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2nd rundown post (bimonthly update on finishes)

We’ve reached the end of the month and with that I ought to deliver my bi-monthly report on stitching. Needless to say I got close to no stitching time, so all remained in the wishful-thinking department; that being said, I did get three finishes and an unexpected restart on an ancient WIP some of you might remember.

I worked on my Hallowe’en Town and almost got to the end of it, then the bad weather/poor indoor light played a nasty trick on me in terms of colour choices and I felt the urgency to put this guy aside for a while. All my brain could think of was: “I’ve got 5-10 minutes to stitch per day, and all I’m doing is pick up colours, start, then frog everything the following day because I couldn’t make out 💩 .. basically I’m wasting those few precious moments instead of focusing on a project that envolves brainless stitching” 😉 ! Don’t get me wrong, no stitching is truly brainless, but we must agree on following the chart pedissequently to be a much more straightforward approach to a WIP.

So I picked up the one WIP I had for which I didn’t have to make colour choices, and had a whale of a time! 😅

Ladies and gentlemen, here is Chubby Taras! 😀💐😺

WIP - Margaret Sherry - Cute Kitty

WIP - Margaret Sherry - Cute Kitty

Margaret Sherry - Cute Kitty

The plethora of backstitching was surprisingly quick, I think one good afternoon of work sufficed, and I’m awfully pleased with the level of detail even on such a high count – I was afraid that my choice of 40ct. would mean a very busy look for this design, but to me it turned out just fine. 😍

After this finish I felt the need to stick to this kind of needlework for a little longer, so I browsed my WIP/KUPorn list and found the only DMC project in there that I was going to stitch according to instructions. In fact I had already started it way way back in 2011 on the prescribed Aida, but since 2-ply stitching and Aida are n0 longer an option in this house, I bought a piece of regular Zweigart linen and had a pretty good start (or should I say re-start). 😝

WIP - Joan Elliott - Tree of life

I’m stitching this on 40ct. cream linen (code 222) using all the called for DMC 1 over 2. The design is called Tree of Life by Joan Elliott, it was released in Cross Stitch Gold #76 – easily the very first UK magazine I ever bought (especially for this project) – but since then Joan told me she emailed it as a PDF to many happy customers contacting her through her website. After I wrote her about it she put it up in the chartpack form as well, so if you’re interested in it, that’s a very easy way to find it.

I’m happy to report that those patterns (PDFs or printed charts from Joan’s) won’t have the same inconsistencies I spotted in the chart published by CSG, the main reason why I contacted her, even though they are quite minor details – and that’s the beauty of repetitive borders, one doesn’t have to take you by the hand through the entire thing because they are 😜 repetitive.

This is an updated shot of its current state; it’s a thrilling piece, with lots of small items and characters that can be finished as you go (perfect for instant gratification) and the colour palette suits all the animals perfectly without requiring a world of threads.

WIP - Joan Elliott - Tree of life

Last but not least, I said I would keep up with Abi‘s Season SAL from the Stitch Specialist Yahoo group and I (almost) did. 😊 With part 2 she added the words, butterflies, bees, blubells, .. I haven’t had the time to add the bluebells but I wanted to get this post out today (and there’s still a bit of time before the actual end of the month 😉 )

WIP - Bee's Needleworks - Seasons Sampler - part 2

I’m stitching this on 36ct. linen with my own choice of threads (both cotton and silk) all hand dyed by Nina. I’m working on the palette as I go, and I’m fairly sure I’ll change most of the colours as seasons go by, but for now I’m happy to work on a spring-themed design in spring. 😝

Early in March I was in the mood for hoop stitching, so picked up this little monogram I started one afternoon last year and gave it the few hours it deserved to finish. Again, all Nina’s Threads (cotton and silk) on one of her 40ct. linens; the monogram is taken from this INSANELY GIGANTIC sampler by Gigi R. & Carinne called Marquoir Abc ancien bleu & rouge “BRODER ENSEMBLE”, it’s a free pattern they released a few years ago and such a masterpiece of French delightfulness!

"C" monogram

Also while in hoop-stitching mode I finished another stamp in the Pen Pals series:

WIP - The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - Pen Pals

– – –

Here’s the recp of the projects I planned to work on from March through April:

  • finish Story Time Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery:
    • frame 11, Little Women 📖
    • frame 12, A Christmas Carol 👻🎄
    • bonus frame 13, The Great Gatsby 💰
  • fully finish the following smalls by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery:
    • All Hallows’ Eve
    • The Bee Keeper
    • Legendary Friends
    • Cozy Gingerbread Snow Globe
  • finish The Mysterious Hallowe’en Town by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
  • fully finish the following projects by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery:
    • A Very Merry Christmas Town ☃
    • Christmas on Gingerbread Lane 🎅🏻
    • The Mysterious Hallowe’en Town 🎃
  • finish Holly & Hearts by Lizzie*Kate ❤️
  • finish Cute Kitty by Margaret Sherry 🐱 ☑️
  • work on Frosty Forest by Country Cottage Needleworks
  • work on Once Upon a Time by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
  • work on the Pen Pals series by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery ☑️
  • start and finish part 1 and 2 of the Seasons Sampler SAL by Abi Gurden/Bee’s Needleworks 🌺 ☑️


  • “C” monogram from Manquoir Complet by GiGi R. & Carinne ☑️ (a WIPorn piece I got to finish because I was in the mood for hoop stitching)
  • Tree of Life by Joan Elliott (had a good re-start on this WIPorn oldie)

– – –

If I’m lucky enough between May and June I’ll only manage to finish the tree and perhaps one of my FPS pieces .. we’ll see! 😁

I hope life is treating you well, I’ve been having the crappiest time recently, with more tooth drama (EXTRACXTIONS! 😱), so I for one can’t wait to see the end fo this slippery slope and finally cheer up in the sunlit days. Take care! Ciao! 



3 thoughts on “2nd rundown post (bimonthly update on finishes)

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chubby Taras! Well done! And I look forward to seeing your progress on the JE Tree – it’ll be amazing! You know, I actually had that GINORMOUS Marquoir started way back when, over-1 on 28ct, in purples & greens; it’s the only UFO I ever had, and I finally decided a couple of years ago that there was just no way I was ever going to touch it again – so I cut off the fabric I hadn’t touched yet, to be used elsewhere, and the stitched bit is in a drawer 🙂 Boo tooth extractions! I hope the next month is much better for you!


  2. Chiara: I love Chubby Tara’s so sweet and the 40 count fabric, what does this measure out to be when finished, it is lovely.
    I have many UFO’s I need to really get to, I sometimes surprise myself when I pull them out.
    Your Pen Pals stitching in adorable, they really look like stamps.
    Tree Of Life is a beautiful design I love the bright colors and of course I am an animal lover.
    I look forward to your progress.
    Good luck on your dental work ouch.



  3. For someone who had next to no stitching time, you certainly got a lot done! I adore Chubby Taras, he’s so cuddly. Both of them LOL
    The JE border is so pretty already, the design itself looks great too.
    Nice work on the little passports.


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