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oh no..

Oh yes, everything seems to be works smoothly, I’m on the right track with my full finishes, I’m making slow but steady progress on my Christmas pieces, I have been keeping up with the two advent calendar prices, I have at long last managed to start the Cindermice Stitch Along (and it’s divine crafting pleasure), and – one sneeze, two sneezes, three sneezes, four.. OH NO..

That’s right, I’m coming down with something. I has mindlessly put aside all that violent sneezing blaming it on the cold weather front, “It’s just a wintery temperature adjustment, I’m feeling fine!” “You just picked up a giant of a dust ball, it’s only normal for you to sneeze it out a bit” “You just slipped with the powdered pepper when cooking lunch” etc. – all of them being facts but the other undeniable fact is that I woke up Friday morning feeling like a bus ran me over during the night. 

I’m having aerosols twice a day and those boost my condition back to bearable for a couple of hours but apart from that is a looping track of PG13 sneezing, nose dripping, never ending mucus parties, unknown bones articulations & muscles aching, hot and cold roller coaster rides, sore throat, Rudoplh mode activated (currently working on making it bright red from bleeding, weak nose vessels since I was a kid). 

All this didn’t bother me too much because I had managed to make this a Fun Crafting Friday, I unpacked & opened the first Cindermouse kit and I was determined to make the most out of it. The plan when I joined this SAL was to gift myself for my birthday no less than 3 gloriously happy crafting/sewing days of my choosing, in which I would learn how to properly treat wool felt whilst making three mice ornaments for my Christmas tree. 

I had a plan and a good one it was indeed. I won’t stop at no- KABOOM!!

Ok, at half past five in the afternoon I gave up as the fever kicked in, tomorrow doesn’t look like the quiet day I could use (although I pruned most of the planned errands to the only unpostponable ones) and I’m only halfway through sewing Cindermouse’s body – but by Jove does she look FANTASTIC!

The kit and SAL price was worth every cent, I am definitely going to join more of these classes should they have any in the future. I also ordered extra supplies from Cloudcraft so that I can make at least 3 more nice and turn into action the wardrobe sketches I have in mind (did someone say Rodent Atelier? 😜).

That’s the odd thing: I never played with dolls when I was a kid, I never even had any – I liked stuffed animals and bricks but I don’t remember if I ever liked dressing them up, I don’t think so.. Yet the idea of sketching a model on paper, thinking of the trims, beads, embroidery stitches, colours, felts I can use to bring those ideas to life is most exciting, and just a natural prosecution of what I do when I cross stitch in my own way. 

Soon enough I want to see a little party of mice around these parts, one neater than the other, all modelling their seasonal sweet little clothes. Sophie only needs to work on tiny cats for next year’s SAL and then I’ll be literally jumping on the bed like a 3 year old. 

I promised you a recap on my advent SALs, here we are at day 3 on both of them:

 colour-wise the only truthful shot is the one in the middle, skies are overcast most of the time and sun sets at 4PM anyway, so..


13 thoughts on “oh no..

  1. sorry you are not feeling well…hope it does not last too long. I love the mice…would love to send for the SAL, but not in the plans right now. YOur stitching is suburb as usual my friend….


    1. thank you, Gracie! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
      and thank you, auto correction for being so unhelpful at times 😜
      I think you can still sign up to receive just the patterns for the Cindermice SAL and then get your supplies whenever you have the time. I am pretty new to all this so I found the kits the easiest option. Just the patterns with access to the video instructions is an instant download, no shipping. Same goes for the advent SALs, although no video lessons required for those. 😉
      I’m afraid I caught a masterpiece of a flu, I’m already in bed feeling like crap (too sick to sew or anything) but I might drag myself to the sitting room and watch American Sniper later.


  2. Beautiful stitching! And I can’t wait to see your finish with that mouse, it looks so cute so far. Hope you feel better soon, sweetie! Big hugs 😀


  3. Sorry to hear that you have been hit by the awful flu bug! I have that you start to feel better soon!
    Your SAL are lovely… can’t wait to see more of Cindermice :o)
    My all time favourite cure for the flu is a hot lemon drink with honey every couple of hours and then just before going to bed at night add a touch of whiskey! You will be back to normal in no time! Works every time for me! :o)
    Take care, hugs xx


    1. you know, I’ve been doing the lemon without honey because I ran out of it but I’m getting some today (I ran out of most things!).
      whiskey might be a little too much for me as I don’t drink but I’m sure it works wonders! 🤓❤️
      thanks for the tips and good wishes, I’ll be thinking about you when adding honey to the cup 😊
      unfortunately no good progress on Cindermouse, but I’m almost caught up on one of the advent SALs 🤕😤
      thank you again ❤️❤️❤️


  4. Aww, feel better! Hopefully it doesn’t put too big a crimp in the stitching! We’ve all been sneezing here, too, but I’m pretty sure it’s all the mold and stuff in the air from all the rain we’ve had recently 😦 LOVE the mice – can’t wait to see more 🙂


    1. oh, thank you! unfortunately it has already meant zero progress on the mouse and very little on just one of the advent SALs.. 😟 fingers crossed that sneezing stays sneezing and nothing more!


  5. Chiara: I do hope you are feeling better today is the 7th, so I hope you are on the downside op your cold, if you are like me you just do not want anything in your way when you are on a role.
    Love the looks of the mouse, I checked out the website, oh my I have a need to spend a little coin.
    Nice stitching on your Advent SAL.

    Get better soon



    1. oh, thank you Catherine!
      unfortunately only the fever has dropped (not complaining on that front) but the left side of my nose is getting close to blistering, that’s how much I’ve been using it..!
      this felt crafting is highly addictive, and quite a lovely process too, I can see myself working this type of projects to my routine.


  6. Chiara: I hope you are feeling better today.
    Love the mouse, I popped on over to the link you have what a great place to visit, I may be spending a little coin there, love your Advent SAL, coming along so nicely.



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