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Time to wrap it up!

I promised you a weekly update, but guess what? I just got a finish, so.. 😉

This is the bonus design to Trick-or-Treat Costume Party Club by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I stitched it almost entirely as charted, but I had to do my thing with colours (that orange and purple look so good, I had to use them again!).

I could have waited, in fact I expect quite a few finishes this week because these Hallowe’en patterns are pretty small (and with the election day coming up I’ll be up stitching the night through as the BBC delivers the news – that will be one LONG stitching session!), but isn’t this skeleton trick-or-treater the funniest?! 😀

I’m determined to get my Hallowe’en stitching done as quickly as possible, I don’t want to drag it all through December, plus despite the insanely warm weather, I got slightly in the mood for Christmas stitching and holiday wrapping when I received a few Christmas gifts the other day.. I see some happy wrapping on the horizon! 😀

Speaking on wrapping and gifts, this summer my friend Sarah and I finally shipped our sheep exchange packages we had been working on for .. I forgot how long, let’s just say A LOT! 😀 A few years ago we both realised how much into sheep we are, so we planned an entirely sheep themed exchange between Venezia and Dubai.

Sarah was unbelievable, she got me some hand painted wooden ladles, yarn 💜, a beautiful stitched cushion and a plethora of other sheep treats you can see here (she even used sheep washi tape to seal the envelope!!):

The tea is all gone (I loved the mint and cardamom especially ❤️) and I cannot wait to display my new sheep decorations this spring! 😊 ❤️

I had a whale of a time wrapping up Sarah’s gifts, no wonder with wrapping being one of my favourite things to do 😉 and for the occasion I stitched us twin scissor fobs using bits taken from a FPS design called Wool Ewe Be My Neighbour?

If you are wondering what else I wrapped inside those packages, here is all the sheep-themed fun I gathered in a couple of years:

I got us the Jardin Prive‘s History of Sheep series and kitted it up for Sarah using Nina’s Threads & linen (I’ll be using the same from stash), heaven knows when we will find the time to actually stitch this, but it’s definitely something to look forward to!

I don’t know if you noticed it, but beneath Sarah’s gifts was a sewing themed sewing mat 😉 I made myself this summer, in fact I’ve been sewing quite a lot in the past few months. 😊 Here is a desk mat I’ve been using almost every day:

desk mat

The sewing mat you’ve seen before:

sewing mat

And a lunch mat I made using scraps from that Summer Beach Day finish I’ve shown you a couple of posts ago:

lunch mat

Wait, what did you say? No sewing for BaBa? Au contraire! 😜 If you go back a couple of posts you’ll see I did indeed sew him a beddy he’s been enjoying ever since. 😀 Needless to say I’ll eventually end up with seasonal mats and beddies, and holiday mats and beddies, but that’s for another time (and likely another year! 😀).

– – –

Have a nice week, take care!


7 thoughts on “Time to wrap it up!

  1. oooo like your goodies you have sent out and your finish too … catching up with everyone as per usual … nice sewing goodies you have made too 🙂 love mouse xxxx


  2. Great post, Chiara. That is such a cute Halloween finish and what lovely sheep exchange gifts. I love the Histoire des Moutons, on my wish list now. Also, all of your mats are very pretty.


  3. Yay! I’m so glad you liked all your goodies. I’m still drooling over everything you got me. Adorable stitching, and I LOVE all the sewing you’ve been doing! Great job 😀


  4. Awesome exchange with the lovely Sarah, you did spoil each other and you both deserve it too.
    Love the sewing mats and I’m glad to hear that Taras has not been left out!


  5. Great cute finish, and what an awesome gift exchange, sounds like you both put a lot of thought and work into that!
    Also, I didn’t know you were that much into sewing too, but those are some lovely pieces. I especially like the fabrics in this lunch mat.


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