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ALTROVE – TAC: letter A – part 1

yes, there will be parts, folks. that’s how much stuff I have in store for you. 😄 like I already said, this is very likely going to be the richest post I’ll ever write: too much attesa (await) and anticipazione (anticipation), too many ideas, very little time.

– – –

this introduction is going to be lots of fun: it’s a word (altrove) and title for a song – and a beautiful one too. the kind of sad, moving, heartfelt songwriter’s song that has you all teared up for no reason after just a few notes.

Morgan - Altrove

you can listen to it here from Morgan’s official YouTube account (where you’ll be able to watch the video they filmed in Milano) or look it up on Apple Music. and now i miei abbondanti appunti autografati (my abundant, autographed notes) on the lyrics for ALTROVE with Italian, Latin, Ancient Greek bits here and there. enjoy. 😊

Altrove page 1

Altrove page 2

sometimes you’ll find that what I wrote under the lyrics’ lines isn’t always the entire sentence translated in a pleasant or correct form: I reckon it’s much more useful to give you the closest translation to each word so that you know what each word means, and then you can put two and two together in your head, and find a nice and proper way to translate what the song says in your own language.

– – –

see you soon for the rest of my TAC post for letter A, there’ll be A LOT more, I promise! 😄



10 thoughts on “ALTROVE – TAC: letter A – part 1

  1. Chiara: I love the song, it is beautiful in a language I do not speak, thank-you for sharing.
    Now I have a very interesting question for you.
    Have you ever lived in the U.S.A.? I am only asking because the word reckon is one we use here often, mostly in the south.
    I love that word so downhome.
    I hope you are getting loads of stitching done.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. nope, never been and never lived in the U.S., nor the UK 😱😬😫
      thank you! I loved this song for years, I’m so glad you like it too!
      “reckon”, I had no idea it was used mostly in the southern States, it just comes up whenever I mean to say something along the lines of “I think” or “I estimate” but in a less formal way. it has a nice ring to me because it reminds me sometimes of rechnen in German, I love when words cross over languages in my mind and form etymological bonds and sympathies 😉


  2. Thanks for the song, love italian songs, I started with singing non ho l’età G. Cinquetti in some kind of italian (I was 5) at the end of family meals, I still remember “se vuol ballare signor contino” learned with Miss Viville (my music teacher in college) and jumped to “Romina & Al Bano” in the 80’s. Mille baci. xxx


  3. I will have to have a listen to this song later (can’t access Youtube from work!) but I know what you mean about how a particular song can make you tear up right from the first note….
    I enjoyed reading your notes on the lyrics :o) Looking forward to reading part 2!
    Hugs xx


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