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from A to J – the TAC catch up game

It’s here! It’s here! The giant catch up post for TAC is here!

Last week the blog reached its 4th anniversary 🎂🎂🎂🎂 and although celebrations this year are slightly 😱 (sense the irony here) toned down, I felt there were a few things I truly owed you and it was high time I put things right.

It’s going to be a long post, packed with pictures and close-ups, so fetch a cup of tea, a snack, whatever you fancy really ’cause you’re staying here for a while. 😀 

– – –

The idea of a giant catch-up post using only one project came to me when I realised my current WIP offered a lot of bits and things that would have worked perfectly for The Alphabet Club – I just had to sum them up in a list that went from A to J! 😀 Surprised it didn’t hit me sooner? Me too! 😳 Enjoy!

  • A is for.. (A is the letter I found more inspiration for, I wish D and E shared the same luck but.. 😬 you’ll see!)

albero = tree

arancia = orange (fruit)

arancione = orange (name of colour)

azzurro = light blue

animali = animals

acero = maple tree (the tree I’m stitching has lots of different leaves, no actual maple leaves but I thought I ought to mention is since maple syrup is only my favourite thing on earth! 😜🙌🏻🇨🇦 <– just so you know in my WP editor this appears as the Canadian flag

ape = bee

alveare = beehive

ali = wings

acini d’uva = grapes (we call uva the whole cluster or grapes, and acini or chicchi the single ball-shaped fruits)

If you look at the pictures I posted you will spot all the items I mentioned except two that require a bit more work on my part in order to show up! 🔍😉

WIP - Joan Elliott - Tree of life

  • B is for..

bordo = border, margin, decoration on the outside of something

bianco = white (the name of a colour I used very little so far)

blu = blue

bacche = berries and more in general, all fruits that are small and round-shaped

WIP - Joan Elliott - Tree of life

  • C is for..

cornice = frame

coccinelle = ladybugs

WIP - Joan Elliott - Tree of life

  • D is for..

disegno = drawing

disegnare = to draw

disegnatore (m) disegnatrice (f) = illustrator

drago = dragon (usually Joan’s cup of tea but this time she didn’t go for a fantasy Tree of Life, should we pitch it to Joan, Jo? 😉)

  • E is for..

erba = grass

  • F is for..

foglie = leaves

frutti = fruits

fiori = flowers

formiche = ants (there won’t be actual ants in this design but I’m pretty sure we can assume a tree of life would have minuscule ants crawling over it 😀)

farfalle = butterflies (no reference to butter in the Italian name, what a shame)

WIP - Joan Elliott - Tree of life

  • G is for..

ghiande = acorns

giallo = yellow

giardino = garden

WIP - Joan Elliott - Tree of life

  • H is for..

Although H is a letter in the Italian alphabet, no Italian word starts with H. Weird, uh? I know! You can see for yourself by looking at the slimness of the H section from an Italian dictionary:

H dictionary

How can this be? In Italian we use letters like C and G before H in order to form other sounds the English express with K and J (letters completely missing from our alphabet for this very reason), so when you see a word like chiesa = church, that trigram chi sounds exactly like the word key. Same thing for my name, Chiara: key + ara as in arabesque but you have to roll your R like the Spanish do 😀).

So what are you going to do for H? I’ll play my trump card (which Italians call jolly, imagine that! 😀), I’ll show you something for another letter entirely:

tucano = toucan

✽ pappagallo = parrot

ramo = branch

mela = apple (at first I saw apples when I looked at the red fruits, now I see pomegranates so I mentioned both! 😀)

melograno = pomegranate

libellula = dragonfly (again, another missed chance of having a bit of a magic in a name..!! 🙄)

verde = green

viola = purple

  • I is for..

insetti = bugs (there are ladybugs, bees, dragonflies, butterflies – only spiders are missing! 😂)

  • J is for..

Joan Elliott, of course! 😀

Can you guess what is going to appear next?

– – –

So here it is, I hope you enjoyed the big list from A to J – I promise it won’t be like this long next time 😀 although I’m quite worried about finding something with K for next month.. there aren’t koalas in this design!! 😮

Thank you so much for waiting patiently for this one, see you next month! ❤️


P.S. just for fun, here are a couple more pieces I stitched recently, they are both kits from Crossstitcher issues, you can look at the 2016 finishes page to read all the details. 😊

WIP - Crossstitcher kit - Easter Bunny

Crossstitcher kit - Easter Bunny

Crossstitcher kit - Blue Bird


10 thoughts on “from A to J – the TAC catch up game

  1. Oh what a great catch up post. The wait was worth it. This is a gorgeous design and your stitching is so neat.
    Love the small finishes too.


  2. That was well worth waiting for! How clever of Joan to design the perfect project for the Alphabet Club. I am impressed.
    The little wooden pieces are cute too, I love the way you’ve backed them with felt and embroidered it too.


  3. I was wondering if you’d ever find the time to catch up, and I’m glad you did! Maybe I will too, someday…maybe 😀
    That Tree of Life is coming along marvelously, and it’s a great bonus that it’s fitting so many of the letters as well! Great stitching on that and the two smalls, and I hope to read from you more regularly again in the future ^_^


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