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Advent auditions

Watermarked Photo (2015-11-29-1138)
early Christmas wrapping. three done, two more to go!

Old time readers (and very curious new ones) might remember that I stitched an Advent Band Sampler some time ago, and because the auditions for materials were so hard I ended up with two cuts of fabric and the idea of stitching it twice and finishing it in different ways – after all it’s around 50 stitches a day for 25 days, how demanding can that be?!

Well, as it turns out Carol of iStitch Designs, the designer of my first advent band, came up with so many other beautiful pieces since then (two advent pieces queued up since the one I stitched) it seemed like a real shame to postpone them in order to stitch ye olde wippe once again.

That’s why back in October I had my fun time with the fabric converter, coloured pencils and beads and things and now I’m in the process of finalising the last details (read: preparing thread cards and digging out beads and things), as well as auditioning for this year’s advent band. That’s right! I’ll be stitching TWO advent bands at once, for a total of (hold on to your panties) around 100 stitches A DAY! is this a joke of a milestone of what?! 😜

Anyways, I’ll try and post a snap every other day, here or on Instagram with the hashtags #istitchdesigns and #sewadventsal. If you would like to see them grow you can follow those or drop here for a sec and take a look at the left sidebar of every page of this blog, it features a handy dandy Instagram feed that shows the last three shots I shared, it’s under the DAILY STILLS title.

Now I better go take that famous dive into my stash, I still haven’t figured out if I’m going to use a 40ct. dark blue or 28ct. natural bands, one w/red polka dots.. decisions, decisions!

Watermarked Photo (2015-11-29-1137)– – –

If you need a little push to get into the Christmas spirit (as if!) you can follow that first link I added and watch slideshows of my previous advent band coming to life, as well as following these links (one two three) to see many other Christmassy projects I worked on in the past – two of which as about to become full finishes this month. HURRAY! 🎉

Lots of love and happy stitching,


11 thoughts on “Advent auditions

  1. I’m hoping you can help me, I am wanting to take part in the istitch advent this year however I can’t find the email address to send my email to on her blog (none of her links I can click at the top of her blog, I think its the falling hearts?) could you help?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. then I promise to feed you updates regularly 😊❤️ alas, not a single moment to stitch since this morning, which didn’t involve actual stitching actually, just planning. she released lots of free ornaments too, just sayin’ 😉


    1. that’s very odd, I’ll try it from my laptop later and see what happens. thank you for letting me know! WP changed the writing interface & tools, perhaps something went wrong with that.


      1. Kaye, I checked the links from my phone and they all seem to work. have you tried scrolling down? some of the links redirect you to a list of posts where this one comes first as it is part of the “Christmas” and “advent band sampler” categories. let me know how it goes! ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Chiara: Oh my gosh if I start another project I think my head will just pop off, I love seeing your post you always seem to make me smile along with your stitching decision’s, I love this time of year and it seems you do too.
    I look forward to you progress.

    Merry Christmas.


    1. believe me, I know the feeling!! 😜
      I allowed myself to add these advent projects because I had pretty much everything in stash; most importantly the older would allow me to use the linen cut I had cut & zigzagged two years ago – and to be frank is there another time of year for advent stitching?! 😀
      thank you so so much for your sweet words, they really warm my heart.
      I’ll be happy to give you your daily advent fix 😉
      lots of love and Merry Christmas! ❤️


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