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just a couple of updates

time’s always running short these days but I did manage to stitch in the past few months (especially late at night) and get a couple of things crossed off the list – so I thought I could just list them for you really quickly while I wait ’till the moment I can save up half a day to write my TAC posts (!!).

  • the first project I’ll mention is a finish dating way way back to August 2nd which I hadn’t touched so far this year and had started at the end of ’14, Christmas Celebration Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Christmas Celebration Sampler
the close-ups show the last corner of the border I stitched: first matching with what had been stitched on the other side, and then the last stitch in this project being finally crossed 😊
  • I also kept on track with Story Time Sampler and stitched The Phantom of the Opera as soon as it came out (and listened to the musical and the soundtrack of the film, A LOT!!)

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Story Time Sampler

  • then I started the new Christmas club for ’15 called A Very Merry Christmas Town, here’s a shot at my start back in August after clue 1 was released:
WIP - The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - A Very Merry Christmas Town
the very day I was preparing fabrics for my summer/early autumn stitching my sewing machine decided to leave me right when I needed it the most (typical), hence the dreadful way those linen cuts were joined together.
  • next you’ll see what happened to that light brown linen cut just below the light blue (currently properly machine sewn – thank goodness!) it’s Christmas on Gingerbread Lane which I divided in 4 parts just like AVMCT and have been stitching one clue at a time:

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - A Very Merry Christmas Town - Christmas on Gingerbread Lane

AVMCT (on top) has just reached its 3rd clue, the tree shop on the right, which I started immediately after its release last Wednesday and simply couldn’t put down until it was done. 💘

next on the to-do list is COGL which will see its third part come to life shortly, and then I’ll put STS back on the dowels for frame 9 and 10 (which is coming out in just a few days 😊).

as usual I played a little with all the charts above adding details in Speciality stitches, changing colours, counts, and charting my own fonts. they’re all stitched on 40ct. linens hand dyed by Nina with my own choice of her cotton threads.

  • as soon as I’m done with those frames on STS (one of which is Black Beauty, the other’s still a mystery ❤️🔮) I’ll get to the smalls I sew on dowels back in July (remember the day my sewing machine went kaputt?), there’s all sorts of seasonal little projects that shouldn’t take more than a few sessions to get done.
The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery smalls
fun fact: see those bigger linen cuts on the left? that’s what you’ve already seen in the previous pics: AVMCT and COGL.

a couple of them have already been started and need a quick fix or finishing prepping, but the majority will be started anew so you’ll see them come to light soon. 😊

there might be a new start on the horizon if I get all these smalls out of the way quickly enough (and believe me it’s not such a wild thought, they all measure around 50 x 50 stitches!), fabric’s already attached to the 12” bars but I won’t say a word until it’s in the making. 😉

  • last but not least there’s my TUSAL update for September featuring ORTs from all the projects above, sitting nicely (?!) next to my TFPS scissor fob and needle minder. matching tools and cats, OF COURSE! 😜

TUSAL 9/15

speaking of cats, do you know who just turned THREE and again caused a lot of not-in-the-know people on FB to wish me happy birthday a few weeks early? 😜

Taras 8/15


BUON COMPLEANNO, BABA! <– lots of Bs there 😉

– – –

now I’ll go have boiling hot pumpkin soup, it’s FREEZING! we jumped straight into serious autumn weather here, not that I’m complaining 😉 ❤️🍂

ciao! happy xxx!



18 thoughts on “just a couple of updates

    1. thanks! ❤️❤️
      that’s a tunnel, not a pillow – still no idea how he finds that a comfortable position, as if it was indeed a pillow! 😀
      that zippered pencil case is my favourite, arigatō Japan and your love for stationery!! ❤️🇯🇵


  1. Wonderful, wonderful stitching, Chiara, I love all of the work that you do, you are such a lovely stitcher. Wish Baba a very Happy Birthday from Furio, Milo and me! You might be moving into Autumn but it is Spring here and I have itchy eyes from hayfever – aaggh!


  2. All those initials! What ever would we do if FPS released a chart with a one word title 😂! Fabulous stitching as always, looking forward to seeing 🏇!


    1. that’s the problem of all charts with a long one-word-title, you have to type the ENTIRE thing.. 😩😜 now you got me thinking, do they even exist? I mean, I for one can’t think of any right now.. (except perhaps one certain stitch along 👠🐀 😉).
      thank you 💜💜 I’m itching to get back to STS too! 🏇🏻💨💨💨


  3. Love your progresses and beautiful stitches ❤ I have to attempt myself with a scissor fob (but I'm afraid because I cannot sew :P) and I'll pick a small design from TFPS, of course!

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Raffi xxx


  4. Wow, so much pretty Pumpkin stitching! You made tons of progress, I absolutely adore the new Christmas SAL! 40ct sounds so tiny, could you do a picture with something for scale some time?
    Also give your furbaby a happy birthday hug for me please 🙂 Oh and I got the movie to that cute turtle story you talked about a few weeks back for my grandma, it’s super cute and she was really happy ^_^


    1. oh, thank you!
      I’m so glad your Grandmother liked Esio Trot! Ronald Dahl was my absolute favourite when I was a kid – he actually still is, together with Michael Ende 😉
      I think I did take shots with a measuring tape (or other bits like a needle/pack of needles/scissors) for comparison in the past, I will take another as soon as I go back to Cute Kitty/Chubby Taras 🙂 – in the meantime I did some quick math and in a 2 x 2 cm square of 40ct. fabric I counted a 16 x 16 stitches square (over 2 fabric threads), which means that in an area of 4cm₂ you find 256 stitches..!
      take those smalls I mentioned in my October list, if they were entirely covered with stitches I would need to cross about 2401 stitches for each of them, yet they would measure only 6 x 6 cm — luckily they’re NOT entirely covered! 😀 😀


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