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The Alphabet Club – K –

My entry for TAC this month is kind of a double treat, you’ll see what I mean 😉

This first post will be focused on idle nattering – the one coming up shortly afterwards is going to be a LONG post, jam-packed with pictures and finishes, so get your tea ready, grab a snack or whatever you fancy – it’s going to take a while. 😀 

– – –

This month’s letter K is one of those letters that are missing from the Italian alphabet, so I knew I was going to either feature a random letter or something else of my choosing. Luckily my choice of WIP fell on a couple of pieces designed by Lizzie*Kate, no need to improvise too much! 😀 ❉

First I picked up a sweet little pre-finished ornament I bought back in 2011, Merry Little Bird. This project had seen a start at the time and an unfortunate one indeed; the placing of the design on this particular piece is crucial if you want it to resemble an actual bird with the words Merry and Christmas replacing its wings – well, I could swear I followed the instructions to the T but I still ended up with no room to attach the eye/button, plus a pretty misplaced Merry wing. At that point I felt so frustrated at the thought of having to frog it all out, I put the thing away and lost track of it until last year, when I did all the careful frogging, washed the fluff out and prepared to start it all over again; then you know how it is with good intentions and where they can often take you.. 😉

Cutting straight to 2016, the year of my WIPorn plan, I knew this fellow would have to go up on the Christmas tree at the end of the year and I was determined not to wait for December to pick it up, so I took out the prescribed Weeks Dye Works I bought especially for it back in the day and gave it a second chance.

Lizzie*Kate - Merry Little Bird
A few details about this design: it’s stitched 2 over 2 with the prescribed Weeks Dye Works threads on the pre-finished bird ornament (it’s made of 28ct. cream linen) that came with the pattern, buttons & beads.

I must say it turned out beautifully and I’m really pleased I invested in three of these ornaments (in my defence it happened during a big sale) so that there would be a jolly flock perched on the Christmas tree.

I couldn’t find the other two semi-kits until last week, when I went looking for another pattern that is now MIA; apparently this is how my stash works: there always seems to be ONE thing I simply cannot find no matter how organised I get and how thoroughly I look — if it doesn’t want to show up, it won’t! 😱

Now just so you know, the two no longer missing birds traded places on the “MIA notice board” with the original patterns for Patches of Life by L’Atelier Perdu – I could find only the working copy for part 2, and sadly that’s completely useless without the rest. Do you too loose things this awkwardly and mysteriously? And do you know of any special trick to fix this utter nonsense? I can use all the help I can get! 😀

– – –

❉ Now for something funny and completely unrelated: I’m writing this while spending time outside in the garden with BaBa, and when you’re with him something odd and funny is always very likely to happen (for instance, just now he stood up on his back paws like a suricate and looked around for minutes 😀 simply hilarious!). Anyway, when we’re outside he usually nibbles on grass from every side of the garden – as if it tastes differently depending on where it grows, and he might even be right, what do I know?! 😜 – well, when he does so, I tell him he’s not being a cat, he’s a capretta.

  • capra is the Italian word for goat (in case you’re wondering it’s a female noun, so la capra is the goatle capre the goats)
  • formaggio di capra is goat cheese
  • latte di capra is goat milk, etc.

but when you add -etta or -etto to the end of an Italian word, you make an hypocorism (we call it vezzeggiativo); basically you imply that the object the word describes is sweet, darling and small.

The exact same process works with casetta which is the hypocorism for casa (house/home), and disegnetto (a nice, sweet, little drawing).

You’re right, disegno is masculine therefore its hypocoristic form ends in -etto;

casa and capra are feminine therefore their hypocoristic forms end in -etta;

for plurals you have -etti (m) and -ette (f).

– end of random Italian lesson – 😀

– – –

Going back to our K theme, after the bird I picked up another Lizzie*Kate WIP from my goal list for these months and had a whale of a time on part 2 and 3 of Holly & Hearts, the mystery Linda released in 2013. I started mine on November 5th 2014, and chose a 40ct. hand dyed linen & Nina’s Threads in a colour palette that slightly differed from the original, 1 over 2 as usual.

