people just need to wear “I’m Stupid and Dishonest” signs around their necks. Then we’d know who to avoid and life would be easier.

    I hope you have a better day now that you’ve vented and can get on with your stitching and life. Give Taras a rub for me.

    Hugs & stitches,



    1. I really hope so too. nothing against a lesson learnt, a bit of frogging and an apology.
      Taras happily purrs back even in the African heat weave. ☀️🔥😓😽💦💦💦
      I’m catching a film now to take my mind off things and perhaps tonight I’ll get back to stitching 🍀
      hearing from you guys really made me feel less alone in this. thank you everyone ❤️


    1. and this is why you shouldn’t even leave nasty unnecessary comments like this one, Velma: my own blog is my own blog, if you were here for the pictures and to take stuff from me you were in the wrong place all along. thank you for being the rude person you are and letting me know about it. that was just the icing on the cake today.


      1. She’s a can short of a six pack, as one of my sons would say. I’m sorry this is happening to you still and I’ll miss the close ups; your style is vastly different from my current likes but I enjoy your work!


      2. it’s going better today, thank you 🙂
        I like so many of these, it’s an impressive list! my current favourite would be 84 although I’ve always been a fan of 107 😀
        Taras is a bit bored because of the heat and the fact that he can’t go out until his paw’s doing better (nothing serious, just a dermatitis he developed because he kept on licking the spot where he broke a claw). ❤️


  6. OH. MY. GOD. What a bitch. I can’t believe someone did this to you! I would have been furious. After all the time and effort we put into our work, for someone to come and steal our ideas/designs is disgusting. I’m so sorry this happened to you! I don’t blame you at all for the changes you’re making. Please know that you’ve still got good friends out here who only want to support you in your stitching adventures – and I’m definitely one of them!


  7. I will be sad to miss the photos, I really liked seeing all the details. You are so clever to make modifications to your projects. I totally get about people copying though, that would be really disappointing 😦 I never understood people who copied other people….I mean, if I saw someone added a bookshelf to Sherlock Holmes on STS, I might think ‘oh what a clever idea’, if I wanted to stitch it, I would ask the person if they minded me doing so, if they didn’t mind then I would chart my own bookshelf with colours and a style I like, but then also reference where I got the idea from…is that so difficult for people?! Sorry you had an awful day 😦 hope you have some awesome days ahead 🙂


    1. that is exactly what I always thought. it’s polite, it respects everyone, it makes everyone happy. but apparently it’s not that common.. like I just read in a comment on my IG post “I guess I was just raised to believe that imitation is a compliment.”
      because taking my handwriting is such a compliment, oh you have no idea how flattered I feel.

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      1. First things first, my name is Lauren. Im in the FPS facebook group too.

        I was the one that created that bookshelf. Can I just say how gutted I felt after I saw someone copy it, colors and all, merely hours after I had posted my picture to the group? I was so pleased with how it turned out and was so proud of myself because that was the first modification I had ever made. I see it everywhere now and I hate it. I do have a few people tag me on instagram who have used it. But others, they either dont tag me OR they tag someone who they think made it. It makes me so upset seeing that because that was my hard work. Recently I just saw someone post their Charlottes Web frame. They copied my “some pig” that I added to the web. I was furious. That took me so long to get right and yet it was like a normal thing for her to just copy it. I love adding modifications and like you’ve said, those are mine. After I saw the some pig I decided that Im no longer going to be posting decent shots of my work anymore. It sucks. I want people to be inspired but I’ve had enough when people just blantly copy my work. Im sure people can come up with great ideas but they’d rather copy instead of doing the hard work.

        Sorry this is so long! I just know what you’re going through and wanted to voice my opinion too. 🙂



      2. oh, Lauren, I feel so bad, and mad, and sorry for what happened to you. I knew there was someone behind that ingenious bookshelf, and like you said, it’s your time and care put into it and nobody should take it bit after bit without asking you how you feel about it. the crediting shift just adds insult to injury, really.
        I had no idea you went through this again with “some pig” (another pretty witty bit! ❤️), it must have been very frustrating.
        I rarely looked for what other people were doing on STS so I never spotted “some pig”, but the bookshelf was very popular months ago, I remember talking about this with other stitchers back then and saying one should always ask what the one that came up with it thought about it.
        if it was your idea you might be fine with others using it, but it wasn’t yours: you can’t expect everyone to think as you do about their own stuff – and if you really appreciated that someone’s idea, the last thing you’d want to do is hurt that someone’s feelings. their take on their own stuff comes before your desire to have it too.
        “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery”, I’m sure you too got that one a lot. well, I reckon that no matter what you were taught, the Golden Rule does come before whatever you think about flattery and imitation.
        I perfectly understand your choice now in terms on sharing your progress – see what this silly nonsense does? it takes the fun out of things that would otherwise be fun, like looking at other people’s WIPs, telling them they had a great idea if you notice one, and that’s that. but when I stumbled upon my handwritten “A long time ago” on someone else’s WIP snap.. I snapped.
        that is my personal handwriting, and you never bothered to ask? or to type in my blog’s address & look up who I am and see what I think about it?
        I mean, it must have taken TIME to re-chart that from my shots, and I hadn’t put HD close ups of it either – so she definitely had the time and effort, to do this, and all the while it never dawned to ask if it was OK with me? or did she do it despite the fact that she knew I would be mad about it? she never credited me in her shots, so there’s a good chance people commenting thought it was her doing.
        if you consider she never once replied to my private messages, and just deleted her pictures of the banner from her feed – I must say, I don’t know what to think. a genuine, honest mistake would have (again) been fixed by a simple “I’m really sorry for what I did, I just frogged it and I apologise”. I got nothing.
        I really don’t know what to do in the FPS FB group now, it was a lovely place to chat and get to know other stitchers, just like other designers’ official groups. these days I’m not in the mood for it, I know I’m missing out on interesting people to meet but.. there’s no easy fix for this one.
        thank you for voicing you opinion, I really appreciated it. and don’t worry about lengthy comments: we do verbose here. 😉❤️
        very happy stitching,


