The Grey Tail


We don’t do Thanksgiving here, and if we did I certainly wouldn’t celebrate my thankfulness by taking part in a mass murder of turkeys (ouch!).

That being said, there are many great things to be thankful for all year round, and one of them is without question the pleasure of having good friends, especially very good ones.

I hope you’re looking outside the window now, watching the best season on the year do its best – showing us the importance of having a place to shelter, enjoying life together, in a swirl of wonderfully bright colours.

Lots of love, and if you do, happy stitching,



6 thoughts on “thankfulness

  1. Hi Chiara, glad to hear you back. You are missed! ❤ Your words are so true, especially for the poor turkeys!
    Enjoy this cold end of November 💙❄️


    1. look if it’s not our resident troll Velma! or should I say Shelly, perhaps?
      thank you for missing, once again, a good chance to keep your mouth shut and proving at the same time that you indeed can read, and have been reading my posts all along. I figure you got it that this post wasn’t written for you, right?
      and that with this so very nice gesture of yours here, you nicely flushed down the toilet the entire meaning of what you just celebrated. oh, but I forgot the one thing about you, you’re always in just for the stuffing.
      tell me, should I come to your blog and start returning the favour by leaving you moronic comments? or add your email to those spam lists so that you can enjoy extra annoyance during the day? or should I tell everyone who you are so that they can find you, Velma? or should I say Shelly, perhaps?


  2. I had loads of veggies for dinner yesterday, yummy, I do wish you enabled a way for us to visit velma’s blog it would be interesting to see what she has to say other then silly comments on your blog.
    I hope your stitching is coming along and you are enjoying life as I am, I am so happy this time of year except for the stores putting out Christmas way back in august
    (walmart ) here in Minnesota USA.
    I must say I love your header picture, just beautiful.



    1. oh, thank you! that happened after some pretty long cuddling, I was leaving the room, looked back and he was in that state..! 😀
      I’m having a great time, glad to read you’re doing the same – in fact I just had a full finish! I came here to update this and that accordingly 😉
      enjoy the weekend!


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