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let the advent begin!

I took a couple of detours but I figured out what to pick for the ’15 Sew Advent Band SAL by iStitch Designs – and as the clock ticked 10PM on December 1st I found myself with day 1 of both SALs stitched up! 😊

advent '15

Here you see my personal choices for the ’14 SAL, 40ct. 1 over 2 using Nina’s Threads and linen, and the 28ct. Vaupel & Heilenbeck linen for this year’s advent band, 1 over 1 of course. Since taking this shot I changed my mind regarding the colour palette for the latter, and went back to what my first instinct picked out of the box: an unconventional selection (for Christmas that is) of pinks, brown, green and white in AVAS, Gloriana and NPI silks.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas’ traditional colours (which incidentally look quite patriotic as well) but there’s only so much poinsettia red, ivy green and snow white I can take before my wild side 😜 takes over and goes: “Who decided that’s tradition anyways? If I feel that my Christmas this year is wearing more pinks, or blues, or bright yellows and oranges, by Jove, it will!” 😂😂😂

Anyways, I am beyond happy with my new starts and will share my progress here twice a week or so – as much as I love watching it grow bit by bit I’m afraid that one post every day would get unmanageable. 😬

Now without further ado..

day 1 on Sew Advent SAL ’14 and ’15, imagine beads until Christmas.

– – –

I hope you’re having a delightful time, I’m headed downstairs to see what my advent calendar tea suggests for today 😜 ciao!


12 thoughts on “let the advent begin!

  1. Two great starts. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on both.
    If you like non-traditional colours, have you seen the new turquoise designs from The Little Stitcher?


  2. Chiria: I am much like you, I tend to change colors for Christmas, this year I am doing the traditional red and green.
    Last year was blues, oh well, so much for traditions.
    You dear have a great start on your Advent Band.
    I look forward to your progress.

    Merry Christmas


  3. I like your choices! Matching those thoughts, I’m using a non-traditional card kit for my December Daily album. It seems stupid to buy a Christmas theme then toss (at school for the art box!!) all the “let it snow” cards and other things that look stupid in a Kiwi summer.


  4. Terrific starts on both pieces.

    You remind me of a friend – she got fed up with all the red and green (doesn’t particularly like either colour) and now her Christmas decorations/table are built around royal blue and it looks fabulous.


    1. thanks! ❤️ here the hegemony of red white and green isn’t as strong as one would think, especially if you consider these are the colours of the Italian flag – well, no real patriotic take on Christmas that I can report, thankfully! (let’s just keep the two things separated as they’ve got nothing to do with each other) 😜😂
      I see tons of trees/decorations in silver and blue, or silver and gold, or red and gold, or funky multicoloured ones that look like they’re coming straight from the 80s 😂😂🙌🏻
      what I did here that I saw as a tad unconventional at first was choosing a set of colours that would look rad 😜 for spring, but I have the feeling that is just silly nonsense (that spring has a set of colours that remind you of that and only that) and I want to prove it wrong with some stitching 😀😜


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