  8. I am totally stunned to read how badly someone (or plural someone) has treated you….. I constantly find myself shaking my head at the audacity of some people!
    I am so sorry to read how you and your wonderful unique style has been used and abused like this… I remember when I first started blogging someone saying to me that what goes on the web is free for everyone… But it’s not… Your personal style, ideas, and especially your handwriting, is yours and should not be stolen. I quite understand your anger and hurt…
    Hugs xx


  9. A sad thing to happen. I sometimes design my own charts and usually am happy to share them with those asking. But not all of them. For some reasons, I know that I want some designs to remain “unique”. I would probably be very angry too were I to see them copied! Mind you, I would probably never know because I am not on Facebook, Twitter and the like. But still… I do understand your point perfectly.
    Hope you can relax and go back enjoying the hermitting.


    1. thank you so much, Ele. ❤️
      I’m looking at the people who appreciate me and support me today, and feel really glad and fortunate. I’m about to happily stitch this torrid Sunday away. very happy hermitting to you too ❤️

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  10. I’m so sorry to read this 😦 It’s sad to hear that people feel entitled to anything they see on the Web. The least they can do is give due credit. So sorry this happened to you…


  11. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I know I’ve just found your blog but I love the changes you make in your stitching. But they are YOUR changes and they should remain yours. I hope the rest of the weekend has gone much better.


  12. Chiara: Wow what a post, I find so many bloggers taking advantage of so many wonderful stitchers, it amazes me, I am sad this is happening to you, your work is wonderful, I am one to do color changes and a few pattern changes myself, I am not sure if any one has followed my choices.
    I like following your blog to see what you are stitching, I follow so many blogs I do not always have time to comment, but this one I had to comment on, as for the idiot that will not be following you she can go pound salt.
    I hope you are having a better day, I am also Hermiting today.



  13. oh Chiara, my dear, you vent all you want – so frustrating for you, I know how much hard work you put into making your stitched pieces your own personal pieces and you are right, it is not fair! But please do not give up showing off your wonderful work altogether, we would miss that so much.
    hugs, Kaye


    1. thank you, K, I know you understand me perfectly ❤️❤️❤️
      if I come up with a better idea I’ll let you know, but for the time being it’s going to be deadly boring picture-wise here. I can’t stand what already happened, imagine seeing it happen again and again and again. 😡
      lots of hugs to you too, my friend ❤️


  14. I love visiting other people’s blogs to look at and drool over pretty pictures – especially those of people as creative and talented as you! So with your blog, I was always a bit sag about a lack of good, clear closeups (although I did totally understand the people stealing the chart thing), and now knowing there will be even less pictures, and even more knowing why, makes me really, really sad 😦
    They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but especially with your handwriting, I can see where you are coming from. I like getting inspiration from looking at other people’s work, but I would never think to just plain out copy what they did without asking. I hope you’ll find a way to find peace with what, how much and where to post.


    1. thank you for your nice words about my work. ❤️❤️
      just like you I used to love admiring gorgeous close ups and WIP shots in other people’s blogs (and of course loved sharing mine here). recently I stopped giving such HQ shots that could be zoomed in and used improperly, but loved finding a way around this issue with montages etc.
      I hope this new, sad and boring turn shows the consequences of certain actions and makes some people understand it’s not OK to take what you want no matter what.
      thank you for understanding my position, I’m sorry everyone else is getting caught in this new regimen. 😦


  15. Reading this post, I feel really sad. I love your color choices. It’s something I always envy of experienced stitchers. But I could never imagine copying it. I see it as something to look up to and try to attain one day.


    1. thank you, Dima ❤️
      that’s so very nice of you to say and I am sorry I can’t make you and other people like you happy anymore. it was a true pleasure to show my stitching to you all ❤️❤️


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