I made a few changes to the original design but nothing too intensive, for instance I knew from the start I would change the quote to the BE spelling of honour, just the way Dickens wrote it 😜

I left it somewhere at the beginning of 2015 with part 1 fully finished, but I was surprised at how quickly the rest stitched up – take a look! 😊

Lizzie*Kate - Holly & Hearts - part 2

Lizzie*Kate - Holly & Hearts - part 1 & 2

Lizzie*Kate - Holly & Hearts - part 3

Lizzie*Kate - Holly & Hearts

– – –

I leave you here with my official K post for TAC but stay tuned for another EPIC update on finishes tomorrow!

Thank you so much for your interest in TAC and all these nerdy, foreign things 😊

Have a nice start of the week and happy stitching!


11 thoughts on “The Alphabet Club – K –

  1. I make working copies as soon as I can after purchase of a chart/kit. The original is safely stashed (I often swap after I’ve finished a design, & I want to pass them on as pristine as possible). The working copy is with the fabric/threads & is then available for me to make notes, such as my thread changes with the Reindeer; what I changed on Rudolph is written on the next 3 charts, so that when I do pick them up to work I can start straight away 🙂
    The one thing I don’t do is have them in my cloud. I should probably do that with digital designs, so I don’t have to worry about download expiry.


    1. thanks! I’m usually very organised and follow a similar routine with my WIPs; I don’t understand what happened to the charts for this SAL, they’ve vanished!


  2. Wonderful post – a terrific solution to the missing ‘K’ problem, gorgeous stitching and an Italian lesson. That’s a lot packed into a small space!


  3. Oh Chiara, I am always losing whole WIPs and designs and parts of designs and always the particular colour floss I am using! I swear that my Girl’s Nest is like a Black Hole sometimes! I feel your pain. However, very lovely stitching and I so enjoyed reading your post. Love to you and Taras Baba from me, Furio and Milo. xoxox


  4. I love your L*K birdie…. so pleased that you found him and finished him :o)
    I do occasionally find that a chart goes missing…. have no idea why but eventually it will turn up in another project bag or folder!! Strange things do happen…. hope you find the missing chart!
    Great post :o)
    Hugs xx


  5. Loving the Italian lessons! My surname is often mistaken for an Italian one when people hear it – but starting with a K would make that impossible of course :). Gorgeous stitching, I love how you are racing through your WIPs and we’re only halfway through the year 🙌🏻🙌🏻!


  6. Great post! Love the little birdies, it’s very clever the way the words make the wings. I thought they were JBW at first.
    Nice Italian lesson too, we sometime add “ette” to a word to make it feminine or to make it smaller (eg bachelorette or kitchenette).
    Love the Christmas L*K. By koincidence I received that very same chart from Susan this week and will be making the same change as you did. If you are quoting an English writer you should use English, not American! It’s like randomly putting a German word into Frere Jacque or something!


  7. I am glad you got through the little bird – it’s so cute! Please post a pic of your tree when you get the set on there 🙂 So long as my DH doesn’t “help” me by picking up around my stitch area, I don’t tend to lose parts of kits; that said, I did lose an entire ring of floss mid-sampler once – I think it actually fell in the little trash bin I have near my area and no one saw it when ti was emptied. Fortunately, the replacement flosses were pretty closely matched – and I had completed an area before I stopped/lost the original set, so you couldn’t tell on the finished piece, thankfully 🙂

    LOVE the Holly & Hearts finish!

    Capretta – I’m totally using that on my pack of grass-eating dogs! I do call them Billy pretty often for the same reason – maybe one of them has an Italian streak and will appreciate the new nickname 🙂


  8. Gorgeous finishes, Chiara! The bird is adorable and I’m loving the colors on Holly & Hearts. Two more things off your WIP list! Woohoo!


  9. Great finishes – sometimes it just takes a little push to start again and then those WIPs are finished in no time at all! Thanks for the Italian lesson, I always enjoy learning about other languages ^_^ Good luck finding that missing chart, I’m sure you will find it eventually!


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