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Paris in the heart

I’ve been watching the news channel all night, stunned and speechless as the events followed, tragedy upon tragedy, numbers upon numbers.

I wish there was something wise and helpful I could say or do, but I can’t even put words together – I’ve been thinking about the people I know in France, the beautiful city that is Paris, the horror they’re going through.

WIP - Blackbird Designs - Paris in the Heart

– – –

sending you all my thoughts,

lots of love,


[edit: I’ve been contacted regarding this piece, so in case anyone else is interested in knowing more about where it comes from here’s a link to the previous post I wrote about it]


10 thoughts on “Paris in the heart

  1. There are no words to describe the horror…. I am still in disbelief that this could happen…. my heart and soul aches for the people lost and their families, and for the French citizens, and for the world…. what has everyone done to deserve this?
    Take care and big hugs xx


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